when hit by a stroke of luck Chapter 99

When Hit by a Stroke of “Luck”
Chapter 99
Leah gasped in disbelief “Is thus mc? I didn’t expect your jade to be this cllccuve I thought you were blushing
Smiling, Bradley poked fun at her “And I thought you are the clitc of the jade market. How could you not know about such kinds of beauty jades
She caressed her smooth face in utter bewilderment. Then, she cven pinched her arm to nake suure that she wasn’t dreaming. When she felt Une pain, she rubbed the spot she pinched and cclaimed, ON! That was painful This is not a dream!”
“Silly Wliy would you pinch your own am? Have you lost your mind after getting angry at your cx husband” he jokingly said.
She look the jade down from her neck and retorted. That’s not true! I am just thinking that this seems unreal How did you develop this jade?”
He paced slowly in the room. This is a natural red jade from Myanmar. 1 Glled it with spintual Cucy based on an inherited famuy technique. This jade has skin-whitening and beautifcauon properties. If you wear it over the long term, it can even add ycars to your lifespan.”
She clutched the jade as if she had received a treasure “After tonight’s gathering, 111 bnng you on a Tour of Riversdale’s jadwal markets. When we re done researching you can start developing a few types of Jade with these miraculous properties. By that time, I guarantee that you ll make a lot of money from it!
Without even thinking, Bradley blurted out, “I have developed a few types of thesejades. Some are for good luck and prospenty There’s also one for longevity Those jades, along with the beauty jade on you are priceless treasures. The only problem now is to find knowledgeable buyers who know their jades well.”
That’s not a problem! I will introduce you to some knowledgeable buyers tonight When the Tine comes, you ll have to play along with the show I put on!” Al that moment, Leah turned around and started pucung makeup in front of the mirror lier radiant skin was further enhanced by the light makeup, making her appear refreshing and young She had transformed into a completely different woman compared to her previously empty lusk
When she exited her bedroom, she asked puzzledly, “Where’s Samuel? Could it be that he has leh before us!”
“President Newton had wanted to wait for you, but he received a call from the clubhouse for him to deal with some inattersSo, he asked that I accompany you to the venue. He also sad that he’ll be there very soon.”
After updating Leah, Bradley walked down the spiral staircase with her. The servant standing at the side avoided any cye contact with the Leah spun around and shot a look at her This card has six months’ worth of your salary. You no longer have to come to work tomorrow. You’re fired!”
Chapter 99
The servant standing boude them sudeuly love the servile expression on her face upon licing Intenned of lordundancy The non second se confronted Leah in indignation “I’m hircil by the young muster What nghi do you have to be me
Leah ruled her lips into a smile. “What night do late I have the right to fire you because your young inaster Is no longer part of this family. I have the right to sack you now. If you feel wronged, you can always contact him to help you out”
At that moment Leal was thick by a sudden realization. She should have guessed carlier that the pretty senant must have had an alhair with Greg. The only reason Greg would show up at the right ume carlier was all thanks to the servant’s information
The pretty servant sneered, “Imph! If so, I won’t serve you anymore. I believe that the next time I return to this house, you’d have fallen from grace!”
Alter leaving those spiiciul remarks, the servant left the mansion with an arrogance that was hard to be associated with her subordinate position Bradlcy shook his head at her insolence Tsk tsk Isi Leah, I salute you for keeping a servant like her around for all this time I guess you’re just too nice and tolerant”
Lcal scanned the empty mansion “I only tolerated all the ridiculousness because of Greg. Now, there’s no need to do so. Those who must leave will eventually leave.”
Bradley nodded in agreeincnl “You sound very different from before I start to suspect if my jade has done more than giving you a glow-up Even your mindset is completely different
As they see chatting, they arrives at the entrance of the mansion. Then, uking Bradley along. Leal drove her luxurous sports car to the venue of the gathering, the Golden Capital Hotel
People were Cowding at the entrance to the hotel. All the guests were disunguished ladies and gentlemen dressed to the mines. The men looked sharp in their tailored suits and the women showed off their cyc-citching dresses
Leahcraned her neck to steal a glance at the lobby entrance before taking a deep breath. “Let’s go! I’ll have to face the inevitable sooner or later.”
At this point, Bradley suddenly stopped her from stepping oul “Miss Leah Griflith, based on my observation, you seem to be out of place with the outfit on you.”
It was then when leah finally paid attention to the casual wear on her. She slapped herself on the head and exclaimed, “Oh god! I forgot to change my clothes looks like I’ll have to make a tip back homc.”
Bradley look out his phone, checked the time and frowned at her “Miss, I’m afraid that there’s no ume for you to get home and change. If you follow me, I have a good idea for you.”
Then, he led her into the branded fashion mall across the hotel. When they first entered a store, the two sales girls at the door immediately greeted thcm politely, “Welcome!”
Bradley had never seen a store is luxurious as this one, and he was instantly taken aback by the

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