when hit by a stroke of luck Chapter 78

When Hit by a Stroke of “Luck”
Chapter 78
Bradley understood that llugo stopped him from looking for Lyra because the latter was afraid that he would leamup with Lyra to go against him, Turning around, he said with a smile, “Hugo, since we’re a family now, you can tell me anything. Let’s have a seat and drink some coffee.”
Upon finishing, his words, he took a scat on the couch in the living room and tasted the cup of coller the butler had just made. A moment later, Hugo said, “I think we should talk about Gibson Pharmaceuticals ares. After all, I’m in charge of Clarke Pharmaceuticals now.”
Putting down the coffee, Bradley replied, “Hugo, I understand what you mean, but I’m busy preparing the wedding with Lyra. Don’t worry, Alter the wedding, I’ll transfer the shares to you.”
Ilearing that, llugo nodded in agreement. “It’s decided then, Gibson Pharmaceuticals is doomed now. Alict geiling all of Jonas’s sbares, I’ll launch your Soul Sun Pill to the market.”
“Prad, our wedding is only a few days away. Are you here to bring me to a wedding photoshoot? Sunding on the spiral staircase, Lyra sounded delighted as she came downstairs and took a seat besicle Bradley
Bradley patted her hand, “You’re the woman I love. Without wedding photos, the wedding will be meaningless.”
Looking joylul, Hugo took a look at his wristwatch, “It’s about time to take the photos. Let’s go.”
Rising from the couch, Bradley gave I.yra a hint with his eyes as they held hands and walked out of the mansion. Upon geuing into a luxurious sedan, they soon arrived at a studio in Riverdale that was famous for taking wedding photos.
After they stepped into the studio, the staff member hospitably showed them a dress. “Miss Clarke, this wedding dress is imported from the city of love, Paris, and it’s called the ‘Heavenly Dress, which I think suits you very well.”
Bradley took a look and tried to feel the fabric with his hand. “Miss, I think the design of this dress is a line ordinary. Do you have more dresses upstairs?”
The staff member shot him a look and said disdainfully, “We do have better dresses, but the
“The price is not a problem. Since there’s only one wedding in our lives, I want the best for her.” Bradley had wanted to go upstairs with lyra to stay away from llugo, but the staff member obviously looked down on him and talked out ofline, which irritated him.
The stall member size up Bradley’s clothes again and said in a contemptuous way. “You can hold a wedding for about lorty thousand in the village, but the best dress in our shop costs six Timvind thionsanri. I’m sure you understand the difference. More importantly, do you have the
Table to ou desudi member’s rudenesa anymore, Lyra said, “Miss, a wedding dress that’s
Chapter 78
worth six hundred thousand isn’t so expensive to me. Just get me the best dress in your shop.”
When the staff member saw that Lyra was clad in expensive clothes, she dared not utter a word again and led them to the second floor. Unfortunately, Hugo was persistent as he followed them upstairs.
With a delicate-looking wedding dress in her hands, the staff member walked over and said, “Miss Clarke, this is the best dress in our shop, which was designed by the same designer of the ‘Heavenly Dress? The only difference is that this dress is embroidered with small diamonds.”
Bradley took over the wedding dress and held it out in front of Lyra. “Lyra, this is a wonderful dress. I’ll help you get changed.”
Hearing that, Lyra directly turned around and stepped into a dressing room. With the dress in his hands, Bradley followed her into the room and slammed the door.
Hugo had wanted to open the door, but the staff member blocked him, saying, “Mister, Miss Clarke is getting changed. Please wait outside.”
Worried that Bradley and Lyra were up to no good, Hugo said anxiously, “That’s my sister inside.”
“Mister, Miss Clarke is with her boyfriend, so what’s there to worry about? Please have a seat and drink some coffee.” With that, the staff member passed him a cup of coffee and thought that Hugo was a weird brother, as he wanted to step into the dressing room when his sister was getting changed. Since he was a man who came from a prestigious family, Hugo couldn’t refute her and simply waited fretfully on the couch.
Inside the dressing room, Lyra asked in a nervous tone, “Brad, did you tell Jonas the truth? Does he trust me?”
Patting her shoulder, Bradley consoled her by saying, “Don’t worry. I’ve teamed up with him and started investigating your brother’s wrongdoings. I’m sure you and Jonas will get back together soon.”
However, Lyra still said worriedly, “But Hugo has been in charge of Clarke Pharmaceuticals for years. I’m afraid that both of you will be unable to deal with him.”
Sounding confident, Bradley reassured her by telling her, “Don’t worry, On the day of the wedding, Jonas will be the groom. Jot down what you want to tell him on a piece of paper now. I’ll help you pass it to him.”
Hurriedly taking over a piece of paper and a pen from Bradley, Lyra wrote what she wanted to tell Jonas and passed them back to him. Suddenly, Hugo knocked on the door and pretended to sound caring as he said, “Brad, Lyra, what’s taking so long? Hurry up. I want to see how beautiful any sister looks in a wedding dress.”
After keeping the piece of paper, Bradley quickly helped her put on the dress. “We’ll be ready soon. It’s hard to zip up the dress.”
Hearing that, the staff member said nervously. “Please be careful, as the dress is very expensive.”
Chapter 78
After helping her put on the dress, Bradley slowly opened the door. Finally, Hugo heaved a sigh of relief and sized them up.
Noticing Hugo’s probing eyes, Lyra directly crashed into Bradley’s embrace. “Brad, I’m really happy that I will be your wife in a few days.” Upon finishing her words, she smiled and kissed Bradley’s neck, which caught him off guard.
Hugo reminded her. “Lyra, you haven’t married Brad yet, so you shouldn’t be too intimate with him. Remember that you’re the young miss of the Clarke Family.” Despite what he had said, he was thinking that right after they married and passed him Gibson Pharmaceuticals’s shares, he would chase them out of the Clarke Residence.

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