when hit by a stroke of luck Chapter 83

When Hit by a Stroke of “Luck”
Chapter 83
“I’m so sorry, Stephanie. Someone must have poisoned the fishes, and it’ll probably take me another few more days before you can come and collect your fishes again.”
Staring at the lifeless fishes floating on the water, Stephanie comforted Bradley and said, “Don’t worry, Bradley! I’m not going to blame you because I don’t want you to stress yourself out. It’s no big deal for you to just start all over again!” Upon saying that, she patted his shoulder and waved at the driver. “Forget about the fishes right here. For now, go someplace else and get what we need.” As soon as she finished her words, she turned around and got into her white Lamborghini, driving toward the village’s exit.
Meanwhile, Patrick, who was hiding behind a tree, brought Ashley along to witness Bradley’s sorry look, waiting for Stephanie to demand compensation for the liquidated damage from him. Nevertheless, Stephanie reacted in a tolerant and lenient manner instead, much to the couple’s surprise.
At the sight of that, Ashley poked Patrick’s forehead. “What can I expect from you?” Then, she turned around and left the scene, only to be spotted by Bradley. Hmm. The culprit who poisoned my fishes must be Patrick. Fortunately, this is just a small deal. Unconcerned about his loss, he grabbed his fishing net and headed home.
Then, Bradley made his way to the city with his first batch of Soul Sun Pills, watching it being displayed at Gibson Pharmaceuticals in Riverdale District. After that, he took a cab to the Hans Residence, where he was enthusiastically greeted by the newlyweds, Jonas and Lyra.
Upon inviting him to the living room, Jonas sat down with Bradley and said, “Bradley, now that Gibson Pharmaceuticals has merged with Clarke Pharmaceuticals, I bet your Sun Soul Pills are going to sell like hotcakes. So, what you need to do now is to get more people to help you, in order to speed up your production.”
Hearing the suggestion, Bradley answered, “Yeah, that’s for sure, but for now, I’m considering buying some manufacturing equipment. So, perhaps you could keep an eye out on that for me.”
Lyra responded with a gentle smile. “There is quite a number of old equipment that is no longer in use, Bradley. Perhaps Jonas could arrange his men to deliver them to you so that you could speed up your production.”
After hearing that, Bradley gratefully looked at Lyra. “Thank you so much! I’ll go back and make sure everything else is in place. Once the equipment arrives, I’ll proceed with the necessary work. The Soul Sun Pills are especially good for health, so I’m counting on you guys to market that.”
Jonas patted his chest and guaranteed Bradley, stating, “No problem! I’ll put together an elite sales tean solely for the purpose of marketing Soul Sun Pills.”
After hearing Jonas’s assurance, Bradley left the Hans Residence in relief, returning to his own village just as the night set in. As soon as he arrived at the courtyard, he heard some noise coming from the inside, which turned out to be the voices of his uncle and aunt when he listened carefully. Then, he quickly picked up his pace and entered the courtyard, asking, “What’s going
Chapter 83
on, Mom?”
Cecilia Carlson walked closer when she heard his words. “You really have the nerve to ask that question, don’t you? Your mom borrowed some money from me when you were in jail. Now, she still hasn’t paid me back the ten thousand she owes me.”
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As Bradley was already planning to raise capital from his Soul Sun Pills, he implored his aunt and said, “Auntie, I’m recently working on launching a new healthcare product. So, would it be possible for you to give us two more days?”
Cecilia snorted and ridiculed him, “Haha! Have you gone crazy after what happened during the wedding? What kind of healthcare product can come from you? Stop fooling yourself and others! Pay me back my money, or I’ll stay here for the night.”
Witnessing Cecilia’s annoyed look, Emily angrily lashed out at her and said, “Auntie, everyone’s got an off day, so why can’t you give us another two more days? Is this really what we deserve, considering how kind my mom has always treated you?”
In response to Emily’s question, Cecilia irritably talked back, claiming, “Nonsense! Do you really think I’m too dumb to realize that your mom is doing that because we’re rich?”
“Okay, stop arguing right now! We don’t have that much money right now, but we do have two fat pigs. Take them if you want, and I’ll pay the rest as soon as I can,” Janice reluctantly said, in the face of Cecilia’s unreasonable attitude. Although she didn’t know how reliable her son’s products would be, she would always support her son out of her motherly love.
Cecilia then snorted and answered, “Hmph! Those two fat pigs are worth about two thousand at most, but I’ll just take them anyway. Pay up the remaining eight thousand within this week.
Thank you!”
Then, Cecilia seized her husband’s hand and headed to the pigsty. Meanwhile, Bradley tried to stop them, only to be held back by Janice, who said, “Take it easy, Bradley. Don’t do anything silly.”
At this moment, Emily angrily said, “We’ve reared those pigs for more than a year, and they should be worth at least three to four thousand! They’re simply impossible!”
Meanwhile, Craig was sitting aside, smoking a cigarette in silence. Although I have tens of thousands of savings, I refused to invest the money in my son’s idea as I can’t help thinking that he will become a laughingstock if he fails to channel clean water into the village as he promised.
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Upon listening to her daughter’s words, Janice shifted her gaze to Craig, who was silent, breaking into icars as she helplessly sat on the bench. Soon, Bradley came closer to his mother, patting her shoulders while saying, “Don’t worry, Mom! I promise I’ll buy you ten pigs in half a month.”
Janice, who was crying, was amused by her son’s reply, laughing as she asked, “Do you know how much ten pigs are worth, silly boy?”
Emily answeresi, “Of course he does, Mom! Bradley isn’t dumb, Just relax anyway because ! believe Bradley will deliver his promise.” Despite the upsetting incident, they eventually went on
Chapter 83
to have a heart-warming dinner,
The next morning, Bradley took his family to the mountain to gather a large amount of Soul Sunweeds as soon as the sun rose to the sky. When it came to the afternoon, a few trucks entered the village, whereupon Bradley carried the big equipment into the room with the help of those delivery workers. At the same time, the villagers were all intrigued by the machines that were running, unable to take their eyes off them as they had never seen anything like those before.
“Bradley is really out of his mind. Why did he bring all this useless c**p back home? It’s not like they’re food or something. I have no idea what’s really going on in his head.”
“That’s right! Yet he is so absorbed in playing around with that useless machine. What beats me is that Mr. Jackson and Janice have lost their minds too!”
“Oh, you don’t understand this! Those are just metal scraps that are discarded from the factories. Well, his father could probably make some extra money from selling them off, which is why they treat it like a treasure. Isn’t that what poor people do anyway?” Ashley uttered sarcastically when she heard the murmurs of discussions, thinking that Bradley was nothing but a piece of useless
Nevertheless, Bradley ignored the gossip around him without even bothering to explain himself. Instead, he proceeded to close the door of the courtyard after all the equipment was in place. While Bradley’s family members confusedly stared at the equipment, Emily bewilderedly asked, “What does this piece of metal do, Bradley” At the same time, Craig and Janice gazed at Bradley with bafflement, wondering why their son would make such a mistake

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