When Hit by a Stroke of “Luck”, Chapter 9 

When Hit by a Stroke of “Luck”, Chapter 9 

Jeff and the others were so scared that their faces turned pale while cold sweat dripped down their faces.
“P-President Newton, we are Bradley’s old classmates. We were only messing with him just now. Heh.” Jeff forced out a smile. “By the way, President Newton, my father is Owen Sulley. He is one of your business partners, so—”
Before he got the chance to finish his words, Samuel gave him a slap straight on his face and bellowed, “So you are that b*stard, Owen’s, son? F*ck this. Do you think he is worthy to be my business partner? Back then, I invested a lot of money in him, and now, he still owes me 20 million!”
“What?” Jeff stumbled as he almost collapsed on the ground.
Then, Will wiped away the cold sweat on his face before smiling blankly at Samuel. “President Newton, I believe you know President Carr, right? My dad, Simon Baker, has a deep relationship with him.”
“President Newton, I know that you have a relationship with Master Lawson. My father, Phillip Carter, is ranked fifth in the antique business, and he has a great relationship with Master Lawson too.” Jacob quickly stated his relationship with Henry because if he didn’t do it quickly, no one knew what was going to happen next.
However, the moment they were done talking, three figures walked over instantly.
“Samuel, what happened?” Harry asked.
Henry also glanced at Bradley. “Buddy, is there any trouble?”
Zack, the son of a county committee member, remained silent as he scanned everyone with his cold gaze.
This scene was enough to make everyone breathless again.
Oh, my God… The president of Pinnacle Real Estate and Master Lawson of the antique industry. T-They are all famous people in Riverdale District. Why are they coming together with a small farmer? Has this world gone mad?!
“Harry, Henry, our friend here is getting bullied!” Samuel said solemnly.
Immediately, Harry, Henry, and Zack’s face turned gloomy. Whoever dares to bully our friend is basically disrespecting us!
“It’s them. They rammed our buddy’s trishaw, then…” Samuel explained the whole situation to the three of them.
After listening to him, Harry glared at Will and sneered, “Your father is Simon Baker, right? Heh… From now on, I’ll make sure he never receives any real estate projects in Riverdale District.” Only the real estate tycoon of Riverdale District like Harry had the rights to say these words.
Suddenly, Will felt a thump in his heart as he almost spewed out blood.
At the same time, Henry stared at Jacob and growled, “Tell your old man, Phillip, that from now on, I’ll have lots of fun with him in the antique business.”
Jacob could feel his legs weaken as he collapsed on the ground.
“And you little b*stard, tell your father that if he doesn’t return my 20 million in three days, I’ll meet him in court.” After threatening Jeff, Samuel turned toward the frightened security guards. “All of you, go and smash their cars for me.”
Not only the security guards, but even the gathering onlookers were dumbfounded by his command.
All those luxury cars are worth more than 700,000 each!
“What are you standing there for? Smash them!” Samuel’s words were firm and decisive.
“Yes, President Newton.”
Without hesitation, the security guards grabbed their weapons and walked toward the luxury cars.
Jeff and the others thought of stopping them, but they didn’t dare to—or in other words, they couldn’t stop them.
At the moment, they were still in a daze because they just couldn’t figure out how Bradley was able to come together with these big shots like President Newton, President Carr, and Master Lawson!
However, the person who was most surprised was Natalie, as she looked at the young man guarded by the bigshots. Suddenly, she felt a pain in her heart, as if she had just lost something.
As for the few classmates who were advising Bradley earlier, they were now more in shock while they thought of the words they had just said to him. For a moment, they felt that they were a bunch of idiots who just got their faces slapped embarrassingly.
Bang! The smashing sound of the cars instantly brought everyone back to reality.
Seeing the luxurious cars being smashed brutally, the scene felt quite shocking.
“Brad, do you think this is enough to vent your anger? If it isn’t enough, we can try other ways.” Samuel ignored the onlookers and turned toward Bradley.
“Forget about it.” Bradley spat out his words and immediately turned around. Amidst the eyes of the public, he pushed his old trishaw aside and stared at it to make sure that it wasn’t broken. Then, he finally let out a sigh of relief.
Seeing this scene, everyone’s jaws instantly dropped to the ground.
Gee, this little farmer is so good at pretending. Even though he’s now friends with President Newton, President Carr, and Master Lawson, he still cares about his old trishaw. His identity, outfit, and that old trishaw are all great tools for him to act pitiful!
However, they didn’t know that the trishaw was actually a kind of sentiment to him. Back when his family was poor, his father fought hard for the money to buy this trishaw so that he could send his little sister to school everyday!
To him, this dilapidated trishaw was much better than a luxurious car.
“Brad, don’t worry about these people who insulted you. From now on, there will be no place for their fathers in Riverdale District. I can promise you that.” Samuel walked to the front of him and patted his chest.
Harry and Henry also made the same promises.
“Come. Let’s go in.” Bradley chuckled and took the first step into the clubhouse.
Then, Samuel and the others followed him from behind.
A little farmer leading a few bigshots was a spectacle scene to behold.
Seeing Bradley walking past, Jeff and the others had mentally collapsed as their expressions turned ashen.

When they went back into the room, Samuel and the others suddenly surrounded Bradley, but they remained silent.
Bradley looked at them and asked, “Samuel, what are you guys doing?”
After that, Zack grabbed his hand, “Brad, can you sell all your wine to me?”
“Zack, that’s not right of you. Didn’t we agree to divide it evenly?”
“Yes. We’ll divide it evenly.”
Samuel and the others weren’t pleased.
After drinking the Soul Sun Wine just now, they were able to last for an hour!
F*ck. That is a whole hour of a man’s dignity and desire being magnified infinitely! However, the most crucial part is that there was no feeling of weakness after that, except for a little tiredness.
The most obvious result was experienced by Zack. After being naturally impotent for more than 20 years, he finally saw hope, as if he was reborn, and the hour he had just now was also the most glorious moment he had ever experienced in over 20 years.
All of this was because of Bradley’s Soul Sun Wine. It was a man’s savior and a miracle drug for erectile dysfunction.
“Samuel, in usual circumstances, I would have just given you the Soul Sun Wine as a gift, but this time, I really need the money, so…” Bradley looked at the others and explained his situation.
“Brad, what are you saying? We are practically insulting you if we don’t pay for such a good wine.” While speaking, Samuel stretched out his five fingers. “Buddy, what do you think about 50,000 a bottle?”
“Pfft…” Bradley immediately spewed out a mouthful of wine. Initially, he wanted to sell the wine at 20,000 a bottle, but he didn’t expect Samuel to drive the price up to 50,000 straight away!

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