When Hit by a Stroke of “Luck”, Chapter 4

When Hit by a Stroke of “Luck”, Chapter 4

Outside of the front yard of the Jacksons’ house, many villagers gathered around as they gossipped among themselves.
“Gosh, what on earth has Craig done to deserve this? His son had been in prison for five years, and his daughter borrowed money from Patrick.”
“It’s 100,000! How could he possibly pay it back? Seems like he can only sell his daughter to him.”
Patrick was very pleased with himself, looking as if he had won everything with the agreement in his hands.
“Hmph! I advise you to let me take Emily away. Otherwise, I will sue you with this agreement!”
Upon hearing that, Craig, Janice, and Emily panicked.
However, Bradley said coldly, “The deadline on the agreement is on the day after tomorrow. I’ll pay you back by then.”
“Hahaha! You are going to pay me back? Bradley, you just came out of prison. What are you going to pay me with?” Patrick laughed so loudly, as if he had heard the greatest joke of the week.
Even the villagers standing at the front gate shook their heads as they chuckled. Obviously, they thought that Bradley was daydreaming.
It’s 100,000 after all!
“Tsk, tsk… Janice, how did you raise Emily? Why did she simply borrow money from others? You know what—your Emily really ought to learn from my Penny. Once she finds a rich boyfriend, she can have anything she wants.” At this moment, Julia came out of her house with some snacks in her hands again and showed off in front of Janice. “Janice, don’t blame me for being so crude and straightforward. Even though Emily is quite good-looking, based on your family situation, it’s considered good enough that she can marry Patrick, so—”
Before she could finish speaking, Bradley slapped her face immediately.
“Shut your mouth.”
She had completely crossed his bottom line.
Upon receiving that impact, Julia stumbled to the ground immediately with a handprint on her ash-white face.
Everyone was shocked to see that.
Bradley actually hit his elders. He’s so wild and uneducated!
“Aaah! You hit me! This spoiled brat from the Jackson Family hit me! You b*****d—if you don’t give me a proper explanation today, I’m not leaving! Sob…”
She sobbed loudly while sitting on the floor. On top of that, she was also cursing loudly, looking like an unreasonable hag.
“Bradley, you shouldn’t hit her. You are in the wrong here.”
“That’s right. This is too much! You are so ungrateful!”
The bunch of villagers looked righteous, but they were just trying to s**k up to Julia. After all, her children were leading good lives in the city.
Bradley slammed his fist on the marble table, which broke apart immediately.
A huge silence fell upon everyone as their eyes almost popped out.
Even Julia also stopped cursing and crying, for she was stunned by that attack.
Craig and Janice, too, were shocked to see that. Since when has our son become so powerful?
Bradley merely looked at everyone coldly and said harshly, “This is a warning from me—you’d better not offend me. I’ve already been in prison once, and I don’t mind going in there again.”
No one dared to utter a word.
If his fists had landed on us just now, it would’ve killed us!
They totally didn’t expect that his fists were so powerful.
“Get the hell out of here.”
Though Bradley’s voice was not loud, it sounded like rumbling thunders.
After all, poor places seldom produced good-natured people. Sometimes, it was pointless to reason with them—one had to resort to either money or violence.
“Fine! Bradley, just you wait! I shall see how you are going to return the 100,000 back! Hmph!”
After glancing at Bradley’s fists, Patrick snorted before turning around to leave.
After all, waiting for another day or two wouldn’t hurt him.
The Jackson Family is a bunch of useless fellows. It’s impossible for them to find 100,000 by the day after tomorrow. By that time, no matter how powerful Bradley’s fists are, they can’t possibly fight against the law.
Julia didn’t dare to throw her tantrums anymore. With her hand pressed on her cheek, she ran outside quickly. However, after that, she ran back to the front yard of the Jacksons’ house and yelled, “You b*stard! How dare you hit me! Just you wait—I will call my son to come back tomorrow to teach you a lesson!”
After Patrick and Julia left, the onlookers also went away. However, everyone couldn’t stop discussing the Jackson Family. Some said that they were quite pitiful, and some said they were doomed, while some even predicted that Bradley would go back to prison soon enough.

After Bradley closed the gate, he saw the entire family looking at him intently.
“Brad, did you learn martial arts in prison?” Janice couldn’t help asking.
Smiling, Bradley nodded as a silent approval.
“Sigh, so what if he’s good at fighting? We are a society that follows the law. His fists can’t help us much.” After Craig rubbed his snot away, he lit his old cigar and took a whiff. “If nothing works, I will sell my kidney tomorrow. No matter what, Emily can’t marry Patrick, that b*stard.”
“Who would want your old kidney?” Janice sneered in annoyance.
To them, owing someone 100,000 was equivalent to the end of the world!
Bradley smiled bitterly. “Dad, mom, I can get the amount of money on the day after tomorrow. Have you forgotten that I told you I’ve learned a lot from the traditional Chinese Medicine doctor? There are a few prescriptions that I could sell for some cash as soon as I can make them.”
“Brad, is that true?” Emily suddenly raised her head and looked at Bradley with her damp, wide eyes without blinking.
“Of course.”
Both Craig and Janice sighed heavily, obviously not believing in Bradley’s words.
What kind of prescription can sell up to 100,000?
Without any further explanation, Bradley only returned to his room after he managed to convince his parents and sister to rest for the day.
Seems like I have to go to the mountains to pick some wild herbs. If I can’t get them, I have to go to the herbs store to buy them.
Sitting cross-legged on the bed, Bradley began thinking hard.
The information in his brain had been constructed into many prescriptions. As long as he could make them, it would not be difficult to earn money.
In fact, when he was in prison, he already had plans to further his career in medicine once he was released.
His training, especially, needed the help of herbs. After all, at this era, the Spiritual Energy of Heaven and Earth was very scarce.
The pathway of training first began with Qi Introduction. Then, it would be Qi Refining, Foundational Training, Core Formation, Nascent Soul, Immortal Ascension, Cohesion, Mahayana and Overcoming Tribulations.
Right now, he was merely at the stage of Qi Introduction. Only after he had undergone Qi Refining would he be considered to have entered the Gateway of Training.
The higher his cultivation base, the more prescriptions he could make. On top of that, he could also draw talismans and make formations.
The herbs needed for training must cost a lot, so I must earn more money.
After thinking about it thoroughly, Bradley slowly closed his eyes and started his training.

The next morning, he got up early and had breakfast.
Breakfast was a bowl of plain porridge and some vegetables.
Craig and Janice looked worried since morning.
“Dad, mom, I’m taking a walk around the mountains.”
After Bradley put down his cutleries, he carried a bamboo basket behind his back and walked out of his front yard.
No matter if it’s for my family or for my training, I have to earn money quickly.
As he followed the trail on the mountain, he paid attention to the herbs around him.
There were many herbs there, but for Bradley, those that were of use were not plenty.
However, when he was halfway up the mountain, he suddenly heard a loud shriek.
After he turned around, he saw a woman laying on the ground to his right.

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