when hit by a stroke of luck Chapter 96

When Hit by a Stroke of “Luck”
Chapter 96
When Bradlcy heard that the patient was a top gun in the jadeware market, he immediately became interested and asked, “What’s her illness? Did she experience any symptoms before?”
Samuel answered with a resigned expression, “I don’t know for sure. I only heard that she is not sexually compatible with her husband. Anyway, it’s an embarrassing topic.”
The information immediately made Bradley think, In this case, either both parties have some issues in their sexual health or they are finding excuses for their affairs.
Nevertheless, Bradley could not come to a conclusion before meeting the woman. Plus, it would be a good opportunity for him to get in touch with the elites in the jadeware market, so he
quickly added, “As long as it’s related to physical health, I can be of some help. I’ll see what happens after I meet her tomorrow.”
The next morning, Samuel drove Bradley to an upscale neighborhood north of Riverdale. The moment they got down from the car, they immediately saw a European-style mansion in front of them. Its intricate design was combined with modern touches, making the mansion appear extra eye-catching
Samuel tapped Bradley on the shoulder and reminded him, “My old classmate is usually reserved and cold. She’s not exactly the easiest to talk to. You’ll need to put in more effort.”
Bradley nodded understandingly. “I’ve come across all sorts of difficult people. That’s not a problem. I’m simply concerned that her symptoms might be psychological instead of physical.”
As they chatted, they walked into the main hall of the mansion, where a pretty woman clad in white maxi dress was sitting on the sofa. Her flowing and shiny black hair behind her was untied.
The light makeup on her face perfectly highlighted her fresh and gentle aura, making her look like an elf that was devoid of worldly troubles.
When the woman saw Samuel and Bradley, she instantly stood up with a smile. “Samuel, how did you get the time to visit me today? I happened to be thinking about what to do with the classmate gathering tonight when you just showed up so unexpectedly!”
Samuel replied, “Lcah, I’ve heard about the classmate gathering long ago. But for now, I’m going to introduce you to my friend. He’ll attend the gathering with us tonight.”
Upon hearing that, Bradley immediately understood the hidden intention behind Samuel’s remark. Samuel wanted to provide him more time to bond with Leah and also to give him access to more connections in the jadeware market. Leah took a look at Bradley and inquired, “May I know who this is?”
Samucl introduced him to her. “This is my friend, Bradley Jackson, who’s quite learned about jadeware as well. Also, he’s an outstanding doctor. In the future, you can exchange your views on the prospects in the jadeware market.”
Leah beamed and reached out for a handshake. “Hello! I’m Leah Griffith. Nice to meet you.”
Chapter 96
Initially, she was a woman who didn’t like any contact with strangers. However, upon hearing that Bradley studied jadeware as well, she immediately offered a handshake and introduced herself. Bradley reached out to shake her hand gently. “Nice to meet you. I hope we have more opportunities for discussion down the road.”
When he shook her hand, he casually ran a check across the meridian points on her palm. He noticed that her hand was cold and her pulse was irregular. Thus, he could immediately confirm that the woman in front of him must have some lingering chills in her body. It was an illness that regularly happened to women after childbirth. They’d exhibit a lower s*x drive and become depressed
Letting go of her hand without showing anything, he commented, “Miss Griffith, your face looks pale. You must be feeling quite depressed lately. You have to take good care of your body!”
Hearing that, she smiled. “Mr. Jackson, I’ve been busy with work and the same goes for my husband. It could be from the work stress.”
After saying that, she blushed in embarrassment. It was hard to tell others about the affairs between a married couple, not to mention that Bradley was just an acquaintance that she had met.
Bradley nodded and replied, “The human anatomy is wonderful. Everything starts from having a balanced yin and yang energy. Therefore, you must regularly engage with your husband.”
When they breached this topic, Leah immediately became silent and the air around them turned awkward. Seeing that, Samuel tried to dispel the awkwardness. “You two do not have to act stiffly around each other. Just call each other by your first names so that you don’t seem like strangers at the gathering later tonight.”
Bradley chuckled and agreed. “Haha! You’re right. I will have to discuss more with Leah about jadeware in the future, so it’d be pretty weird to address her as Miss Griffith every time!”
Leah turned around and scanned Bradley from head to toe, after which she frowned and ordered a servant beside her, “Prepare a new suit for Mr. Jackson.”
Upon hearing that, Bradley immediately waved and dismissed the order. “Leah, I don’t see the need for that. I’m more comfortable in my current outfit.”
When he was talking to her, he lowered his gaze and stared at the slightly dirty shirt on himself. His face reddened in embarrassment after the realization. Since he was busy with the production of the Soul Sun Pill, he had not changed his clothes for three days in the row. He could even smell a faint sweaty odor from himself.
Samuel interjected, “Bradley, the guests tonight are not your average people. Leah’s classmates are rich businessmen in the jade industry. That’s why you must change your clothes.”
At the same time, Leah showed a pained expression as she reached out to cover her hand on her stomach. Sensing her discomfort, Bradley inquired out of concern, “Leah, you look awful. Are you feeling sick somewhere?”
Chapter 96
She instantly answered, “I have stomach chills and occasionally experience very painful episodes. I’ll be fine after some rest.”
Knowing that her pain was a symptom of body chill, he quickly suggested, “Do you want me to perform a massage therapy on you? I guarantee that your stomach pain will go away in ten minutes.”
Her face soured at his suggestion because she was always cautious with her body. After all, she was considered a conservative woman who wouldn’t even initiate much intimacy with her own husband. Shaking her head, she turned down his kind offer. “It’s alright. It’ll get better soon. Please have some tea here. I’ll go rest in my room for a while.”
After that, she walked toward the bedroom across the living room while pressing her hand on her stomach, looking pained. Shaking his head, Bradley told Samuel, “It’s not hard to cure Leah’s issue. The problem is that she is psychologically defensive against any contact with the opposite gender, which could be the reason behind the problem she’s going through with her husband.”
Samuel replied, “Based on what you’ve said, do you have any solution? I don’t want to see her unhappy all day.”
Bradley lowered his head, falling deep in thought before asking, “Where is her husband staying at right now? Are they divorced? A psychological issue must be treated with psychological methods. If she remains stubbornly stuck in her mentality, I’m afraid it would be hard to cure her physical ailment.”

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