When Hit by a Stroke of “Luck”, Chapter 2

When Hit by a Stroke of “Luck”, Chapter 2
Upon hearing Robert’s words, Bradley frowned.
Janice was unhappy to hear that. “Dr. Dolton, is this how you speak to patients? So what if he’s been in prison? Not everyone in prison is bad.”
“That’s right!” Emily was also unhappy with Robert’s attitude.
“Please don’t be angry. I wasn’t targeting anyone with my speech. I was just speaking based on facts. Right now, it’s true that traditional Chinese Medicine is on the decline. On top of that, your son didn’t even check on his father’s leg, yet he claimed that there’s no need for amputation. This wrong conclusion is going to cost his life!” Robert argued.
“Traditional Chinese Medicine is all about observation. We don’t need so many fancy equipment like western medicine.” With that, Bradley handed the operation agreement back to Kate. “Dr. Nicholson, please arrange the discharge procedures for my father. Thank you.”
“You will only bring more harm to your father,” Kate said seriously. “There’s a crack in his femur that will cause his nerves to freeze up and his blood vessels to harden. His muscle will soon deteriorate as well. If we don’t perform an amputation in time, when the symptoms spread, he might be half-paralyzed. Do you understand?”
“That’s right. If you don’t want us to cure your dad, just tell us. But don’t challenge our medicinal knowledge,” Robert spoke unrelentingly.
“I’m telling you that I can cure my dad by myself,” Bradley’s face darkened as he uttered.
Robert snorted coldly, “Hah! Based on the traditional Chinese Medicine knowledge you learned in prison? If you can really cure him, I’ll quit immediately and refund all your father’s medical expenses in this hospital. Otherwise, you’d have to apologize to me in public.”
“Are you serious?”
The main reason for Robert taking on a bet with Bradley was just to show off how excellent he was in front of Kate.
As for the traditional Chinese Medicine Bradley claimed that he knew, Robert did not care about it at all. He’s just someone from the countryside who just got out of prison. He doesn’t even have the right to compete with me!
“Hmph! I didn’t want to embarrass you initially. But since you asked for it yourself, you can’t blame me later.” Bradley glared at Robert before turning around to talk to Craig. “Dad, I’ll cure you now. You will be able to walk in ten minutes, tops.”
“Brad, are you serious?”
Craig was excited to hear that. If his leg was really amputated, the rest of his life would be ruined. However, he found it hard to believe his son’s words that he would be able to walk again.
“T-Ten minutes?” Janice also looked at her son incredulously.
“Childish!” Kate glared at Bradley coldly. She wanted to see how he would cure him, and of course, she was also prepared to stop him if anything went wrong.
“Dad, mom, you guys should believe in Brad.” Emily had been quite dependent on Bradley, so she didn’t doubt his words at all.
“Alright, alright. Brad, please start.”
Craig thought, Well, if he can’t cure me, I can also continue with the amputation. There’s nothing to lose here.
Then, Bradley started his treatment for his father.
At that moment, many people stood around the door of the ward as they discussed among themselves.
In front of everyone, Bradley pressed both his hands on Craig’s legs. He kneaded, pinched, and knocked on it, looking quite experienced at doing so.
Meanwhile, Robert was still sneering as he thought Bradley was just acting it out.
However, Kate silently exclaimed internally as she could see through Bradley’s special techniques.
Halfway through the treatment, Craig suddenly exclaimed loudly, “Huh? Brad, I-I can feel my legs now!”
“Mom, did you hear that? Dad can feel his legs again!” Emily grabbed Janice’s hands happily.
Meanwhile, Janice also nodded excitedly with a hopeful look in her eyes.
Bradley smiled and continued his actions. His way of massaging had helped many people in prison.
Using this massaging technique, he helped his father to relax his nerves and blood vessels. Then, he used his Qi to heal the shrunken muscles and the crack in his bones.
Ten minutes later…
“Phew! It’s done! Dad, try getting out of the bed and walk!”
With that, Bradley wiped the sweat from his forehead. After all, such a way of massaging would use up a lot of his energy as he would have to press on each acupoint and nerve precisely. On top of that, he would have to use a lot of Qi, so it would still exhaust a lot of his energy.
Of course, it was mainly because he was still at the Qi Introduction Stage. He had not entered the Gateway of Training yet.
At this moment, in front of everyone, Craig placed his legs on the ground and slowly stood up.
“Mom, dad is standing up now! He can stand now!” Emily was so elated that she almost jumped out of bed.
“This is great! This is great!” Tears of joy streaked down Janice’s cheeks.
“Oh, my! That guy has got some magic medicinal skills!”
“Initially, his leg had to be amputated, but he can actually stand up now! It’s a miracle!”
Everyone at the door of the ward was shocked and amazed to see this.
On the other hand, Kate looked at Craig, who had taken a few steps, before she looked at Bradley with an excited expression on her face.
When she looked at Bradley, especially, it was as if she was looking at a precious item.
“Hahah! Brad, my good son, this is amazing! You are incredible!”
The more steps Craig took, the more excited he became. He gave a thumbs up to his son as he let out a hearty laugh.
“No! No! This is impossible!”
With an ugly expression on his pale face, Robert was shocked beyond belief.
“Dr. Dolton, what did you say you’d do if my son could cure his father?”
Janice glanced at Robert. She had been holding her anger in when he was laughing at her son just now.
“Mom, Dr. Dolton said that he would resign and also return dad’s hospitalization fees to us entirely,” Emily spoke with a bright flicker in her eyes.
“How much would that be?” Bradley asked.
“Around 50,000.” Kate walked to Bradley with a bright smile on her face, as if she was a child who wanted to show off in front of her parents. “I’ll ask someone to calculate the exact amount later.”
“Alright. Thanks, Dr. Nicholson. By the way, please continue with the paperwork for my father to be discharged.” Actually, Bradley felt uncomfortable upon seeing the way Kate looked at him with a twinkle in her eyes.
“No problem.” She agreed immediately.
Meanwhile, Robert sank to the ground with an expression of despair on his face. However, when he looked at Bradley, his eyes were full of loathing.

Kate was quite efficient indeed. In no time, she had calculated all the hospitalization fees for Craig—it was 53,000 in total.
On top of that, she had also finished the discharge paperwork.
Holding his father, Bradley walked outside with his mother and sister.
Just as the family was about to get onto the old trishaw, Kate ran out to them.
“Bradley.” After running to him, she glanced at the old trishaw he was on in a slightly awkward fashion. However, she still smiled at him. “Are you interested in working for our hospital? Our pay is quite high.”
To her, since Bradley came from the countryside, he couldn’t be that well off. On top of that, he had just come out from prison. Hence, logically speaking, he wouldn’t reject her offer of working at the district hospital with a high salary.
However, he said flatly, “I’m sorry. It’s not in my current plans. Thank you.”
With that, he cycled away on the trishaw, leaving Kate dumbfounded on the spot.
After being stunned for a while, she stomped her feet and pouted while mumbling, “What an irritating fellow!”
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