when hit by a stroke of luck Chapter 86

When Hit by a Stroke of “Luck”
Chapter 86
Bradley couldn’t care less about the others contemptuous attitude toward him. Instead, he nodded and replied, “I’d like to have l’resident Hans present during our cliscussion about clecting agencral agent for Soul Sun Pill.”
The customers were over the moon upon hearing those words, knowing that whoever became the generalagent would be rolling in money. At the thought of that, they could all barcly contain their excitement deep down).
A middle-aged man then gave out his name card to Bradley. “Mr. Jackson, I’m Leslie Puth, and I own a pharmacy in Riverdale District. I’m confident to take on the role of the generalagent for Sun Soul Pill. This is my name card. I hope we can work together in the future and create a legacy for ourselves.”
Al this moment, everyone was seen giving out their name cards to Bradley, afraid that they’d miss out on this perfect opportunity to get rich.
Authe sight of that, Jonas added, “Alright then, we’ll meet up at International Deluxe Club tonight, and it’ll be my treat! By then, we’ll sit down and talk about our future plans.”
Soon, Bradley nodded and added, “We’re all businessmen! Therefore, I understand how important trust is, and you can rest assured knowing that I’ll meet your demands!”
While the customers exchanged gazes witli cach other, Leslie said, “Okay, it’s time for us to get going right now. See you at the rendezvous tonight!”
After everyone else left, Jonas patted Bradley’s shoulder and said, “Bradley, Soul Sun Pill’s good sale is your turning point, so seize the opportunity and secure yourself a sweet deal tonight.”
Bradley then turned around and sat on the couch right opposite. “It appears that all of them want to be the agent for Soul Sun Pill. Even so, I must set a price for this vacant position, or things could get difficult after this.”
Jonas nodded upon hearing his point, “Although Soul Sun Pill is now Gibson Pharmaceuticals’ legal asset by contract, we sull need a general agent to help us better market and distribute our products. So, take your ume and think about my offer. On top of that, you’ll own a third of all the shareholdings in Gibson’s Pharmaceuticals as well from that point on.”
Nevertheless, Bradley only revealed a smile and answered, “I’ll think about it, President Hans. As for the shareholding, I’d prefer not to be involved in any of it. So, I hope you could respect my choice.”
After getting along with each other for a while, Jonas kncw that Bradley wasn’t someone who’d take advantage of others, so he said, “Bradley, I just want you to share our success together, and nothing else more than that.”
“We’re sharing our success now, aren’we? Let’s not talk about that now. We should hurry to the International Deluxe Club at once.”
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As soon as both men arrived at the clubs, they saw Leslie, who was already waiting at the entrance. Whenleslie saw Bradley exiting the car, he immediately walked closer and buttered him up. “Mr. Jackson, I’ve already reserved a room for us all. Besides, I’ve also prepared something
entertaining to keep you even more relaxed.”
Needless to say, Bradley knew what Leslie meant by that, but he only responded with a smile without saying anything. As they entered the room, they were greeted by a few middle-aged men, as well as ladies with s**y appearances. However, they all knitted their brows when they saw Bradley coming in because his disheveled appearance looked like a peasant who had just come back from work.
Leslie said, “Come here, ladies! Let me introduce this man, Mr. Jackson. Your job today is to make him happy tonight.” The ladics cxchanged gazes with cach other and silently nodded, looking at Bradley with contempi due to his unkempt appcarance. Nonctheless, they were confused why all these rich men were treating this countryman like he was a big shot.
After that, the few ladies surrounded Bradley, while one of them, who stood out with her looks, asked, “What would you like to drink, Mr. Jackson? Do let me know, and I’ll get it for you.” Upon saying that, she rubbed her hand against Bradley’s arm, bearing with the stench he was giving off for the sake of money. In the meantime, Bradley noticed the lady’s disgusted look and ridiculed himself deep down. I haven’t bathed in a week because I was too busy mass-producing Soul Sun Pill, so I guess I’m not surprised to see that look on her face.
As he shifted his eyes to the lady with heavy makeup, he shook her hand off and replied, “What I’d like to drink is nothing important compared to our business deal.” Meanwhile, the lady who just gol turned down frowned and sat on the couch in a sulk.
Noticing the unhappy look on Bradley’s face, Jonas immediately tried to defuse the situation. “Perhaps we should talk about business first and enjoy the entertainment later.”
Going with the flow, Leslie said, “You’re right, President Hans. The real business should come first.”
Bradley sat on the couch while slowly savoring a glass of red wine, saying, “The success of Soul Sun Pill is not out of pure luck or any shenanigan. Instead, the reason behind that is simply because it’s truly an effective healthcare product. I believe you guys have tried it out for yourself, haven’t you?”
Upon hearing that question, Leslie’s face blushed as he said, “Well, I’ve tried two boxes, and the results were satisfactory. That’s why I’ve decided to become the general agent for this amazing product.” He then recalled consuming the first box of Soul Sun Pill before tiring his wife out in bed later that night. This product is likely going to be highly demanded.
Soon, another man named Brandon Brown tried to flatter Bradley and said, “Mr. Jackson, I hope I could be the general agent for Soul Sun Pill. By then, I’ll make sure these products reach more people and sell like hotcakes.”
Jonas cleared his throat and said, “Gentlemen, Soul Sun Pill is a quality healthcare product, which is why Mr. Jackson is looking for someone who can meet his expectations.”
Chapter 86
Instantly, Leslie said, “I see. Name a price then, Mr. Jackson. Let us know how we can meet your expectations.”
Meanwhile, the few ladies sitting aside while overhearing the conversation felt that this countryman before them was no ordinary person. Therefore, they continued to p***k their ears up and listened to the men’s conversations. At the same time, Bradley didn’t name a price as requested but instead savored the red wine in his glass with a gloomy look, silently thinking how much he should set for the position as Soul Sun Pill’s general agent.
Upon noticing Bradley’s silence, Leslie stared at a pretty girl beside him and said, “Sandy, could you please go get your bestie, Jasmine, to keep Mr. Jackson company for the night?”
Bradley quickly interrupted Leslie, “No thanks! I still need to hurry back to the village and finish Soul Sun Pill’s production later.”
Jonas soon added, “Don’t worry about the production, Bradley. I’ll get someone over to your place to help you with the work tomorrow.”
Anxious, Leslie said, “Mr. Jackson, we’re still waiting for you to name a price for the position. We’d love to get this sorted out by tonight.”
Bradley hesitated for a short while before he stuck out two fingers, staring at Leslie in an ambiguous manner.
“Two hundred thousand? Mr. Jackson, I can pay you five hundred thousand in exchange for the position as the general agent.”

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