when hit by a stroke of luck Chapter 87

When Hit by a Stroke of “Luck”
Chapter 87
Brandon offered to scal the deal at live hundred thousand when he saw Bradley sticking out two fingers. After all, he was willing to pay that amount of money to secure the general agent’s position for himself.
Nevertheless, Bradley only shook his head without saying a single word, deeming that silence was the way to arouse curiosity in a business negotiation. At the same time, Leslie contemptuously shot a gaze at Brandon and thought to himself, This project is a golden opportunity, yet this imbecile is thinking of getuing his hands on it with only five hundred thousand. Soon, he shifted huis gaze to Bradley, who was silent, and said, “Mr. Jackson, I believe you mean that this project will cost twenty million. In that case, we have a deal then.”
Upon hearing Leslie’s response, Brandon made a counteroffer, explaining, “I wasn’t quick enough to understand what you mcant, Mr. Jackson. I can pay thirty million.”
Bradley looked back at him in disbelief, but as he was about to agree, Jonas held his arm, signaling him to remain calm.
In the meantime, Leslie was annoyed by Brandon’s persistent attitude, unwilling to give up the position as the general agent to his rival. Therefore, he directly said, “Forty million! The position is mine!”
After hearing Leslie’s words, Brandon remained silent, reluctant to spend any more money than he offered to pay. I don’t think I have this much to spend on the mere position of a district general agent.
Bradley silently nodded and said, “You’re sincere indeed, President Puth. In that case, you’re now the general agent!”
After hearing Bradley’s reply, Leslie haughtily gazed at Brandon while handing over a cheque to the former. “Mr. Jackson, I’ll pay half of the agency fee upfront first. When all our products are up on the shell, I’ll pay the remaining balance.”
As Bradley casually took the chequc that was worth twenty million, he was seen with a faint smile. “Well, you call the shots since we’re partners, I’m okay with anything that can make us moncy so long as we uphold our trusi.”
In response to his words, everyone else nodded their heads, including those women who thought lightly of him. Al that moment, they all started to take him more seriously, setting their eyes on this man in admiration, Soon, one of the girls came closer to Bradley and said, “Mr. Jackson, you’re such a humble man. Even a huge deal like this one didn’t turn your head, which is a quality that nou nany people possess. I wonder if I have the honor to know more about you, and I believe we could talk more about the philosophics of life.”
“Exactly. We don’t see a virtue like yours anymore these days. What do you say we drink a little, Mr. Jackson?” the other girl chipped in as she handed over a glass of wine to Bradley, whom
everyone else soon tricd to butter up.
Chapter 87
Jenas signaled lolic and Brandon with a gaze before he tumed his attention to the girls. “Mr. Jackson is a rather civciplined mun so he prefers to be left alonc” The mans words instantly
hamed them into keeping quict
Meanwhile Brandon, who lauled to secure the position for lunself, was unhappy, feeling a strong fccling of anger surging through him, cspecially when he saw the complacent look on Leslie’s face
Despite his anger, he looked rather cilin and collected on the outside, saying “Make yourself scarce, ladies. You all overplayed your part, and Mr. Jackson doesn’t like that.”
Then, Brandon proceeded to reach for his phone and made a call. “Manager Grillin, please bring me Teresit. After that, hc hung up the call and said, “Mr Jackson, Teressais a university student who has just bech employed not long ago Perhaps you’d like to try it out with a virgin.”
On the other hand, Leslie was thinking about signing a contract with Bradley to further secure his place as the gencral agent Therefore he no longer saw a need to cozy up to Bradlcy for the time being At the same umc, Bradley ignored Brandon and took the contract he brought along beforc he handed or over to Leslie. “President Puth, I think we should sign the contract first bcforc we move on to something else Agreeing to Bradlcy’s words. Lolic quickly grabbed a pen and signcd his name on the paper in relief.
in less than ten minutos a knock on the door was heard from the outside. As soon as the door was open, they were grecied by an innocent-looking girl at the entrance Then Bradley looked up, only to meet the girl’s gaze before her beauuful looks took his breath away Oh gosh! She is a beauty who is one in a million!
Suarng at Teresa Brandon complimented her attractive appearance “Miss Murphy, please come inside This is Mr Jackson.” Introduang the lady to Bradley, Brandon’s cyes were glued to Teressa’s sizable bosom
While Teresa bashfully looked at Bradley bcfore looking down Bradley saw through her fear beneath her blushed checks, feeling sympathetic toward her in that instant. After that, he shot another gaze at Terassa once mort and noniced that she wasn’t wearing any fancy clollies. Therefore he was sure that this girl was indeed an innocent university student
Watching Bradley gazing at Teressa in silence, Brandon said, “Mr Jackson, this lady has a body so hot that it will tum you on in a matter of seconds, I hope you like her” Then, he extended his arm to touch Teressa’s face, trying to introduce hier pretty face.
“Knock it oil Sheis mine for the nighi, so take your filthy hands off her Dont make me slap you in the face in front of everyone here, Bradley said, getting up from the couch beforc he slowly walked to Terass. At the same time, Brandon took his hands off awkwardly, regretting his action lor giving in to his l**t at the sight of Teressa’s good looks
As Bradley stood in front of Tcroisa, he said. “It’s time for me to make a move now, but before ! so, I’m warning you to cycrlay a finger on this lady cycr aginn Otherwise_” Saying that, he shot a gaze at Brandon, whereupon le held Teresa’s land and left the room
Surprised by Bradley’s unexpected reaction, Teressa anxiously followed behind him until they

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