when hit by a stroke of luck Chapter 94

When Hit by a Stroke of “Luck”
Chapter 94
Hans stared at the document file in his hands before he opened it to see what was inside. However, the uneducated man was unable to understand anything at all.
Right then, Ashley entered the house with a basket before she looked over curiously and asked, “Dad, what are you looking at? You looked engrossed.”
Hans snapped angrily, “That Bradley actually has the courage to file a lawsuit against me! Now what should I do? Quick, come help me to see what’s written here!”
However, Ashley had never gone to school as well, so she couldn’t understand a word on the document even after looking at it for a long while.
Right then, Hans’ wife, Katherine came over and asked, “Ashley, can you understand the document or not? Our entire family will be doomed if Bradley sues your Dad and sends him to
When Ashley heard that, she suggested, “Dad, you should go to the city to find Harley because I don’t really understand what’s written on this document. Moreover, he might have ideas to settle this issue.”
Hans immediately went back to his room to change into a new outfit before heading to the city after hearing what Ashley said.
Hans’ son, Harley Becker, was a policeman working at Riverdale’s police station. When he saw his father’s arrival, he pointed at his own uniform and asked, “Dad, what do you think about my uniform? Doesn’t it show off my identity perfectly?”
Hans rolled his cyes at Harley. “While you keep showing off here, I was almost bullied to death at home already. You wouldn’t even care that someone just filed a lawsuit against me.”
When Harley heard his father, he quickly asked, “Dad, who bullied you? Give me a name and I’ll assure you that I’ll arrange for my men to beat them up.”
Although Harley was just a mere patrol officer, he was close to one of his underlings, so he could still manage to get a few men in Riverdale to get the dirty work done for him.
Hans complained, “Who else could it be other than Bradley Jackson? I still remember him doing things that I couldn’t understand back then during your lille sister’s wedding. Now, he even filed a lawsuit against me. How could I just sit still and do nothing?!”
Harley slammed his fist on the table before he assured his father, “I didn’t expect him to escape the last time I got two men to beat him up, but how dare he try to stir up more trouble. I won’t let him go this time!”
Although Hans was a village chief, he was still bumpkin, so when he heard his son’s claims, he warned, “Harley, I still think it’s better to just keep the threats verbal. You’d better make sure that you won’get someone killed,”
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Chapter 94
“Don’t be worried, Dad! I’ll just find two men in the city to teach him a lesson next time. He’s not going to dic. You should return first. I suill have to go on patrol later on!”
Then, Harley turned around and went into the lounge shared with lus colleagues and ignored Hans, who was sitting outside.
Hans hummed a little nunc as he got back to the village after getting assurance from his son. He figured that no matter how capable Bradley was, he couldn’t possibly be better than his son, who was a policeman.
The next morning, Bradley packed up the freshly produced batch of Soul Sun Pills into his trishaw and was about to send them to the city,
However, Emily suddenly ran out with his cell phone and yelled at him, “Brad, someone’s calling you! You should accept the call first!”
Bradley reached out to take his phone and accepted the call before he heard West’s gruil voice on the other end of the call. “Bradley. I’ve already done what you asked me to do. The court will be convening next week, so we should find time to discuss what to do next.”
Bradley replied, “I’ll be heading over to the city in a while, so we should meet up then. I’m now busy moving my stock. I’ll give you a call when I reach later.”
Then, Bradley hung up and rode his stock-filled trishaw to the city.
However, he was followed by the men that Harley had arranged the moment he entered Riverdale. Bradley could sense that he had been tailed, but he acted as if he didn’t know, for he wanted to be sure of their identities,
Ring! Ring! Ring! Right then, Bradley’s phone that was in his pocket rang again. When he got his phone out, the screen showed that it was a call from an unknown caller.
With a look of suspicion, he accepted the call. When the call connected, he heard a deep voice over the phone. “Hello, I’m Henry Lawson. I heard from West that you’re coming to town today, so I gathered a few men to welcome you at New Century Pub,”
Bradley immediately rejected him. “I don’t have time tonight because I have an appointment with West to discuss some things, so let’s change it to another day!”
He wanted to hang up right away, but Henry’s voice rang out again. “West is with me right now and we are already really close friends. We will be waiting for you at New Century Pub.”
Henry hung up before Bradley could refuse again, while the latter stared at his phone and pondered if he should go or not.
However, the footsteps of those people who were tailing him grew louder, so he jumped into his trishaw without any second thoughts and headed to New Century Pub.
West was already waiting for him at the entrance by the time Bradley reached the place. When West noticed him, he immediately walked over and explained, “Henry and the others wanted to
Chapter 94
show their hospitality, so they invited me here as well.”
Then, Bradley grabbed West’s hand without saying anything and started heading to the private room upstairs. He didn’t want to fight the men behind him as they were in a public place after all.
However, the people tailing him weren’t planning to let him go as they had already started following him upstairs.
Although they were further away from him, Bradley could already hear them discussing about him with his sensitive hearing.
One of the men harrumphed disdainfully. “Hmph! Hadn’t I already said that this little farmer is just some random upstart that only goes to entertainment places like this when he gets to the city? It seems like we have overestimated him.”
“It’s better to be cautious as I heard from those two last time that this man is pretty strong.”
Bradley grinned softly when he overheard those two men’s conversation before heading into Room 219 on the second floor along with West..
Henry had already arranged everything prior to Bradley’s arrival such as hand-picking all of the beautiful ladies that were in this room right now.
However, Bradley wasn’t interested in all these and started his discussion with West about Hans.
West reminded him, “Bradley, you need to be on alert before the court convenes one week later. Do not let them take advantage of you and always remember that you rented that land so that you can help the villagers to get out of poverty.”
Right then, Bradley smiled, looking unbothered. “I’m guessing that I’ve already landed in trouble before the court convenes. It’s better if we discuss it after today!”
When Henry heard this, he demanded with an upset look on his face, “Bradley, are you trying to say that you’re questioning our ability to provide you with protection?”

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