when hit by a stroke of luck Chapter 81

When Hit by a Stroke of “Luck”
Chapter 81
Mrs. Parlor said, “Relax. I can still remember the way to the mountain resort since I went to the city that day, so don’t worry about getting lost!”
Upon hitting the road, it took them about an hour before they finally arrived in the city, where everything looked refreshing to the ladies. As soon as they found Cloudbury Mountain Resort, the ladies instantly squeezed their way into the place. Meanwhile, Stephanie could recognize Bradley’s mother. She recalled those words he said that night, so she thought that it was his idea to arrange for the old ladies to stay here. Soon, she walked up to them and said, “Ladies, you all are early, but Bradley and his bride aren’t here yet!”
In the meantime, Janice, who recognized Stephanie at first sight, said, “Miss Garfield, I bet you must have seen my daughter-in-law, haven’t you? What do you think? She’ll make a good wife, won’t she?”
Her son is marrying today, and his wife is from the city. Why do I feel like she is trying to show off? Then, Stephanie smiled and replied, “Of course, your daughter-in-law’s father owns Clarke Pharmaceuticals, and I can tell she is definitely from a rich family!”
“Bradley is such a smart kid. Look at his wife. She is from a rich family, isn’t she? Bradley is quite a lucky man!”
“Of course! If Boston was in Bradley’s place, I’d probably be so happy that I wouldn’t be able to sleep for a week!”
While Mrs. Parlor and Mrs. Layman were gossiping away, everyone else gathered around Janice, looking envious as they tried to butter up her.
“The bridegroom and the bride are here! Look, the bridal car has arrived, and it looks simply amazing! Oh my gosh! This is going to be the grandest wedding in the whole of Riverdale District!” The waiter, who was standing at the entrance, instantly attracted everyone’s attention as soon as his voice was heard, causing them all to mill toward the entrance.
The next moment, they all saw dozens of luxury cars with flowers on them approaching the mountain. Witnessing the grand wedding, all the villagers from Jackson Village were amazed, their eyes widening at the sight. Everyone was envious of Bradley who could marry a wife from a rich family, all the while blaming their own sons for not working hard enough.
Janice happily smiled while holding Emily’s hand. “Emily, your brother is finally getting married. At last, we can rest assured.”
Emily nodded in response and tearfully replied, “Mom, you no longer have to keep urging Bradley to find a wife anymore!” I’ve never thought that my brother would become this capable after coming out of prison.
Soon, Bradley stepped out of the car, holding Lyra’s hand as Hugo held his sister’s other hand, looking expectant. Also, Lyra was dressed in a beautiful white wedding dress. When Bradley saw his another standing at the side with the people from Jackson Village, he frowned, but he soon
Chapter 81
managed to calm himself down. As he held Lyra’s hand and entered the banquet hall, they were greeted by beautiful and grand decorations that filled the place with joy and happiness.
The ceremony host, who was in a decent suit, was seen with a mic as he walked up the stage. “Mr. Bradley Jackson, do you take Miss Lyra Clarke as your lawful wife, to have and to hold, from this day forward, for better or for worse, for richer or for poorer, in sickness and in health, to love and cherish until death do you part?”
However, Bradley appeared distracted as he turned around to look at the entrance, because he was waiting for Jonas to show up. Meanwhile, Lyra nervously looked back as well, but Jonas still hadn’t appeared as expected.
In order to appease the crowd, Bradley said, “Yes, I do.”
“Miss Lyra Clarke, will you marry Mr. Bradley Jackson?” the ceremony host asked once again.
“No, he won’t!” Right at the moment, Jonas appeared in his groom’s suit with a few police officers at the hotel’s entrance. Then, they surrounded Hugo as the officer standing in front of them proceeded to handcuff him. Startled, Hugo asked, “What’re you guys doing? Today is my sister’s wedding, so don’t you even think of messing around here.”
The officer standing in the forefront said, “Hugo Clarke, you’re suspected to be involved in Clarke Pharmaceuticals’s tax evasion. We’d like you to come with us to the police station.”
The next moment, the lawyer standing aside added, “Mr. Hugo Clarke, Old Master Clarke stated in his will that Clarke Pharmaceuticals will be inherited by Miss Lyra Clarke.”
After that, the officers took Hugo away with them as every other guest in the wedding stood up and watched cluelessly. In the meantime, Jonas held some roses in his hands and walked toward Lyra, saying, “I’ve made you wait long enough, honey. I’ll make it up to you after we get married.” Those words brought a lump to Lyra’s throat, whereupon she buried herself in Jonas’s arms.
While Janice and everyone else from Jackson Village were taken aback, the wedding carried on as usual, except that the bridegroom was someone else. At the same time, Bradley was seen standing aside with a smile on his face. At the sight of her brother’s reaction, Emily knitted her brows and asked, “What’s wrong with Bradley? This should be his wedding! How could he look so calm watching someone else taking his bride away?!”
At the sight of that, Mrs. Layman ridiculed Bradley by saying, “See? What did I say? Bradley will never have a wife this perfect.”
Mrs. Parlor nudged her and said, “Shut your big mouth up! Don’t just jump to conclusions so soon!”
While everyone else looked at Bradley in confusion, he only stood aside and watched as Jonas and Lyra hugged each other, smiling all the while. Needless to say, even the ceremony host was baffled by what was going on as he gazed at Bradley to show his bewildernent. Soon, Bradley answered, “The wedding continues, so let’s restart the ceremony.” His reply took the others aback when they heard it, especially Stephanie and the people from Jackson Village.
Chapter 81
“Look at Bradley! How could he still be grinning widely like that? He must have gone nuts after someone took his wife away.”
“Yeah, you’re right! This guy is destined to be a loser for the rest of his life. Let’s go! It’s no longer his wedding now, so let’s spare ourselves the embarrassment!” After a flurry of discussions, the crowd scattered, leaving behind only Janice and Emily, as well as Stephanie, who was standing behind them.
After Jonas and Lyra’s wedding was over, Bradley immediately turned around and walked toward his mother and sister. When she saw her son approaching her, Janice seized his hand and said, “Son, look on the bright side! I believe you’ll find someone else better in the future.” After that, Emily held his sleeve and comforted him as well. “It’s not the end of the day, Bradley! So, let’s go!”
Nevertheless, Bradley pursed his lips and showed a smile. “What are you ladies thinking about? This wedding was never mine to begin with. It was my friend, Jonas’s wedding. I was just messing around just now.”

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