when hit by a stroke of luck Chapter 80

When Hit by a Stroke of “Luck”
Chapter 80
Bradley hurriedly looked away and apologized. “Sorry, Stephanic. I didn’t know you’re getting changed.”
Composing bersell, Stephanie replied, “It’s fine. I know you didn’t mean to take a peek. Please wait for me outside, I’m getung changed out of my work outfit.”
Aller changing into a white dress, she walked out of the lounge and took a seat across him. “Bradley, don’t worry, I will make sure that your wedding will be grand enough to impress everyone in Riverdale.”
Bradley had wanted to tell her that he wouldn’t be the groom on that day. However, after giving it a thought, he decided not to tell her his plan before successfully bringing Hugo down. “Make sure that there will be surveillance cameras around the venue,”
Stephanie asked doubtfully, “Why do you need surveillance cameras for a wedding?”
“Stephanie, just do as I say. I will pay for the surveillance cameras. Please get some people to install them” Upon finishing his words, he took out twenty thousand from his clothes and placed it on the table. Al this point, he couldn’t tell her his intentions yet.
Although Stephanie didn’t understand what he was trying to do, she stopped asking and nodded in agreement, since she didn’t have to pay for the cameras.
After pondering on it for a bit, Bradley said, “No matter what will happen on the wedding day, you have to solve it for me.” There would be a commotion if his plan wasn’t successful, but he could never marry Lyra,
The hesitaner on his face puzzled Stephanie, so she asked, “What will happen on your wedding day. Could it be that Miss Clarke’s family members-”
“That’s none of your concem. You just have to be there on the wedding day and help me solve all the problems.” Not wishing to reveal too much, Bradley just wanted to make all the necessary
nangrurutabriore the wedding day,
Simpolanie sonder in agreement and said, “We haven’t met up for a long time. Why don’t we go
“No limur under things to do. Bye.” Bradley rose from the couch and left the office.
The next morning, when the sun was up in the sky, the ladies of Jackson Village gathered and Vader, luthest the river. As Mrs. Parlor was washing her clothes, she said, “I went to the city to Som e thing to my sunglater yesterday. Guess what? I saw that the photo of Bradley and a puolutudy was on display al die entrance of a resort. They’re going to get married next
Sunding it all, Mre, Layman replied, “I told you Bradley was going to marry, but you didn”
Chapter 80
Displeased, Caroline said, “Mrs. Parlor, were you mistaken? Does Bradley look like he’s lucky enough to marry a rich lady from the city?”
“Caroline, please don’t speak of Bradley in such a way. In fact, he’s quite handsome, but he just doesn’t bother buying nice clothes. Moreover, he’s capable enough to marry a lady from the city.”
Ashley, who was pregnant, said bitterly, “He’s a former prisoner, so his fiancee is unlucky to have to marry him.”
“Oh well, I remember that you had fallen head over heels for Bradley in the past. Are you saying this now because you couldn’t get him?” Mrs. Parlor mocked. Seeing how embarrassed Ashley was, she was gleeful.
Just then, Janice and Emily were coming to the river to wash some potatoes. From afar, they could hear these people talking about Bradley. Soaking the potatoes into the river, Janice said teasingly, “It must be fun talking about my son early in the morning.”
Grinning, Mrs. Layman said, “Janice, we’re praising how capable your son is, as he’s able to marry a lady from the city. It seems that he had learned his lesson in jail.”
Hating that these people always mocked her with the fact that her son was a prisoner before, Janice chided, “Sure. Brad was a prisoner, but he had learned many skills in jail, unlike some people who can’t achieve anything great in life. I’m really happy for my son.”
Hearing that, Mrs. Layman thought of her useless son, Boston, and kept her mouth shut.
Walking up to Janice, Mrs. Parlor fawned over her by saying, “Janice, I’ve never attended a wedding in the city before. Can I follow you to Brad’s wedding?”
Emily pursed her lips. “We don’t know how a wedding in the city is different from that in the village. We’ll see how it goes.” Since Bradley didn’t tell his family members to attend the wedding, they weren’t certain whether they should go to the city.
Ashley said derisively, “Well, could it be that his fiancee looks down on villagers like us, so she never invited you to the wedding?”
At that instant, everyone fell silent and turned to Janice, who then explained, “That’s not true, as my future daughter-in-law is a very considerate woman. Two days ago, she told Brad to tell us
that we should go to the city earlier. If you want to attend the wedding, you can follow us.”
Emily pulled her mother’s clothes to hint that the latter should stop talking. However, Janice was overjoyed that her son was going to get married, so she ignored her daughter’s warning
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“Janice, it’s decided then. We’ll follow you to Brad’s wedding. Hopefully, your future daughter-in law will welcome us.”
Since Janice had made such a promise, she simply nodded and went home with the potatoes. Helplessly, Emily questioned, “Morn, how could you agree to bring them along? Brad hasn’t even invited us yeu,”
Chapter 80
Janice smacked her daughter’s head. “I’m the one who has brought your brother up. Do I even need his permission to attend his wedding?”
Rubbing her head, Emily pressed her lips together and returned to her room.
Soon, it was the wedding day of Bradley and Lyra. In the morning, the villagers gathered outside Bradley’s home and waited for Janice to bring them to the city.
Craig pulled his wife to the corner and said, “Janice, I don’t think it’s appropriate for you to bring so many people to Brad’s wedding. He didn’t even call us to invite us.”
“He’s my son, so why can’t I attend his wedding? Moreover, our neighbors just want to have a look at his wife.” After finishing her words, she and the villagers headed for the train station and got into the first train to the city.
Just then, Janice recalled that she didn’t even remember the address, so she said in embarrassment, “Brad left a note with the hotel address to me, but I lost it.”

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