when hit by a stroke of luck Chapter 98

When Hit by a Stroke of “Luck”
Chapter 98
Trah tuned around and chased after her ex husband. “Greg you only trust what you see llave you CCT Considered in Iccling Ilir person in there is really my family doctor
Hic spun around and vowed her a sullen face “Leah Grillith, among the ten thousand ways of your possible betrayal. I have never thought that you’d bring a mininto your house.”
11c looked agtieved when he said that like he was being dumped by her knowing that her cxplanation was suble slie sumped onto the floor dcfcalcely. Sannucl happened to walk out of die study when he saw that, so he huncdly rushed over to lift her up from the floor “What’s wrong What happened?”
She could only shake her head repeatedly without a word as tears streened down her checks
Thus Samuchimmediately shot a look at Greg “Greg, Ice you’re back here, it shows that you sul care abou Leahan your heart Why do you have to create this mes?
With a darkened expression, Greg retoried. “Samuel Newton. I thought that you were only a friend of Icah Never had I thought that you’d be cyeing her and even brought man into her plans for cohabitation!”
Samud almost exploded in rage from the baseless accusation. If it wasnt for Leah’s sickness, lic would have dashed forward and given Greg two slaps on the face.
When Bradley came out of the bathroom, he couldn’t find Icah anywhere, so he proceeded to open the door to leave the bedroom. The moment he stepped out, he saw her sobbing endlessly Next he looked at Greg, who was standing across her and questioned Leah, “Leah what happened to you?
Shemcrcly shook her head while sobbing because she was too choked up to speak Tcars conunued to flow down her checks. Samuel angrily cold Bradley, That’s her ex-husbund, Greg Bowman. He suspects thal_”He could not go on further from there out of anger. Instead, he stared at Gregm a hosule mamer.
Gregolc a glance at Bradley and snccred at Leah. “I thought you divorced me because of some distinguished man. So it runs out that your new boyfriend is just a lowly posnt.”
Then he lett via the spiral staircase because his plan had succeeded. There was no need to conunue wasting luis time speaking nonsense with that woman.
Upon hearing Greg’s insult, Bradley turned to take a look at the servant beside them before turing his attention back to Greg. Choose your words wisely. Not every man is as dirty as you are.”
When the servant noticed Bradley’s threatening 822€, she immediately cowered in fear and recated to a comer Greg turned around and starei a Bradley in amusement, “You’re having S*x with her just to get some money aren’t you? I’ll make this clear You can take the woman whom I have given up on but all the assets here have nothing to do with you
Chapter 98
Afirm that, he descended the spiral staircase, ignoring cah, who was sobbing profusely When sc him Iraving, she freed liersell Irom Sanucks arms to duh luwn the stainuirantugiru
Greg’s strene Grer ple don’t be like this, okay! There’s really nothing betwcen incand Malley.licilicco ircal my illness You’ve misunderstood hin”
Hic quickly Ilung herarm away Treat your illness lic’s only here to treat your loneliness, kin’! lic! Anyway, that has nothing to do with me anymore
Ilus cruel words started her in the heart asslic cricd in sorrow, “What am I to you? Why to you have to dogrado mc like that?”
Asslic was speaking she stood up and clutched his arm in an alicmpt to vc lier long-konc marriage Alier all, they had endured years of struggle to build their family, even iftlicy did not
have any children.
“Icah Grillih, you’re nothing but a shameless b’ich to me From today onward, I will show you the contcqucncs ol betrayal.” Greg went as far as to slap her on the facc. “Let go of me! Your diny hands are only worthy for that lowly bumpkin.”
With that, hc Ich thic mansion without taking another look back because he felt no scilie of guilt toward that woman anymore.
Samuel went downstairs to lift her up from the floor, “Icah, let’s not stoop as low as he is If you ruin your health from all the crying, wouldn’t you have stepped right into his trap?”
She wiped away the tears from her face. “Bradley, lielp me with the massage therapy I will definicly an end the gathering tonight I don’t want to appear as the weakcr one between thar woman and me
Har detcrimination made Bradley nod in agreement “Don’worry! Not only will I treat your illaess, I will make you slunc tonight”
Next, he went into the bedroom with Leah again. This time, he did not harbor any unprofessional Thoughts Instcad, hic went into his working mode and performed the massage therapy on her
lic Howly circulated the Qi from his hands into licr body. In a swifi motion, he cleared the blood clors in her abdomen. Thosc blood clots were formed over a long period of ume Leah lelta relaxing schuition at her abdomen, followed immediately by a push of wannth between her legs, which forced her to dash into the bathroom. Not long after that she hurried out frantically and
ked, “Bradley, how did luat happen? I haven’t had my period for some time.”
Those are the blood clots thau luad been stuck in your ulcrus. From now on, your inenstruation will be regulated again. You will slowly recover from your illness,”
Hic reached out into his pocket for a piece ol jadware, which he handed over to her. This is a piece ol jade that I have carcfully developed. If you wear it on you, it will help with your skin quality and quickly repair the blemishes and dark topics on your skin”
The jade was specially drvcloped by Bradley and its cllect could only be described as top-notch
Chapter 98
Leth took the Unitely-carciljade from his hard and Mutinizell as she
c e nilce D u y: “I have been in the junctware market for many years, but I have never heard of ades that ou help with skincare”
Bradley smiled at her “Tus is just one of the types of jades I have developal. You ll know how cliccare it as aficr you puut on, but you’ll need to have a beauty sleep when you wearit”
When he was developing the jade, he observed that the spiritual energy in the jade could only be absoluut by the human body during sleep
l’pon beanng his recommendation, I cah suggestel “After the massage therapy, I’m fecling a little copy. How about this. I’ll take anap and you can wake me up around pm.”
The gathering at might would only surt at 8 pm As it was only 2 pm now, she had a few more hours to Jecp. Of course, he didn’t care much about the purported cllccis of the jade-she thought that Bradley was merely blutling
After a few minutes of hitung the pillow, she fell asleep. An unknown amount o ume passed before Bradley shook her awake, so she gradually woke up from the nap.
When she shuilled to her clicssing table for makeup she suddenly noticed through the reflection in dic minor that all the blenuises on her face had vanished. The skin on her face was as bright and smooth as that of a baby

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