when hit by a stroke of luck Chapter 93

When Hit by a Stroke of “Luck”
Chapter 93
Bradley didn’t know how to explain himself at that moment as he was already very anxious looking at the Soul Sunweed that had yet to be processed into pills piling up like a mountain.
Then, he immediately removed his coat and rolled his sleeves up before joining in on their rushed operations.
Bradley didn’t stop working until it was midnight before he returned to his room to nap for a while. On the next day, he sent the new batch of Soul Sun Pills to the pharmacy in the city.
Afier placing all of the stocks at the pharmacy, Bradley rushed back with his old trishaw, but the sun was setting already.
The sky became dark after Bradley cycled for a distance and he couldn’t help but feel like there was a trishaw tailing him from behind. No matter how fast he rode, the trishaw behind him was hot on his heels.
Hence, Bradley decided to stop his trishaw by the side of the road and walked over to the middle of the road, forcing the trishaw behind him to halt as well.
Then, two men came out of the trishaw holding steel pipes and started heading toward Bradley.
Bradley frowned when he saw them and asked, “I’ve never offended you guys in the past, so why are you two hot on my heels?”
One of the men who was wearing sunglasses grinned evilly at that. “Who said that this road belongs to you? So what if I want to tail after you?”
Bradley was pissed off when he heard the man’s reply. Using his feet to h**k a stick at the side, he then took it with his hand. “If you’re trying to cause trouble, we can always fight it out. However, I’d advise you not to be overconfident with yourselves.”
The other man, whose hair was dyed red, dashed forward and snapped, “With my skills, I’ve already gotten used to being overconfident in Riverdale after all these years.”
Then, he raised the steel pipe before bringing it down on Bradley’s head. This man’s just a poor farmer! The man wasn’t threatened by someone like Bradley.
Right at that moment, Bradley circulated the Qi in his body and used the stick to defend himself while the steel rod that the gangster was holding bent upon impact.
The other gangster was completely baffled by what happened. The steel rods that they were holding were weapons that they had been using for years now. How could it be bent by a mere wooden stick?
A glint of anger flashed past his face beforc he mustered all of his strength and slammed his leg into Bradley’s chest, almost as if he wanted to kick Bradley to death.
Chapter 93
Tower, landry Tomli olti gral hit tre procharly before ilipping the man down, causing a Janekening to be lucant,

” The gangster pinaril in pain as he fellowis on the ground and didn’have any energy rn, while ilır other unter staggered backward in Icar before running,
Then, Haley walkeel over to the gangster on the ground, “Cioback and tell your master that I’m Hol Nome weakling tell him to stop oneling people like you over”
Aller that, he got into his trishaw and startce heading back to his home again. Bradley could alteadly guess that these gangsters were probably sent by the village chief’s son as no one else rould have known that he was still on this road right now.
Everyone in the house was already fantasleep when he got home, and the machines in the workshop were shut down as well.
Bradley liploed back to his room and land very good night’s sleep before he was woken up by a commotion the next day carly in the morning.
He rolled over and went to the window that was facing the yard of his house. Then, Bradley noticed that the entire yard was crowded with people..
le spotted the village chict’s arrogant face almost immediately, so he stood up to observe him.
“Craig Jackson, didn’t I say that your factory is not allowed to operate? Stop it or I’ll send my men 10 cair down your entire place.”
The flames of anger in Janice’s heart llared up when stoc licar llans, so she went over to him and yelled, “You’re alicantless village chical Can’t we discuss this alicr my son gets back? What’s with you trying to make a show of authority when my son isn’t at home?”
llans smirked wlion liclicandler. “Wait for your son to get back? Just give up. That poor little brat isn’t going to come back anytime soonlllowever, I won’t let you guys ofl’the look even if he comes back.”
Bradley confirmcat his guesses which he heard Hans; those two gangsters from the previous day were probably sent over by llans’ son.
Then, he immediately wore his coat and came out of his room. “Mr. Becker, do you really wish that I won’t rcrum? Or have your predicted that my dead body would have been thrown into the wilderness by now?”
Clans staggered backward when he saw Bradley, “Whiy… Why are you here? Aren’t you already…”
“Ilahalls in that weird for me to show up at my own house? Or rather, are you feeling confused now because you have done something inspeakable?”
Belorellans could say anything else, Bradley willked over to him and grabbed him by his shirt’s collar and added, “I lans Becker, I’ve already told you that you can lilc a lawsuit is what I’m loing is not sitting right with you. The summons will probably reach within these two days, and it’s way
Chapter 93
more rational to settle everything in court.”
Ilans started retreating as he was scared by Bradley’s suddenly aggressiveness. I lowever, he lost his footing and fell onto the ground.
While he was scrambling to get up from the ground, Bradley’s foot was alrcady on his shoulder as hc stared at him with a cold look.
“Bradley Jackson, don’t be an ignorant fool when I’ve already given you a chance, Filing a lawsuit doesn’t automatically result in your win, so I’d advise you to stop your production obediently.”
However, Hans’ demanding tone pissed Bradley off even more. So, he lifted Hans up by his collar and threw him out of the yard like he was tossing a poor little chick out.
Hans had a hard fall. As he reached out to rub his aching backside, he warned, “So what if you managed to bully me now? Just wait and see.”
Then, Hans turned around and left while the villagers tried their best to hold their laughter in when they saw how messed up he looked. After all, that evil village chief had finally gotten his karma on this day.
At the same time, Bradley went back into his house and closed the door with a loud slam as he wasn’t bothered by Hans’ threat at all.
Right when Hans got back to his place, there was already a lawyer cladded in a suit standing at the entrance of his house, and the lawyer was none other than West.
When West saw Hans, he took a document file and handed it over to Hans. “Mr. Becker, someone has filed a lawsuit against you and I’m here to pass you your summons today. Please be at the court on time.”
Hans had spent a long time in the countryside, so he didn’t know who West was. He snapped, “Why should I attend the hearing session? I didn’t commit any crimes at all.”
“I’m not one to tell you if you had committed any crimes at all, and it’s not up to you either, as the judge’s decision is the key to your vindication. You can choose to remain silent, but everything you say will be used against you.”
After that, West ignored Hans’ confused look as he took his briefcase and left.

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