When Hit by a Stroke of “Luck”, Chapter 6

When Hit by a Stroke of “Luck”, Chapter 6

It was already the next morning when Bradley woke up.
“Soul Sun Wine.”
The first thing that came into his mind was the Soul Sun Wine that he had made last night. He immediately rose to his feet and opened the wine jar on the table.
A strong wine fragrance instantly filled the air in the room.
“Haha! I’ve made it!” He was overjoyed.
But to ensure the medicinal properties of the Soul Sun Wine, he took a sip and tried it out himself.
A gush of heat exploded in his nether region almost instantaneously, which gave him a reaction that left him dumbfounded.
“F*ck!” With his face flushed red, he straightaway ran out.
He ran all the way to the river near the entrance of the village. Just when he was about to jump into the river, Erin’s voice was suddenly heard from behind. “Brad.”
“Ugh!” Bradley subconsciously turned around and saw Erin holding a pail—she was here to fetch some water.
Her straight, slender, and beautiful legs with her plump, full hips—everything about her stimulated his male testosterone.
Bradley, who had taken the Soul Sun Wine, nearly pounced on her and pinned her on the ground when his sight fell on her alluring figure.
“Brad, you—ah!” She was about to say something to him, but just when her tender lips parted, she shrieked while peeking at his e******n with her face flushed.
“Erin, I-I…” He attempted to explain himself, but after stuttering for a while, he didn’t know how to explain, so he decided to just jump into the river. Splash!
Seeing that Bradley was in such an embarrassing state, her eyes seemed captivating as she failed to stifle her laughter. “Pffft! Brad, I think that it’s time for you to get yourself a wife. You will have a hard time suppressing your urge if this happens every morning.” She had an enticing smile as she teased him.
“No, Erin, this was an accident!” As he spoke, he secretly controlled his Qi to circulate in his body, attempting to suppress the flames of desire inside him.
“Brad!” At that moment, Emily ran toward them. She first greeted Erin before blinking her pair of large, stunning eyes at Bradley, who was in the river. “Brad, why are you in the river early in the morning?”
“I feel hot,” Bradley replied.
She glanced at Erin, whose face was reddened, and then at Bradley, who seemed to be embarrassed. Her large eyes darted around. “Brad, mom asked you to go back to have breakfast.”
“Okay.” After he managed to control his sexual urge, he jumped ashore and said his goodbyes to Erin before leaving the river together with Emily.
On their way back home, Emily asked Bradley, “Brad, I heard that you have gotten together with Erin. Is that real?” There was a gleam in her large beautiful eyes, and she seemed serious.
“You silly girl, don’t talk nonsense.” He pinched her nose.
She pouted in displeasure. “I’m not a little girl anymore!”
When they reached home, Janice quickened her steps toward Bradley and sternly asked, “Brad, did you carry Erin on your back down the mountains yesterday?”
“Yeah.” He nodded.
“Sigh, Brad, Erin is indeed pretty and has a kind heart. But she is a widow, after all, and a jinx as well. So don’t you fool around with her!” she uttered with a sigh. “I’m going to your grandfather’s house later to borrow some money from your uncle so that we can return the 100,000 to Patrick. I’ll also stop by at the Eastern Ridge Village to get someone to find you a wife. That village demands a cheaper betrothal gift.”
“I think it’s better that you don’t go. Is Brad’s uncle willing to lend you money? Even if he is, do you think that his wife will agree? She may even throw insulting words at you,” Craig spoke while smoking with a traditional smoking pipe.
“Tell me what to do, then. Or do you think I should wait for you to go and sell your kidney?” Janice snapped.
“Dad, mom, I’m going to the county town. I’ll be able to return the 100,000 to Patrick after I come back. Don’t worry.” After he said that, he went into his room and poured the Soul Sun Wine that he had brewed into five clean bottles before riding on his shabby trishaw and left his home.

After traveling the mountain paths for more than one hour, Bradley arrived at the county town. He immediately found a telephone booth and dialed a series of numbers.
The call soon went through. “Hello, who is this?”
“Samuel, it’s me.”
The person on the other side was stunned for a second before patting on his lap excitedly. “Haha! Brad, my bro, you’re out?”
“Yes, I’m out.”
“That’s great, buddy, when are you coming to the county town? We need to have a drink together.”
“I happen to be in the county town now. Samuel, where are you? I’ll go and look for you.”
“Sure, bro, you can come straight to the Evergreen Clubhouse. It just so happens that we have a few guys here that I would like to introduce to you as well. They will be a great help to you in your future development.”
“Alright, Samuel. See you shortly.” He then hung up the phone. Riding on his trishaw, he headed toward the Evergreen Clubhouse.
Bradley met Samuel Newton when he was in prison. At that time, Bradley used the legacy he had inherited and saved Samuel for a couple of times, and from then on, they had become good buddies.
When he was in prison, Samuel promised to lead him to make a fortune after he was released from the prison.
Coincidentally, he could use Samuel’s help to sell his Soul Sun Wine. Samuel was a big shot in Riverdale District after all, and he had investments in many properties.
With such thoughts in mind, Bradley soon arrived at the entrance of the Evergreen Clubhouse.
Evergreen Clubhouse was one of the most luxurious clubhouses in Riverdale District—it was a place where the people from the upper-class society spent money in.
Even the façade of the clubhouse was seen grandly and lavishly renovated, and the entrance was parked with luxurious vehicles.
Bradley’s shabby trishaw seemed out of place here.
“Brad.” A voice rang from behind.
He turned around and saw that it was Samuel waiting for him at the door. “Samuel.”
“Haha. My bro, I missed you so much.” Samuel looked buff and sturdy. Although he was rich, he was dressed in casual clothes, giving people the impression that he was a frank person. He gave Bradley a strong hug before uttering, “Come on, bro. Let’s go in. The few guys have gotten anxious waiting for you.”
“Sure.” After parking his trishaw, he carried his home-made bag and entered the Evergreen Clubhouse together with Samuel.
Soon, Samuel brought him to a grand private room.
Three people were seen sitting in the room.
One of them was a middle-aged man in smart suits, looking like someone of high status.
The other man, who was in black tunic suit, was playing with two walnuts in his hand.
The last person was a young man in a casual outfit.
Upon seeing Bradley, who was brought in by Samuel, all three of them were a little stunned.
“Haha, Harry, Henry, and Zack, I’ve brought my buddy here. This is the person I’ve mentioned to you guys, Bradley.” Samuel was delighted to introduce Bradley to the three people. He then pointed at the middle-aged man in a suit and introduced him to Bradley. “Brad, his name is Harry Carr, the president of the Pinnacle Real Estate. I’m sure that you’ve heard of him.”
Bradley stepped forward and held out his hand with a smile. “I see. Hello, President Carr. I’m Bradley Jackson.”
Out of respect for Samuel, Harry shook hands with Bradley, but his eyes revealed that he wasn’t taking Bradley seriously.
“Come here, Brad. This guy here is Henry Lawson. He is in the antique business, and he’s the third best among the entire antique industry in Riverdale District. Therefore, he is also known as Master Lawson,” Samuel pointed at the middle-aged man in a tunic suit and spoke.
“Hello, Master Lawson.” Bradley extended his hand to shake hands with Henry.
Lastly, Samuel pointed at the young man. “Brad, this guy here is Zack Walker. Let me tell you this—he may look like a low-profile person, but he has a great background. He is the son of one of the county committees.”
Now, even Bradley was shocked. After all, ever since the ancient times, no matter how rich one was, one could never compete with the officials. Power would always be greater than money!
“Hello.” Bradley smiled and held out his hand to Zack.
However, Zack didn’t hold his hand, but he darted a look at Bradley and said to Samuel, “Samuel, you previously adamantly said that this buddy of yours had great capabilities, but from what I see now, he seems quite ordinary!”

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