when hit by a stroke of luck Chapter 82

When Hit by a Stroke of “Luck”
Chapter 82
Janice furrowed her brows. “Oh, come on! You need to stop this foolish act at once! I nearly had a heart attack, thinking you went mad because of that.”
Stephanie walked up to Bradley and said, “Miss Simmons told me what you did for them, Bradley. I must say I’m impressed.”
Bradley stared at Judy and said, “Oh, it’s just a piece of cake. After all, we all want to see a happy ending for them, don’t we?” As soon as he finished his words, he seized his mother’s and sister’s hands, walking out of the banquet hall. At that moment, he looked like a saint.
It was already afternoon by the time they returned to the village. As Bradley took a stroll around, he unknowingly drew everyone’s attention. Knowing what had happened during the wedding, the passers-by began whispering murmurs of discussions. While everyone else was talking behind Bradley, Boston gleefully gloated in front of Caroline. “Look at how pathetic he is, Caroline! What’s meant to be yours will eventually be yours, or else you’d only make a fool out of yourself! See? Doesn’t that serve him, right?”
Considering how Quinnie’s matchmaking bitterly went earlier, Caroline harbored a strong grudge toward Bradley and echoed Boston’s words. “Some people have no sense of shame at all! It’s what people like Bradley get for insisting on marrying someone out of their league!”
Emily was angry when she heard that “What did you just say? Bradley did that because…”
“Shut your mouth up!” Bradley interrupted his sister before she could say a word.
Meanwhile, Ashley, who happened to come closer with some clothes in her hands, purposely asked, “Bradley, I heard you married a wife from the city. Come on, introduce her to us!”
Mrs. Layman said with a smile, “Bradley is helping someone else marry his wife. The bride has already left with that man long ago!”
“Tsk! Tsk! That sounds so pathetic! Patrick may look like he is fiddling around all the time, but he treats me like the apple of his eye! For that, I can die without regrets!” Ashley could never forget how Bradley rubbed salt on her wound that day, thinking that her sarcastic remark could provoke the man, although she had no idea about what had really happened throughout the entire incident.
Ignoring their gossip and ridicule, Bradley couldn’t even care less about the fact that he had become a laughingstock in his village. Soon, he carried a bucket of fries and poured them into the ditch, whereupon he headed to the woods nearby to see whether he could find some Soul Sunweed. Now that the matter between the Hans Family and the Clarke Family has been taken care of, Soul Sun Pills are about to be mass-produced. Once they penetrate the market, we’re going to be making millions and billions.
Meanwhile, Patrick, who was shepherding a cow, saw Bradley pouring the fries into the ditch with his eyes glued on the latter in a resentful manner. In fact, he was jealous of Bradley because Ashely would always compare them both even though she was already his wife. Upon arriving
Chapter 82
home, he put a packet of powder that he had already prepared into his pocket and returned to the ditch. Failing to notice Patrick, who hid behind a tree, Bradley left with his bucket after plucking some Soul Sunweeds. While Bradley slowly disappeared from sight, Patrick emerged from behind the tree and poured the powder into the ditch.
As soon as Bradley put his bucket down when he got home, his phone rang, which he realized was a call from Stephanie. He then answered the call and heard the voice on the other end saying, “Stephanie, what’s up calling me this late?”
“Bradley, I don’t have any more fish left after the wedding yesterday. I’ll come over tomorrow to get some fish tomorrow, so could you get ready?”.
Bradley then recalled releasing the fries into the ditch with a growth talisman, which wouldn’t be a problem for Stephanie to come and get some by tomorrow. Therefore, he gave a positive reply and said, “No problem! You could come earlier tomorrow because I have plans in the afternoon.’
“It’s decided then. I’ll bring the truck over tomorrow. By then, you’re going to treat me to something delicious!”
“No problem! I’ll prepare a meal you’ll never forget, as well as your medicine. When you leave, just take it with you.”
After hanging up the call, Bradley proceeded to start producing Soul Sun Pills in his room. As producing those pills required a vacuumed environment, he shut his door tight, allowing no one else to enter his room. In the end, he stayed up the whole night making his first batch of Soul Sun Pills. Although there were just thirty boxes, he deemed that amount should do just fine for the first batch. After all, things are precious only when they are rare.
At first light, Bradley grabbed his net and headed to the ditch, but before he even got there, he could already see a white Lamborghini parked by the ditch. He then walked closer to the car and knocked on the window. “Stephanie, I didn’t expect to see you this early. We’re good to start after you wake the driver up.”
Stephanie stared at the truck door and replied, “It’s still early now, plus he’s been driving all night. So, just let him rest, and we’ll see how it plays out at dawn.” Upon saying that, she opened the car door and said, “It’s a little cold outside, Bradley. Why don’t you come inside and keep me company?”
Bradley placed the bucket on the ground and sat on the passenger seat. “I know what you’re worried about, so I’ve got everything taken care of. Besides, don’t forget to take your Soul Sun Pill. I’m sure that’ll help you a lot in your recovery.”
Stephanie seemed unhappy when she heard those words, saying, “Bradley, I just filed for a divorce with my husband.”
Bradley was slightly taken aback by her reply. “Well, I guess that means you can move on with your life without wasuing time on the wrong person who doesn’t deserve you, Stephanie. I’on heading to the city tonight, so maybe we could grab some drinks together by then.”
Stephanie buricd herself in his arnis and started sobbing. “That son of a b*ich has been sleeping
Chapter 82
around, and he is the reason why I got all these diseases. Jeez! My life is ruined!”
Bradley patted her shoulder and replied, “Well, what’s done is done. So, just live your life better than you used to because I think that’s all that matters now.” Upon saying that, he took some tissue paper from his pocket and gave it to Stephanie before he stepped out of the car and headed toward the truck.
As the driver exited the truck, he ordered his men to spread the net to scoop up some fish. Nonetheless, the fishes that were caught in the net all seemed still and lifeless. Watching his dead fishes in disbelief,’Bradley.instantly flipped out as he knew someone must have poisoned them. Not long after that, Stephanie came closer and asked in horror, “What’s wrong, Bradley?”

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