when hit by a stroke of luck Chapter 97

When Hit by a Stroke of “Luck”
Chapter 97
Samuel shook his head. “They divorced half a year ago. Her ex-husband has a new girlfriend now and he might even attend the gathering tonight. I wonder if Leah will be able to stand it.”
Bradley felt a little sorry for Leah and reflexively checked the bedroom door, worrying about the wellbeing of that woman. Body chill was a painful experience to go through. If one wanted to immediately kill the pain, they’d have to receive Qi and energy, but it was too bad that the woman wouldn’t allow anyone near her!
Then, he hinted at Samuel with his eyes. “Go in and take a look. Let’s not wait until something serious happens.”
Hearing that. Samuel walked up to the bedroom and opened the door, after which he worriedly went up to Leah, who had fallen onto the floor out of excruciating pain.
“Are you alright? If you’re really sick, stop acting tough.”
She squeezed a faint smile at him. “I’m fine. It’s just stomach pain. Lift me onto the bed. I’ll be okay after resting.”
Standing at the door, Bradley observed her obstinance and immediately called out loudly, “You’re not only feeling stomach pain. You’re worrying how you’ll have to face the classmate gathering tonight because he’s going too.”
She snapped around to stare at him with a dark gaze. “That’s my business. If you think my attendance will be trouble for you, you can totally excuse yourself from the gathering tonight!”
Samuel stared at Bradley nervously, for he knew Leah’s personality too well; she didn’t like it when others tore apart her facade.
At that moment, Bradley was very sure that Leah was stuck in the trauma of her divorce. Therefore, he attempted to provoke her in order to release her from her repressed pain. When Samuel detected the anger in Leah’s eyes, he immediately pacified her by saying, “Leah, Bradley is very blunt with his words. Please don’t take it personally.”
She waved at him and sat on the bed in pain. “I’m sorry! I couldn’t control my emotions earlier. I hope you won’t take this too seriously.”
Then, she turned around and took another glance at Bradley. Back in the days, she was far from the pitiful existence like she was right now. She stayed staunchly with her husband from his impoverished days to his millionaire status right now. The two were very loving.
Half a year ago, due to her health issue, she had been very wary of getting intimate with her husband. It was the last straw that destroyed their relationship. However, she cared about her image and pretended to be strong as she hid all her worries and sadness deep in her heart.
Bradley walked up to her and told her, “Leah, do you really plan to shut yourself up for the rest of your life? Don’t give up on the life you want just because you can’t put aside your dignity!”
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Chapter 97
His words finally made her burst out in tears. After crying for some time, she calmed down and asked him, “Do you have any solution to cure my illness? The pain has to stop tonight. I need to be at the gathering.”
When she recalled the memories with her husband, she was also aware that the gathering on this night was specially organized by him with the intention of announcing his mistress as his official girlfriend to the well-established and successful attendees.
Taking the opportunity, Bradley suggested again, “Leah, your illness is not serious. However, there is no complete cure yet in the medical field. I can help you to stop the pain temporarily through massage therapy, then we’ll work on it more down the road.”
The mention of massage therapy made Leah’s ears turn red, since the massage therapy she had in mind was the type where she would have to bare her chest. She’d never done that with anyone else except for her ex-husband.
When Bradley noticed that she was biting her lower lip silently, he turned around and sent a hint at Samuel, who immediately understood the situation and gave her a final push. “Leah, everything we’re doing is to treat your illness. There’s nothing to be embarrassed about. Think about it. You’re still living your best years. Do you really want to be tortured by your illness in this period?”
Leah gritted her teeth and came to a decision. “Alright! At tonight’s gathering, I’ll make myself the center of attention.”
Next, she led Bradley to another room and closed the door. She took off her shirt and immediately exposed her smooth back in front of him. It appeared slender and lovely under her long curtain of flowing hair. Staring at her curves and her attractive back, Bradley swallowed and his Adam’s apple moved.
In the face of a woman’s body, it was hard for a normal man to not have any sexual thoughts. Finally, he managed to stop his body from showing a reaction to her nude torso. She lay on the bed for a while, but when she still didn’t feel his massaging motions on her, she turned around and looked at him in puzzlement. “Bradley, we should get started. It’s getting late.”
At that moment, the only thought in her mind was her imagination of the gathering. She swore that she would not appear lesser than the new girlfriend.
Considering his physical reaction, he replied to her, “Well… I’ll head to the bathroom to wash my hands first.”
Next, he went into the bathroom and hurriedly forced himself to calm down. When he saw his e******n dying down, he let out a relieved sigh, thinking that it was lucky Leah didn’t notice it. Otherwise, things would have become awkward between them.
Then, he took off all the clothes on him and directed a stream of cold water from the showerhead onto his body. A sharp chill shot across his body and his l**t gradually died down.
Leah heard the sound of flowing water from the bathroom and noted to herself in confusion, “That’s weird. Why did he use the showerhead to wash his hands?”
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Chapter 97
Thus, she stood up and shuffled toward the bathroom cloor to take a look at Bradley because the didnt aport that hed be slowering there
Tap, tap, tap
Young Master, Madam is in the room now. Just then, she heard a slew of hurned footsteps and a servants franar explanuon coming from the spiral staircase
Before leah had the umc to wonder why he ax-husband, Greg Bowman, would show up at her house at this time, the room door was opened from the outside.
Although she was divorced with Grog, she sull had some lingering feelings for him after years of marriage Shocked and irrified, she yelped, “Greg, why are you back at this time? Don’t you have to preparc for the gathering at night
Listening to the sound of flowing water from the bathroom, Greg Bowman yelled at her in anger, “I ininully planned to bring you to the gathering, but little did I expect that I would arrive at the wrong time!
lah listened to the sound of wala flowing in the bathroom and turned around to look at the tighuy-shut door Then, she hasnly explained. T-The man in there_ H1-He’s the new family doctor I hired.”
That’s enough! I don’t want to listen to any of your explanations. I only know that the bed in here is the one we shared from before Don’t blame me for being cruel-your action has deeply hurt inc”
After his speech, Greg turned around and left the bedroom, leaving her with the sight of his cruel and decisive departure. The instant he walked out of the door, a conniving smile flashed across his face

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