when hit by a stroke of luck Chapter 77

When Hit by a Stroke of “Luck”
Chapter 77
Bradley’s plan was perfect. If Jonas’s shares were transferred to Bradley, making the latter the business partner, Hugo wouldn’t be able to take control of the company.
However, when Jonas learned that Bradley wanted the shares to be transferred to him, he started suspecting his intentions. After giving it a thought, he understood that he had been defeated by Hugo. If Bradley and Hugo were on the same side, Bradley wouldn’t have to make such a suggestion to him
Hence, he decided to trust Bradley, and treated it as a gamble. If he won, he would be able to get back his company, but if he lost, it wouldn’t make much of a difference, as he was already on the losing side.
Seeing that Jonas remained silent, Bradley continued, “Also, the breakup letter that you received wasn’t written by Lyra. It was Hugo who imitated her writing on the postcards and wrote the letter.”
Jonas nodded. “Bradley, I trust you, but we need to come up with a detailed plan so that Hugo won’t be alerted.”
Nodding as well, Bradley whispered something in his ear and left Hans Residence. Right after he left the residential area, he made a call to Hugo, who soon picked it up and said in a lowered voice, “Yes. Brad, the date of your wedding with Lyra has been decided. I hope you’re happy with what I have done for you so far.”
Bradley quirked up his lips and said over the phone, “Don’t worry. I won’t disappoint you, as I’ve managed to settle Gibson Pharmaceuticals’s shares. Since we will be a family, we’ll deal with the enemy together.”
Hugo felt that something was amiss when he heard that, but he couldn’t tell exactly what it was. Composing himself, he said, “Bradley, I have always known that you’re no ordinary man. It seems that I’m right. Oh yes, I’ve told my subordinates to prepare a grand wedding for you. I’m sure all the residents in Riverdale will be impressed.”
After the call ended, Bradley hailed a taxi to Evergreen Clubhouse. On the way there, he tried to come up with a detailed plan. When he reached, Samuel was delighted to see him and clenched his shoulders. “Brad, you’re finally here. I’ve found the evidence of Hugo’s crime. Come and have a look.”
Taking a seat on the couch, Bradley picked up the document on the table and realized that it was the evidence of Hugo’s tax evasion. Additionally, there was a proof that Hugo tried to sow discord between the Clarke Family and the Hans Family.
Puuing the document down, Bradley said, “I don’t need this now because I’ve partnered up with President Hans. I’m sure the problem will be solved soon.”
Hearing that, Sanuuel gave him a thumbs-up. “Man, you’re always so efficient. I’m impressed.”
Chapter 77
Bradley smiled and changed the topic. “President Newton, can you get some seeds of precious herbs for me? For example, the seeds of wild ginseng.”
Upon pondering on it for a while, Samuel replied, “There are no more wild ginsengs, as all the ginsengs are commercially cultivated.”
“Just help me look for the seeds. Also, I need other precious herbs like reishi mushrooms.” Bradley figured that the land around his home was suitable for plantation. If he could get his hands on the seeds and plant them, paired with his growth inscription, the ginsengs would turn out to be as nutritional as wild ginsengs.
After giving it a thought, Samuel said, “This isn’t hard. I’ll help you with it tomorrow. Growing precious herbs is a profitable business, but the risk is very high as well, so you have to be careful.”
Bradley smiled nonchalantly. “Don’t worry. I won’t venture into this business if I’m not confident.”
Upon leaving Evergreen Clubhouse, Bradley called Lyra, who picked it up and said in a downcast voice, “Brad, how is it going? I’m on the brink of going mad now since I’m not allowed to go out.”
Bradley immediately replied, “Try to sneak out of the house now. I have something to discuss with you.”
Lyra said with difficulty, “Mrs. Weaver keeps watch on me every day, so I can’t go out.”
Bradley suggested, “Then, just wait for me. I’ll go to your house tomorrow to help you get out. We must not arouse anyone’s suspicion.”
“Alright.” Lyra hung up the call as her mind was finally at ease.
Looking at the phone screen, Bradley was thinking what excuse he could use to bring Lyra out of her house. After looking around, he walked into a hotel and took the cheapest room. The next morning, he hailed a taxi to Clarke Residence. When he stepped into the house, Hugo was having breakfast by the table.
Seeing him, Hugo said in a delighted tone, “Brad, are you here to talk about Gibson Pharmaceuticals’s shares with me?”
Since Lyra wasn’t around, Bradley didn’t answer his question directly. Instead, he asked, “Where’s Lyra? I have to meet her now.”
Hugo replied in an ambiguous way, “Lyra isn’t feeling well, so she’s taking a rest upstairs. The butler has sent the breakfast to her. Oh yes, I’ve decided the wedding date for you. Just look forward to the day when you become the groom.”
However, Bradley said in a somewhat confusing way, “I just want to say that I love Lyra, so I’ll do whatever you want me to do, but my woman has to be happy.”
Unable to understand what Bradley was trying 10 say, Hugo said doubifully, Lyra’s happiness depends on you. When you get married to her, you will be the one who will treat hier well.”
Chapter 77
Looking at him, Bradley replied, “I have to take wedding photos with her today. Since you’ve promised that the wedding will impress everyone in Riverdale, wedding photos are necessary.”
Hearing that, Hugo found him sensible, but he was still worried. He thought for a bit and replied, “Of course wedding photos are necessary. I’ll go with you after breakfast.”
Bradley understood that Hugo’s suspicion had been aroused, but the most important thing now was to get Lyra out of the house. Hence, he decided to tell one more lie. “Sure. Since Old Master Clarke isn’t around anymore, as Lyra’s elder brother, you have to be part of our wedding photos.”
Hugo nodded and said to the butler, “Tell the young miss to wake up and get prepared. There will be a wedding photoshoot this afternoon.”
Bradley then wanted to follow the butler upstairs, but Hugo stopped him. “Brad, please stay here. There’s something I need to discuss with you. Lyra will come down later.”

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