When There Is Nothing Left But Love Chapter 288

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Chapter 288

After a pause, she explained, “The hospital charged the family a million after the old patient passed away, and that’s why the patient’s children sued them.”

Drawing my brows together, I uttered, “They’re still charging the family medical fees after he passed away for months? What are they treating? His corpse?”

She shook her head. “I don’t know. These are obviously questionable charges, but there are many similar cases. All the hospitals under Fuller Corporation have these cases. That’s why it’ll be difficult to handle them all now. There’s a chance that Mr. Fuller might have to go to jail for this.”

No way! Ashton can’t possibly have done this!

“Jared has always been the one managing the medical side of the business, and Ashton has never asked anything about his management because he trusts him. Now that they’re expanding the business overseas, all the business related to medical and research is Jared’s responsibility. How can things turn out this way?”

Does Ashton and Jared have a secret past?

Stacey sighed. “Clearly someone has planned for this for a long time. All that’s left now is to find out how Mr. Fuller is going to deal with it.”

I pressed my lips together. “The children of the old patient have been paying the fees after he passed away? They said nothing even though they’re paying a million for no good reason?”

No one would continue to pay the fees after their parents are gone, right?

“They’ve even kept records of every receipt and medication, so everyone is talking about how evil Fuller

the tables with all evidence pointing toward him

deals a deadly blow that no one can

I said, “There are no results for Mr. Clinton’s case in the investigation.

funds from each other, and no one could find a trace of evidence regarding cash transactions.

too sure about that. What about this? I’ll go back and ask around for more details to

that was all

and I did not converse for long as someone was

suddenly recalled the White’s matter. After a

before I was stuck outside a

cars and headed toward the building, trying to find out what was

was trapped between two empty cars. In the end, I could not help but ask a middle-aged woman nearby what was going

this place. Someone’s trying to jump from the building ahead, and I heard it’s the ex-wife of the White Corporation’s chairman who just died. What a tough life for the rich too. Her ex-husband just died, and now she’s being forced to jump because of the mistress. I’d say that J City’s Fullers’ woman is really something. I

the building was a noisy, chaotic crowd. After explaining the situation to me, the middle-aged women hurried over to watch the

a few seconds, I was in a daze. The ex-wife of White Corporation’s chairman? Sharon?

more seconds of rumination, I locked my car and followed her toward


large crowd outside the Prism building in the city center. Even the roads were blocked,

The Prism building was the location Ashton had chosen for the company’s new headquarters. Around them were several offices of famous companies, including White Corporation and Moore Corporation.

Sharon was all the way at the top of the hundredth-floor building. If one did not squint, one would not have noticed someone about to jump.

Many passersby were gathered at the bottom of the building out of morbid curiosity, knowing that this was the result of grudges between wealthy families.

Someone had called the police early on, and the officers were already here. I could spot a fire engine around, and the police had already blocked off the building.

No one from the inside could come out, and no one from the outside could go in.

Not knowing what was going on, I tried calling Marcus, but none of my calls went through.

I then called Ashton, but he sounded like he was on the plane. Perhaps he was in a rush, for he only told me, “I’ll be making a quick trip to J City, so I’ll be back late. Don’t wait for dinner for me.”

With that said, he ended the call. When I tried to call him again, I heard the automated response telling me that his phone was not in service.

With no choice, I squeezed past the crowd to talk to the police. “Sir, can I go in? I know the woman who’s about to jump.”

“Who is she to you?” the officer inquired as he motioned for me to move backward and away from the scene.

As Benjamin and Sharon were already divorced, I could not think of who I was to her for a moment. In the end, I replied, “She’s my friend’s mother. Can I go up and talk to her?”

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