when hit by a stroke of luck Chapter 84

When Hit by a Stroke of “Luck”
Chapter 84
In the next few days, Bradley stayed home with his family, learning how to produce the Soul Sun Pills with the equipment. After three days of effort, he finally became familiar with the settings of the machine. For that, Craig happily said, “I can’t believe this piece of shabby-looking metal can really do wonders.”
Meanwhile, Bradley was filling each capsule with medicine powder while saying, “Dad, we’re now in an era of technology! These machines can replace a lot of workers.”
At the same time, Emily, who was filling the capsules into the box, asked, “Bradley, are you sure this thing is going to bring a fortune? How are you so certain that you’re not being fooled?”
“Come on! These weeds were all the while known to be useless, although they are all over the mountain. If anyone had known how profitable this thing is, they would have been doing the same thing we are right now,” Janice doubtfully asked while staring at the boxes of pills.
Bradley answered, “Mom, please stop asking questions now. We need more Soul Sunweeds now, so could you please go get some more? The thirty boxes that I delivered earlier are sold out, and there is a high demand for more in the market. Therefore, we must seize the opportunity and make more of them.” Without saying a single word more, Janice immediately grabbed a basket and headed toward the mountain behind their house. Well, we’ve already made so many of them, so we might as well finish what we started and see how much we can make from these things. As soon as she reached the ditch near the mountain, she instantly heard murmurs of gossip nearby.
It turned out that Mrs. Parlor was washing her clothes while uttering, “What’s wrong with those people these few days? I’m surprised that no one has stepped out of their house.”
Soon, Mrs. Layman ridiculed Bradley’s family and said, “I think they’re probably too ashamed of themselves for the incident that happened during the wedding a few days back. That poor guy must have been driven crazy by the devastating truth.”
Caroline echoed her words and added, “Well, there is nothing one can do if it’s not meant to be. That’s why we need to keep ourselves down to the earth.”
Julia then turned her attention to Ashley and uttered, “Oh, you should be grateful that you didn’t marry Bradley back then, Ashley. Otherwise, you’d probably end up as a widow right now.”
Upon hearing those words, Ashley was instantly reminded of the incident that she and Patrick poisoned the ditch. Thinking that Bradley had really gone crazy because of that, she guiltily said, “Mrs. Holden, you need to stop talking about me and that mad fella. We’re both people from two different worlds, and there’s no way we’ll ever be together.”
When Janice overheard the conversation, she angrily interrupted the ladies, “What are you all talking about?! My son is nothing like how you describe him, so watch your mouth!”
Mrs. Parlor responded with a smile upon noticing Janice’s presence. She then walked up to the latter and said, “Come on, Janice! We’re all just worried about Bradley. Cut us some stack!”
Chapter 84
Nevertheless, Janice only smirked and replied, “That’s certainly one way to show your concern! I never took you ladies for people with kindness.”
“Don’t you think we have a point, Janice? In fact, I think you’re responsible for the miserable state that Bradley is in right now. There must have been something wrong with your parenting since he was young,” Caroline gleefully gloated. This serves them just right. After all, what goes around comes around, and this is what they get for turning Quinnie away! Anyway, I guess even Quinnie wouldn’t want to be with Bradley if the positions were reversed right now.
Janice was unhappy when she heard that. Soon, she furrowed her brows and refuted Caroline, “Caroline, I admit that Bradley mishandled the matchmaking earlier, but why can’t you let bygones be bygones and choose your words wisely?”
“Look at her! How could she still talk like she was in the right after what her son has become? Like mother, like son!” Julia echoed Caroline’s words, provoking Janice as she gleefully stared at her.
At this moment, Janice was on the verge of losing her temper. “You’re going to wish you had watched your tongue earlier, Julia! I’m going to rip that big mouth of yours right now!” While Janice could put up with any mean remark about her, she couldn’t stand by and watch someone taunting her beloved son. Soon, she dropped her basket and engaged in a skirmish with Julia, covering their plump figures in mud.
After washing her clothes, Ashley grabbed her basket and said, “You people are funny indeed! I don’t see why you ladies should fight each other over something so trivial. Don’t you all have anything else better to do?” As soon as she finished her words, she turned around and headed home. Bradley is going to get even crazier when he sees his mom covered in bruises. I pray that he loses his sanity completely because of that.
In the meantime, Mrs. Parlor was a timid woman despite her big mouth. After hearing Ashley’s words, she immediately left her clothes there and interrupted the fight. At that moment, Julia was already seen with a red eye as she landed a kick on Mrs. Parlor and sent her flying backward onto the ground. Unable to stop the fight by herself, she quickly made her way to Bradley’s home and knocked on the courtyard’s door. “Craig, come out! Your wife is fighting with someone by the river.”
Upon hearing that, Craig and Bradley paused their work and headed out to the courtyard, whereupon the latter nervously asked, “Who did you say is fighting my mom, Mrs. Parlor?”
Mrs. Parlor looked at Bradley in surprise. “You’re not insane, Bradley. Then…”
At first, Bradley was confused to hear that, but he soon snapped out of it and asked, “Come on! Tell me, who is fighting with my mom?”
Mrs. Parlor answered, “It’s Julia! She mentioned that you went crazy ever since your borched wedding. Your om got inad after hearing that and went physical in a fit of rage. So, yon two netler hurry up and get there!” Due to her timid character, Mrs. Parlor blained Julia for the fight as soon as she realized that Bradley didn’t go crazy. At the same time, Bradley instantly made his way to the river and saw Julia pinning his mother on the ground. He then rushed toward them and groped Julia’s hair, shoving her toward the ditch.
Chapter 84
Unable to get a stable footing, Julia fell into the ditch and quickly called for help. “Help! Bradley is trying to kill me!” After a brief struggle, she realized the water was only up to her waist, instantly reprimanding Bradley for his action, “How dare you push me, Bradley?! You’re such a lunatic, and you’ll regret this!”
Meanwhile, the villagers, who were doing their laundry by the riverside, witnessed her sorry look as they covered their mouths and secretly laughed because the shallow water couldn’t possibly drown Julia. As Mrs. Layman noticed that Bradley was still sane, she immediately put the blame on Julia and said, “You need to stop blaming Bradley, Julia. You were the one who called him a madman first, and Janice was only just angry because of that.”

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