when hit by a stroke of luck Chapter 76

When Hit by a Stroke of “Luck”
Chapter 76
Tracy asked doubtfully, “Brad, will my auntie’s health be restored after consuming this soup?”
Bradley stopped what he was doing and explained, “It isn’t enough. Thirty minutes later, I’ll perlom a massage on her again to force the toxin out of her body. After her blood vessels are unblocked completely, she will be as healthy as before.”
Trusting him totally, the old lady praised him by saying, “I have seen countless doctors and spent lots of money to get my illuess treated, but your treatments are the most effective. Brad, thank vou.”
Thirty minutes later, Bradley figured that the ginseng was starting to take effect, so he told the old lady to take off her coat, then he performed a massage on her back.
Before the massage was over, the old lady felt nauseated and puked, which stank terribly. Following that, some dark and disgusting liquid, which looked like black blood, started oozing out from her neck. Seeing that the toxin in her body was being discharged, Bradley directed more Qi into her body.
The sight frightened Tracy, so she asked worriedly, “Brad, her neck is bleeding.”
After pushing another stream of Qi into her body, Bradley explained, “It isn’t blood but the toxin in her neck.” However, he might have used too much force that the Qi in the old lady started dispersing, which caused her to throw up again.
Flustered, Tracy demanded, “Brad, stop it! She’s vomiting again. Stop doing this!”
“No, I have to complete the session first. Please help wipe off the blood on the corner of her mouth.”
Just then, someone flung the door open and growled, “What are you doing?”
When Bradley turned around, what fell into his gaze was Jonas, his expression glacial, so the former quickly said, “President Hans, the ginseng and my treatments are very effective. The toxins have been expelled from her body now.”
Not believing in his treatments, Jonas pulled his hand away. “Leave immediately! We don’t welcome you, and my mom isn’t your guinea pig!’
Fortunately, Bradley managed to complete the session in time and shot a look at Tracy, who got his hint and helped the old lady up. Seeing that her son was furious, the old lady stopped him, saying, “Jonas, Brad was just treating my illness. Don’t be so harsh to him.”
Now, the old lady appeared to be refreshed, and she was able to speak clearly. Unlike earlier, she wasn’t able to speak with clarity due to her cerebral infarction in the past.
When Jonas and Tracy heard how eloquently the old lady could speak, they looked at her in shock. Surprise was written all over Tracy’s face as she said, “Auntie, you now can speak :as
Chapter 76
smoothly as before. Brad really has treated your illness!”
Jonas walked over and placed his hands on the old lady’s shoulders. “Mom, have you really recovered? I’m so happy for you!” He had looked for countless doctors and spent tons of money to get his mom’s illness treated, but he didn’t expect that it was Bradley who managed to cure his mom, so he was utterly surprised.
The old lady shot her son a stare and said in a firm manner, “Why aren’t you thanking Brad? You don’t even look like a president now!”
Jonas gazed at Bradley and said, “Come to my room. I have something to tell you.” Upon finishing his words, he turned around and reached for his bedroom.
Bradley had never expected that the old lady was Jonas’s mother. While he was surprised, he felt lucky that he happened to be in the park and saved her. After giving the old lady an appeasing look, he followed Jonas to his room.
With a gloomy expression, Jonas stuffed one hundred thousand into Bradley’s hands. “This is the money you have demanded. Since you’ve managed to treat her illness, you deserve it.”
Bradley put down the money. “President Hans, although one hundred thousand isn’t a lot to you, please keep it to yourself since your company is in a crisis now.”
Jonas was stunned upon hearing that, and he wondered how Bradley learned about the situation his company was in, since the latter was just a farmer who knew how to develop health supplements. Supposedly, Bradley wouldn’t understand his company matters, so Jonas asked probingly, “My company is indeed facing a crisis currently. If you’re afraid that your interests will be compromised, I will allow you to terminate the contract.”
Bradley quirked up his lips. “President Hans, I have known the fact that your company is in a crisis for a long time. If I wanted to terminate the contract, I would have done it a long time ago.”
Baffled, Jonas said, “Go on.”
“President Hans, I’m sure you’ve learned from the news that Lyra and I are going to marry. Although I’m just a farmer, I do have many adınirers. If I wanted to work with Clarke Corporation, our contract wouldn’t have lasted until this day.”
Jonas’s expression turned milder when he heard that. “So what do you really want?”
Bradley explained with a smile, “First of all, I do want to promote the Soul Sun Pill. Secondly, I don’t want your relationship with Lyra to be destroyed because of someone else’s plot. I’m sure you have heard that Lyra called off the marriage with Jamnes.”
“Is this all your plan? Do you want to get Lyra? Or do you want her to get back together with ine?”” At that instant, Jonas went through the moments Lyra decided to cancel their wedding. When she called of the marriage with Jarnes and opted to marry Bradley instead, he felt that something was amiss, but he couldn’t figure out the answer.
Seeing that Jonas was starting to be convinced, Bradley continued, “Lyra and my wedding is also
Chapter 76
a part of Hugo’s plot. I simply played along so that she wouldn’t have to marry James.”
Finally, Jonas understood everything and nodded. “Alright, I’m convinced. But Hugo has snatched most of my company’s shares, and I’m powerless to do anything to flip over the situation now.”
Bradley said, “President Hans, if you trust me, I can help you regain control of your company, and you’ll be able to get back together with Lyra.”
“It doesn’t matter whether. I trust you or not. Just tell me your solution. I will give it a thought.” Left with no choice now, Jonas wanted to know what Bradley had to say, but at the same time, he also had to protect his own interests.
“President Hans, you just have to transfer all your shares to me. When the Soul Sun Pill goes on sale, it will be the hottest item in the market. Then, I’ll transfer all the shares to Lyra. By the time you marry her, all the problems will be solved.”

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