when hit by a stroke of luck Chapter 90

When Hit by a Stroke of “Luck”
Chapter 90
After that jonas hung up the call and sud, Bradley if I were you. I’d try my best to get close to Vest Now that lie is caught up in gunbling it becomics cven harder to get close to him, so you must seize the opportunity this uncl”
Upon canng that Bradley knitted his brows and asked, “Are you saying that West is an addicted sambler 1hcn how did he even become a lawyer in the orst place?”
Jonas siched and said, “Well, he wasn’t like that until recently when hc fell out with his family. Every ume he is in a bad mood. Royal Light Casino is where he goes to vent his frustration by throwing hus money iway on cach bet.”
After hearing that, Bradley pursed his lips and smiled. “Let’s gel there now I know a way to get him off the h**k,” he said with a confident look on his face. Meanwhile, Jonas curiously looked at him in confusion “What’re you planning to do?”
“You’ll know what’s going on later I assure you that West will be an asset to us atter tod:y!” Bradley insisted on keeping his idea a mystery Soon, they made their way to the casino, entering a room with crics and shouts that were accompanied by the stench of cigarettes. Then, they saw West nervously sitting in the crowd with a carci in his hand and only a few cash notes that were worth a few hundred
Nevertheless, West only squinted in silence when he noticed Jonas and Bradley before shifting his cyes back to his card in the meantime, Bradley reached for his lucky charm in his pocket transferring his positive aura into it before he walked closer to West and stood behind him. Then, Jonas asked West in a concerned manner, “llow are you doing here, bro? I was thinking of catching up with you, yet here you are, busy with your serious business.”
Tishtly holding the card in his hand, West didn’t even look back as he said, “I’m stuck right here unuill take back what’s mine Otherwise, I don’t know how I’m going to answer my wife!”
Not long after that, a tough-looking middle-aged man impatiently urged West to make his move, “Come on! Show your hand now! I’m getting sleepy!”
Hesitant West was unwilling to reveal his card while anxiously looking at the man Soon, Bradley walked to his side and asked, “Hey bro, man up and show your hand! If I were you. I’d even raise the stakes.”
After hcanng Bradley’s words, West turned around and looked at him in a baflled manner. Then, the former winked at him and snatched his card, throwing it onto the table “Oh gosh! It’s rcally an Ace! This is unbelicvablc!” a middle-aged man exclaimed as he stared at Bradley in shock.
Meanwhile, the tough-looking guy pecked at hus card in disbelief, with his face tuning pale in that instant I saw two Aces with me so how could he have three Aces? This is simply odd! Althe thought of that, le slamed the table and yelled “West! I know how you feel about losing all the money you belied, but be warned to never cheat night here!”
At the same time, West helplessly gazed at Bradley, cluelessly wondering how three of his cards
Chapter 90
had changed from (kos to Acos On the olier hand, Bradley only smirked at the guy and sand
How could you cuscus of that my friend? This is how gambling works. Il you’re not happy, Ici’s try another round then!”
Thcman replied in a sem manner. “Bring it on! Let’s forfcit this round and start a new on!”
When West heard what the man said he began to panic, but as he was about to get up, loc felt Bradley pushing his shoulders down. Then, he shifted his eyes to Jonas, only to see him signaling him to stay calm with cyc contact After that, Bradlry put hus lucky charm around West’s nicek and said, “My friend, my lucky charm is blessed with fortune. Once you wear it, you’ll overcome all odds and win the gamble
Nevertheless, the tough-looking man couldn’t help but snccr ar what Bradley said. As he tried to keep a straight face, he taunted West Waistically, “West, your Inend is trying to cheer you up! Sond be ashame if you don’t agree to be.” I don’t believe that iny lucky charm in the world can cver help a person wina gamble. After all, that’s just an old wives’ talc used to hoax those w***e foolish enough to believe it
West then tumed his altention to Bradley, only to see the latter nodding at him. Soon, he decided to bclicve in Bradley when he recalled the three Aces that miriculously appcared in his hands. The next moment, he confidently said, “Alright, I’ll do this as you wish then, Henry! Let’s get started!
After that, Henry winkedal a lady beside him who was scantily clad and gave her an order. *Distribute the cards, girl” Ar the sunc ume, Bradley placed his hands on West’s shoulders, trying to transferbus positive aun to the latter As soon as the cards were put on the table, llenry laughed and said, “Here are two decks of cards. Feel free to choose whichever one you like! We’ll bel on our churc fortune, what do you say?”
While West was too scared to say anything. Bradley replied with a sinile, “Not only just your fortunc but your hands as well.”
Provoked by Bradley’s reply, Henry angnly replied, “No problem but in return, I demand both of your hands if i win this gamble!”
With a darkened gaze, Bradley agreed to the bet “Deal!”
Upon bearing those word, Henry pushed all the money to the middle and turned his attenuon to the middle-aged man beside lum “Ricky, you’re going to be a Witness for this round! Make sure they don’t cheal!” In the face of the man’s provocative antude, Bradley appeared unhappy as he said, “Cul the c**p! If you’re not going to show your hand, I will!”
Then he immediately slipped the card nght in front of West, which turned out to be an Ace with Iwo Gards olan insigmficant valuc cach. Staring at the Carels West shook tronu hanito loc like a Inchtched ca My hands are now on the measif losing my entire fonunc isn’t bad enough This is really giving me a cari attack
Arthat moment, Henry laughed in amusement, haughtily gloating at his opponents while saying, My friend, you can still change your mind now beiore it’s too late All you both have to do is just to apologize to me, and I’ll let things slide
Chapter 90
Brailley kned his browsin response “Oh, dont Nart counting your chuckans you, Henry! Show your handlarla
Northeless, Henry only responded with a smink as die flippeal ho cont In that instant, everyone clic warunnendi, siously w.uning for the outcome to unfold. As soon as his cards were Iscled, cuery by understood up in disbelic with their eyes glucd lo dicin. Meanwhile, llenry couldn’t beliciclos y cithar, ashing himself how his cards had changedrucn dough he was Wanngaparol X-ray glasses. This is impossible! They were three sincs, along win a three,
hic and six

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