when hit by a stroke of luck Chapter 85

When Hit by a Stroke of “Luck”
Chapter 85
Bradley was steaming after hearing what Mrs. Layman said. Therefore, he walked toward Julia, ready to lecture her. Nevertheless, Mrs. Layman seized his arm and said, “Relax, Bradley! Julia is just like a mad dog! What’re you going to do when a mad dog bites you? Bite it back? Come on, just forget about her.” While Mrs. Layman’s words made sense to Bradley, he was reminded to stay on track in producing his Soul Sun Pills as well as a delivery that he had to make to the pharmacy in the afternoon.
“That’s right, Bradley! You’re destined for great things, so don’t stoop to her level. Do what you must instead!” The other ladies, who were doing their laundry, echoed Julia’s words, trying to
dissociate themselves from Julia since they also talked behind Bradley’s back.
Nonetheless, Bradley was unwilling to waste time with this madwoman as he proceeded to help his mom stand up before they headed into the mountain. Meanwhile, Julia, who felt betrayed by those ladies, stared at them with rage, crawling out of the ditch while scolding them, “You ladies are hypocrites. I’m going to cut ties with every one of you right here now that I’ve finally seen you all for who you are.”
On the other hand, Mrs. Layman didn’t give in but instead turned her attention to the other ladies and said, “Everyone here heard her say that Bradley became crazy, yet she is now pointing her finger at us!” Sensing something amiss, Mrs. Parlor quickly grabbed her clothes and left without bothering the other ladies.
In the meantime, Bradley and Janice returned home with two baskets full of Soul Sunweeds, which was enough for them to produce more Soul Sun Pills. After that, he reached out for his phone and gave Jonas a call, only to hear the latter’s happy voice. “Hey Bradley, are the products ready? There is barely enough room here left for more customers in my pharmacy, and they’re all here for the Soul Sun Pills. Can I get some more?”
Bradley answered over the phone, “Just send a truck here if you’re busy.” Upon saying that, he hung up the call and placed all his finished goods in the courtyard, waiting for Jonas’s truck to arrive,
When it was nearly afternoon, there were some villagers who were on their way home from the top of the mountain with their hoes on their shoulders. However, when they passed by Bradley’s house, they were amazed by the beautiful boxes. Richard, who was from another village nearby, took a closer look and asked, “Bradley, what’re all these things outside your house?”
Before Bradley could answer, Janice beat her son to it and replied, “Mr. Maguire, these are healthcare products that Bradley personally made. They’re worth a fortune in the city.”
Richard frowned and said, “Oh, I see. The packaging indeed looks exquisite. Bradley, don’t forget about us when you get rich one day.”
Faced with the man’s comment, Bradley answered with a smile, “If you’re interested, I could teach you and Mrs. Maguire how to plant them.
lipon hearing Bradley’s reply, Richard couldn’t help but feel happy about it, “Sure! I’11 discuss this
Chapter 85
with her first. Then, we’ll come here tomorrow to learn from you while helping you with your work.”
Unlike the other villagers, Richard’s goal was to get rich. Therefore, he was tempted to share a piece of the pie when he heard how profitable Bradley’s Soul Sun Pill was. He then moved on, wondering to himself deep down, Well, I’ll make a fortune if it works, but even if it doesn’t, I lose nothing anyway.
Soon, a small truck entered the village and pulled up outside Bradley’s house before two men exited the vehicle’and helped him load all the cargo onto it. Then, Bradley looked back at Craig and said, “Dad, I’m leaving now. Call Erin to come and help you out because this batch of products is going to sell off pretty soon.”
Nonetheless, Craig wasn’t happy to hear his son’s idea. “Of all the people you could call to help, why would you think of that jinx?”
“Erin is honest and reliable, so I’m sure she won’t divulge our formula and process of producing the Soul Sun Pill. Just do as I say, okay?” Bradley answered.
After brief contemplation, Janice added, “Erin is indeed trustworthy, but she is a jinx. So, I don’t think it’s a good idea to let her help, especially not when your business just kicked off a good
Hearing her mother’s negative comments, Emily refuted, “Mom, you’re too superstitious. Come on! We’re living in a modern era, so how can you still believe in that? Bradley has always kept in touch with her, yet you’re still successful, aren’t you?” After hearing her daughter, Janice said nothing more and made her way to Erin’s house.
Meanwhile, Bradley headed to the city to display all his products on the shelf before he paid a visit to Gibson Pharmaceuticals. As soon as he entered the place, he was greeted by the sight of Jonas explaining to a few customers about the shortage of Soul Sun Pill. One of them worriedly asked, “Look, President Hans! Soul Sun Pill is such a good and effective healthcare product, and we’re going to be losing out if you don’t restock them soon.”
“Exactly! I was even thinking of taking the rest of the healthcare products off the shelf and focus on selling the Soul Sun Pill. Now that we’re out of stock, how am I supposed to answer to my customers?” a middle-aged man standing aside asked. It looks like they are all shop owners who sell Soul Sun Pill.
Upon noticing Bradley’s arrival, Jonas said, “Bradley, would you mind explaining Soul Sun Pill’s current production status to the gentlemen here?” When they heard Jonas’s words, they shifted their eyes to Bradley and witnessed his unkempt appearance before they frowned and exchanged gazes with cach other
Soon, one of the customers got fed up and said, “President Hans, we’ve spent millions to become agents for Soul Sun Pill, and you’re telling a peasant to explain the stock shortage lo us? This doesn’t sit right with me.” Then, the other customers also gazed at Jonas in confusion, worried about the moncy they had invested.
10 response in that reply, Jonas knitted his brows and said, “This peasant who stands before you
Chapter 85
here is no ordinary man. He is the producer, as well as the creator of Soul Sun Pill, and that makes lum qualified to explain the situation to you all.” After hearing Jonas’s words, they all
instanuy looked at Bradley in disbelief.
Now that all the attention was on Bradley, he explained, “Greetings, gentlemen. The first batch of Soul Sun Pill has actually been up for sale, but since there is a high demand in the market right now, you all could grab some stocks from Gibson Pharmaceuticals downstairs to meet your customers’ needs first.”
The other middle-aged man flattered Bradley and said, “Mr. Jackson, your reputation precedes you, and it’s really an honor to finally see you in person. Perhaps you could join us for dinner tonight as we discuss future plans for Soul Sun Pill.”

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