when hit by a stroke of luck Chapter 95

When Hit by a Stroke of “Luck”
Chapter 95
In Henry’s cycs, Bradley was the main target of their protection and also their leader, so what he just said was probably an act of doubting their abilities. To that, Bradley merely smiled softly. “You’re overthinking it. Henry. I just feel like tonight won’t go as smoothly as what I want it to be. I can’t judge your abilities to provide protection for now, but you guys will have the opportunity to perform later on.” His cycs moved toward the door as he spoke, for Bradley could already hear soft footsteps pacing around by the entrance of the room.
When Henry noticed Bradley’s expression, he gave two of his men, who were standing next to him, a look. “I want you to capture those people outside without alerting any of the outsiders. I’m really curious to know who these people are.”
Bradley leaned back on the couch and asked, “Henry, aren’t you afraid of them being the police?” He could already guess without using his brain that these people must have been sent by Hans’ son since the court would be convening a few days later. If he was harmed or if he went missing, the case would surely be dropped.
Still, Henry grinned after hearing Bradley and explained, “None of Riverdale’s police would dare to attack you under my watch. I can assure you that.”
Bradley frowned slightly and didn’t say anything else. After all, it was unknown if Henry was. really submitting to him or not. However, what was going to happen later would be enough to prove if he had really subdued these people or not.
The two men that were instructed went closer to the entrance of the room before opening the door and dragging the two men that were hiding next to the door into the room in the blink of an eye the moment the door opened.
Henry frowned slightly when he recognized the two men in front of him. “Your judgement is really good, Bradley! I know these two men and they’re indeed policemen!”
Henry could recall teaching these two a lesson when Royal Light Casino was raided back then, but he didn’t expect running into them again. Moreover, they had crossed the person that he respected the most. Bradley pursed his lips before he smiled. “I’m actually not afraid of these two, but I just want to know who’s the mastermind behind them.”
Henry nodded slightly when he heard Bradley before walking over to the policemen. “You guys still remember what happened last time, right? I don’t mind teaching you guys another lesson, but since my boss has already made himself clear, I won’t put you guys in a tough position as we are all just trying to scrape a living for ourselves after all.”
The two policemen started trembling when they saw Henry and tried to s**k up to him. “Mr. Henry, we were just passing by and we didn’t mean to disrupt you guys from your small gathering. Please let us go.”
However, Bradley’s face darkened as he slammed his fist onto the table. “Stop trying to lie to me. I already know who you guys are working for, but I just want to hear it from you guys personally.”
Chapter 95
The two police were surprised by Bradley’s sudden explosion before they explained in fear, “We were just working under orders. Please do forgive us.”
Srill, Bradley ignored their fear and started inching closer to them. “I can forgive you two, but you need to explain how Harley got you guys to harm me, and the reason behind it. That’s all I want to know.”
To avoid getting beaten up, the policemen immediately answered, “We will tell you everything that we know of.”
The corner of Bradley’s lips lifted up slightly before he nodded and turned around to instruct West, “Prepare a pen and paper. Record everything that they will be saying so that we can use it as our testimonies at court.”
West and Henry finally caught on to Bradley’s plan right then. After looking at each other, they immediately went to get their job done.
While West got his pen and paper ready to note down what the policemen were about to say, Henry paced around the two policemen and tried to intimidate them even further. Since the policemen were inexperienced, they immediately spilled everything that Harley instructed them to do and revealed that it was Hans, who directed his son to do this.
Bradley was satisfied as he stared at the written confession before he nodded. “Go back and tell Harley to get prepared to send his own father to jail!” Then, he gave the written confession back to West. “We don’t have to discuss this anymore as I trust that you should know what to do now.”
Seeing that everything was settled, Henry roared at the policemen, “What are you guys still doing here? Get out before I change my mind!”
Immediately, the two policemen ran out of New Century Pub in fear to go back to the station to convey what Bradley said to Harley.
When Henry noticed that the room’s atmosphere became calm again, he pulled one of the beautiful ladies in front of Bradley. “Boss, we can finally wind down now that everything’s settled.
This woman will belong to you for the night.”
However, Bradley got up after scanning the woman and said, “Although I don’t have a wife, I’m not really into this, so I’ll be leaving now. You guys enjoy yourselves.” He didn’t really want to get closer to Henry and the others since they weren’t in the same field. Back then, Bradley only let Henry off h**k as he wanted to rope him in.
Henry frowned. “You’re not being courteous now, Bradley. We’ve already prepared so many women for you, but you’re going to leave just like that.”
Bradley replied, “I still have things that I need to attend to, so I’ll leave it to you guys to enjoy. Hopefully we will be able to cooperate again in the future.” Then, he left the pub and headed over to Samuel’s clubhouse with his trishaw.
Samuel was delighted when he saw Bradley as he reported, “Brad, I’ve already gotten the stuff that you wanted me to look for.” After saying that, he placed two bags of wild ginseng seeds into
Chapter 95
Bradley’s hand. The amount of seeds there was enough to cover the entire mountain.
Bradley nodded gratefully. “President Newton, you’ll definitely profit from this once the wild ginsengs are cultivated.”
However, Samuel replied, “Let’s not talk about profits anymore, Brad. I really need your help with something right now.”
After placing the wild ginseng seeds on the coffee table, Bradley took a sip of his tea before assuring Samuel, “Just tell me what you need. I’ll try my best to help if I can.”
Samuel paused for a moment before saying, “One of my ex-classmate is known as one of the best in the jadeware market, but she somehow contracted a weird disease that couldn’t be cured even though she had spent a lot of money on it. This disease had even cost her her marriage, and I just wanted to ask for your help as we have been good friends for a long while now.”

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