when hit by a stroke of luck Chapter 79

When Hit by a Stroke of “Luck”
Chapter 79
Seeing that Hugo’s expression was gloomy, Bradley gently pushed Lyra away. “Silly, you have to behave yourself when your brother is around!”
Thinking that Bradley was the only person who could save her now, as no one knew what would happen after they parted, Lyra draped her arms around his neck and whispered in his ear, “You must help me pass the note to Jonas.”
Deliberately kissing her earlobe, Bradley replied, “Don’t worry.”
His assurance set Lyra’s mind at ease. After releasing him, she turned to her brother with a blushing face.
Hugo reminded her coldly. “Lyra, as a lady, you have to understand the importance of self respect. Let’s get the photos taken quickly and go home.”
After they were done with the photoshoot, Hugo directly lugged his sister out of the shop. With a pitiful gaze, Lyra kept looking back at Bradley.
The staff member, who was behind Bradley, shook her head and said, “Miss Clarke’s brother is such a stern man. You two are going to marry soon, but her brother is still worried.”
Turning around, Bradley said, “Pack up the wedding dress and arrange a photographer for our wedding on next Monday. Make sure there will be no mistakes.”
Looking hesitant, the staff member asked, “Mr. Jackson, are you going to pay in full after the wedding, or—”
It didn’t cost much to take the photos at the studio, but if Bradley wanted to buy the dress, which already cost six hundred thousand, and required a photographer’s service at their wedding, the total cost would go up to seven hundred thousand.
Bradley’s shabby clothes were the reason for her hesitance. It wasn’t that she looked down on him, but she simply thought that a farmer wouldn’t spend so much on a wedding.
Just then, Bradley fished out a card from his pocket and passed it to her. “There’s two hundred thousand in this card. Take it as the deposit. If I’m happy with your service after the wedding. I’ll pay the remaining fee.”
Taking over the card, the staff member gazed at him in disbelief, for she didn’t expect that he would be able to fork out so much money.
Noticing her stare, Bradley walked over in a provoking manner and questioned, “Miss, is there something on my face?”
Retracing her gaze, the staff member replied nervously, “No. I’ll get the receipt for you now.”
“There’s no need for that. Just give me a business card.” With that, he reached for the counter and
Chapter 79
picked up a business card before leaving the studio.
Then, he hailed a taxi to Hans Residence. Seeing him, Madam Hans was overjoyed. “Brad, I thought you wouldn’t come here anymore since I’ve recovered. Well, it seems that there’s someone you miss here.” As she spoke obliquely, she kept looking at her niece, Tracy, who was staring at Bradley in a shy manner. Noticing her auntie’s attention, she looked away quickly.
Certainly, Bradley understood that Tracy had feelings for him, but he didn’t come here for her. Turning to the old lady, he said, “Madam, you haven’t recovered fully yet, so I have to give you one more massage today.” Surely, he wouldn’t let the old lady know that the main reason he was here was to look for her son, nor the fact that her son had lost most of Gibson Pharmaceuticals’s
Smiling amiably, the old lady said, “You’re indeed a very responsible doctor. Please visit me more often in the future. More importantly, get in touch with Tracy frequently.”
“Auntie,” Tracy called out shyly and changed the topic. “I’ll make coffee for you.”
After drinking the coffee, Bradley started performing a massage on the old lady. When it was five in the evening, Jonas returned to the residence. Seeing Bradley, he directly pulled him into his room and asked, “How is it going? The wedding will be held next week. Are you done with the preparations?”
Understanding his feelings, Bradley took out Lyra’s note from his pocket and passed it to him. After reading the note, Jonas’s eyes immediately welled up with tears. “I’ve really misunderstood her. I didn’t expect that she’d suffered so much in the past year.”
Bradley said, “I’ve gathered enough evidence of Hugo’s wrongdoings during his time as the president of Clarke Pharmaceuticals. You will take this and expose his crimes, while I’ll make sure he isn’t alerted.”
Jonas grabbed his hands. “Brad, you’ve done so much for Lyra and me. How should I thank you?”
Patting his hands, Bradley replied, “Ever since I’ve signed the contract, I’ve become a part of Gibson Pharmaceuticals as well, so it’s my duty to do something for the company. If you really want to thank me, just take good care of Lyra from now on.”
Jonas nodded in agreement. “Sure. Lyra has been confined by her brother because of me, so I’ll treat her well after the wedding.”
After coming up with more details to deal with Hugo, Bradley left Hans Residence. The moment he stepped out of the mansion, his phone in the pocket started ringing. When he took it out and had a look, it was Stephanie who was calling,
After he picked up the call, Stephanie’s voice was soon heard over the phone. “Brad, why didn’t you tell me that you’re going to get married? That’s not very nice of you.”
“What?” Bradley then recalled that the news of his wedding was made known to the public, but he didn’t know what to say to her. If his plan was successful, he wouldn’t be the groom on the wedding day.
13.30 .
Chapter 79
“Brad, are you still trying to hide it from me? If I didn’t go through the reservation list, I wouldn’t have known that Miss Clarke and you are going to marry next Monday.”
Bradley replied, “Stephanie, I didn’t mean to hide it from you. I’m going to your resort later. Let’s have a chat by then.”
Since Hugo had booked a hall at Cloudbury Mountain Resort as the wedding venue, Bradley had to tell Stephanie about his plan in advance so that she wouldn’t be shocked when there would be a twist during the wedding.
“Alright, I won’t go home first. I’ll wait for you in my office.” Stephanie hung up the call upon finishing her words.
Bradley arrived at the resort at 10 p.m. When he entered Stephanie’s office, she was nowhere to be seen. Then, he noticed that the door of the lounge was open, and the lights were on inside, so he walked over.
When Stephanie, who was getting changed, saw him appearing at the doorway suddenly, she was shocked, and subsequently, her face blushed. At that instant, Bradley was awed by the charming woman before his eyes.

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