When Hit by a Stroke of “Luck”, Chapter 7

When Hit by a Stroke of “Luck”, Chapter 7

Zack’s words made Samuel furious yet embarrassed. With his face reddened, he explained, “Zack, though this buddy of mine seems ordinary, he had really saved my life many times when we were in prison.” Then, he turned to Bradley. “Bro, don’t mind him. Zack is relatively straightforward.”
Bradley smiled and shook his head, showing that he was unfazed.
At that moment, Harry chimed in, “Samuel, since Bradley had saved your life multiple times when you were in prison, we will naturally respect him, but you have been bragging about him to us. Haha, I feel the same as Zack—he doesn’t seem as capable as you described.”
Henry squinted his eyes and nodded as well. “Yeah. Samuel, your buddy is a farmer, isn’t he? It isn’t that we look down on farmers, but if he is really as capable as you said, why hasn’t he become successful now?”
“Uh…” Samuel cast a look at Bradley and was momentarily at a loss for words.
Bradley smiled and uttered, “I am not extremely capable. I’m just an ordinary person and a farmer, but…” He paused and turned to Zack. “Zack, if I’m not wrong, you have erectile dysfunction!”
“Pffft!” Zack spat out a mouthful of wine, and the glass fell on the table with a clank as he looked at Bradley in disbelief.
The other three people—Samuel, Harry, and Henry—were all stunned!
Right after that, Bradley looked at Harry and asked, “President Carr, you have just completed a development project, but something went wrong in your company, right?”
Harry’s eyes widened at that instant!
Lastly, Bradley turned to Henry. “Master Lawson, your antique business is not doing very well, is it? How does it feel to have bad luck?”
“Uhh…” Henry sprang up from his seat. He stopped playing with the walnuts and instantly grabbed Bradley’s hand excitedly. “Bro, could it be that you know about Feng Shui and physiognomy?”
“I know a thing or two.”
“D**n!” Henry slapped his thigh and turned to Samuel. “Samuel, your buddy—I mean, our buddy is a master!”
“Impressive. He sure is great.” Harry rose to his full height and took a glass of wine before apologizing to Bradley. “Brad, please forgive me for being so blind just now.” He then downed the glass of alcohol.
“Bro, since you were able to find out that I am impotent with one glance, are you able to cure my illness?” Zack drank three glasses of wine with a look of embarrassment on his face to show his apology for being disrespectful to Bradley earlier.
“Come on. Let’s take our seats. Don’t make the atmosphere awkward, haha,” said Samuel.
Bradley directly took his seat. Seeing that he had sat down, the others carefully took their seats as well.
Samuel slapped on Bradley’s shoulder. “You’re impressive, man. You not only have medical skills, but you know about Feng Shui and physiognomy as well. I didn’t know that you were good at this.”
Smiling, Bradley raised a glass of wine at Samuel and the others. “Samuel, President Carr, Master Lawson, Mr. Zack, cheers.”
“Brad, if you don’t mind, you can call me Harry.”
“Samuel’s buddy is also my buddy as well,” said Henry.
“Brad, we looked down at you earlier, but you let it pass. On this account, you are already my buddy,” Zack uttered.
The three of them spoke one after another.
“Alright. Harry, Henry, and Zack, I will be more casual around you guys, then.”
Bradley was frank with them as he noticed from their physiognomy that they would make good and positive friends. Also, if he wanted to make a living in Riverdale District, he figured these people would provide him great help in the future.
Having another friend was better than having another enemy.
“Great. Come on. We are all brothers from now on. Cheers!” Samuel raised his glass in a manly manner.
Bradley clinked his glass against theirs, and all of them downed their alcohol together.
After three glasses of wine and an exchange of pleasantries, Henry solemnly asked Bradley, “Brad, you said that I’m having bad luck now. Is it related to external items?”
Almost all those who were often in contact with antiques believed in metaphysics. In Henry’s eyes, Bradley was an expert in this area, so he wanted to ask for his help.
Bradley gave it some thought before answering, “That’s hard to tell. Misfortune is usually related to the people, matters or things one comes into contact with, but we cannot exclude the possibility of special circumstances. Henry, you seemed to have been in bad luck for about six months. I will go and check out your antique store after this, and maybe I will be able to help you to resolve it.”
“Brad, let’s just forget about the formalities. If you have anything you need from me in the future, I will definitely give you my all.” Henry raised his glass at Bradley again.
“Henry, you are overstating it.” Bradley raised his glass as well.
At that moment, Harry uttered, “Brad, is the issue in my company due to a problem related to Feng Shui?”
“Hey, Harry, let’s just ask Brad to go over to your company to take a look some time after this,” said Samuel.
Bradley nodded. “Sure. I’ll go over to your company to check out later, Harry.”
“Sure, sure. Brad, if you need any help from me in the future, just tell me directly.” Harry raised his glass at Bradley again.
Lastly, Zack asked in a soft tone, “Brad, what about me…”
Upon seeing his awkward expression, Samuel and the others tried hard to suppress their laughter until their faces reddened. Zack roared, “What are you guys laughing at? I’m naturally impotent, but all of you are no better than me—you guys need medicine to maintain it, don’t you?”
His words made everyone’s face turn red, and they coughed out of awkwardness.
Bradley chuckled. Most men in this social circle nowadays more or less had some sexual problems, but Zack’s problem was a little more serious!
Nevertheless, Bradley’s Soul Sun Wine finally had a market. He immediately asked, “Samuel, I’ve brought a couple of bottles of good wine this time. Would all of you like to try?”
“Oh? Good wine?” Samuel looked at Bradley.
“Yeah.” He took out the five bottles of Soul Sun Wine from his bag as he nodded. “These few bottles of wine, which I brewed myself, have aphrodisiac effects, and it nourishes your manhood. Zack, if you drink more of this Soul Sun Wine, it shouldn’t be difficult to cure your impotence.”
Zack’s eyes brightened as he excitedly asked, “Brad, is what you said true?”
“I won’t lie to my good buddy.”
“Brad, you even know how to brew wine? Come on. Let me try some.”
Bradley gave a bottle to each of them at once.
When they opened the wine bottle, a fragrance instantly filled the room, causing Samuel and the others to involuntarily inhale the smell. “Wow, that smells great!” they excitedly exclaimed.
“Come on. Let’s try the wine personally brewed by Brad.”
Samuel and others clinked their glasses against one another’s before downing the whole glass of wine with their head raised.
“Erm…” Bradley initially attempted to remind them to take small sips, but it was too late.
“The wine is really refreshing, fragrant and delicious. It’s really something special!”
“This is really the best wine I’ve ever tasted—nothing else can beat it!”
“Uh, I think I’m having an e******n. Hahaha! This is wonderful! I’m finally cured!” Zack suddenly exclaimed.
Right after that, Samuel’s face gradually reddened, and he looked down at his nether region. Without saying a word, he ran out of the room with excitement visible on his face.
Seeing that, Harry and Henry immediately followed Samuel out of the room.
Zack was so excited that his whole body trembled. He said to Bradley, “Brad, stay here for a while.” After saying that, he ran off!
Bradley was rendered speechless. It was obvious to him as to what they had gone off for—to figure out a way to vent their urges…

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