when hit by a stroke of luck Chapter 92

When Hit by a Stroke of “Luck”
Chapter 92
Wien Jonas saw West’s hcanbroken face, he tumed around and told Bradley oll “Stop spouting nonscnsc, Bradley It’s possible that her family had paid for her, so West just has to pay them back after this!”
West said dejectedly, Everything was my faull We wouldn’t have gotici a divorce if I hadn’t gotten addicted to gambling. It’s too late to try to win her back now
Right then, Teressa came down from the staircasc and asked with a shocked expression when she saw West, West? Why are you here?”
When West tumed around and saw Teressa, he asked emotionally, Teressa, how’s your sister? Has the operation started yet?”
However, ‘Teressa turned around and snapped angrily, “So you soll remember my sister’s Cristance Do you even know how she managed to survive during this period? My parents have been going around to gather moncy for her operation, and we were lucky that Bradley offered to help. Otherwise, we couldn’t imagine the consequences.”
Then, she gave Bradley a grateful look. She couldn’t put how much she hated West into words.
Bradley was stunned at that moment as well. He didn’ expect West to be Phocbe’s husband, as he had hicard that he was a terrible man previously.
So, he walked over to West before asking, “How could you hurt a kind person like Phoebe? If it weren’t for you still having good conscience. I would have thrown you out riglit now.”
Sull, West grabbed Bradley’s hands gratefully “Bradley, thanks for paying for the hospital fees in advance. I would have regretted it for the rest of my life is in weren’t for you.”
Jonas went over to West and grabbed his hands. “It’s not too late to turn over a new leaf. Your wife surely won’t blame you for il”
Teressi went over and said as well, My sister was still talking about you right bclore she was pushed into the opx rating theater. She was womed about what you would do if she were to dic To be honest, my parents were hoping that you guys could get back together as well.”
West grabbed his head and squalled down, a remorseful look on his face “Iinust make a fresh Man I won’t let Phocbe suller because of inc anymore.”
In the hospind wald, West publied thic 35 thousand that he was holding toward Bradley “You should take this money. Alter Phocbe recovers and get discharged, Ull bring her over to express our gratuite.”
Honcies, Bradley pushed the money back and replied, “You should keep the money lactually need you to hclpine with something, so you should take this money as your payment.”
Jonas chimcd in as well. Brad is facing some dilliculucs right now, Ile wants to litigate the chief
Chapter 92
inliis village, and you’re the only person in the entire Riverdale that has the aunty to win tus Tasc”
Wer normally wouldn’t kept random cases, but he agreed ilus time is he owed this to Bradley smec holiclpcd Phocbe out. Tell me the details of the case and I’ll win it for you.”
lienee Bradley explained the village chicfs plan to revoke the land lease agrcement and asked, “Do you think that you can win this case?”
West issured him confidently. The goverment supports projects to get rid of poverty. It is completely possible to win this casc since your village chief was 100 arbitrary”
Bradley was relieved when he heard this. Thien, he went back to Gibson Pharmaceuticals and arranged for the promouon of the Soul Sun Pill’s salcs bcforc hcading back to the village
When Bradley reached the village’s entrance, he noticed that his house was surrounded by villagers Having a bad fccling about this, he immediately headed over his house
Bradley saw that all of the machincrics in his small factory had been stopped, while his workers stood by the machines helplessly
Hans was walking around the factory arrogantly “I’ve already said that you guys aren’t allowed to operate yesterday. Are you guys trying to go against mc?!”
Janice softened her tone and explained humbly, “Mr. Becker, can we discuss this later since Brad isn’t back yet? Cun you at least Ict us operate the machines first”
“No way Surt your operations if you have one million to pay for the fine If you don’t, then you’d better not waste my unc!” Han’s face darkened as he yelled at Janice, ignoring the workers’ anger.
When the villagers that surrounded Bradley’s housc saw Bradley, they automatically made a path for him and conunued looking on as if they were just waiting for the show
Bradley pushed Hans away wlien he entered the factory before instructing the workers that were standing next to the machines, “Start the operations now, I’ll take the responsibilities for everything
When Ennhcard him, she waved toward the workers and ordered, “Start the machines and conunuç with our productions. We cun’t stop now that our products have already hit the shelves at schools.”
The workers then ignorcu Hans, who looked furious, and turned on the machines before busying themselves with work.
Hans looked incrcasingly pissed of as hic reached out to push Bradley. “Bradley Jackson, how dare you go against me? Do you cven know who I am?!”
Bradley turned around to look at him calmly. Of course I know who you are. Actually, not only mc, but the entre Riverdale will know about you in a few more days.”
Chapter 92
What do you mcanHaris was confused when he heard Bradlcy words.
Tien, Bradky slowly walked over to Hans before he said with a grim expression, “I’ve already got mycí a lakyCTYO We can continue this discussion in court. I don’t have any time to wasic on you anymore
The villagers around Bradley’s place were shocked when they hcant his proclamation. After all, a lot of mocy and certain connections were needed for a villager to sue the village chicf.
Mr. Laynuun immcdiatcly exclaimed, ‘Is Bradley insane. He actually wants to sue the village chuet! It’s showtime!”
Mirs Parlor sorted before she chimed in, “What do you even know? He’s probably just irying to scare the village chief. Do you think that Bradley is capable of doing that? Do you think that he cancven afford hiring a lawyer?”
Many of the villagers nodded in agreement. They all figured that Bradley probably overestimated himself and he was definitely on the losing end.
Hans nodded as well, Very well! Bradley Jackson, do you want to get into a lawsuit with me that badly? My son didn’t stay in the ary for nothing, you know? Just you wait and see.”
Then he turned around and walked out of Bradley’s place, nor forgetting to turn around to glare at Bradley after getting out.
The crowd started dispersing as well. After all, these people who were ready to get on court would probably ensure their own safety, and these cowardly villagers were afraid to get into trouble
Right after that, Craig immediately rushed over and gave Bradley a hard slap. “You little brat! Why couldn’t you just say something nice in front of the village chicf? Why did you insist on
going to count with him? Don’t you know the village chief’s son’s occupation in the city? He’s a policeman! We can’t afford to oflend them!”
Richard immediately walked over and tried to calm him down. “Come on, Craig. You should stop criticizing Bradley about it. Since he has decided to file a lawsuit, he probably found a way to serte the case. Don’t worry too much about it.”

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