When Hit by a Stroke of Luck, Chapter 17

When Hit by a Stroke of “Luck“, Chapter 17

At that moment, Paul and Captain Lawrence were hoping the ground would open up and swallow them as it was their first time being shamed in front of all the villagers
The villagers became excited as they started to whisper among themselves about what had happened, giving all kinds of comments.
Boston Layman, who came from the same neighborhood as Bradley, started to brag. “I’ve told you Bradley is no ordinary guy-even big shots like Henry and Samuel have to treat him with respect.”
“Exactly! Julia and her family were so mean. They accused Bradley unreasonably just because their son made a small fortune, and now their son is being treated like a dog by his boss.”
Paul wanted to refute the accusations yet he had no choice but to quietly sneak away upon seeing the furious glare from the villagers.
Patrick, who had come along to be a spectator of the scene, angrily left as he witnessed Bradley’s victory. Mrs. Parlor, who stayed in the same neighborhood as Bradley, approached Emily and said sweetly, “Emily, your brother is amazing. Paul is nothing but a b*stard!”
“Of course! My brother is obviously a good guy; he must have a certain level of credibility and ability to be able to associate with those big shots,” Emily beamed as she remarked proudly before dragging Kate away from the police station.
Meanwhile, Bradley followed Zack as they drove toward the northern suburbs of Riverdale District. Soon, the branded sedan arrived at the entrance of a European style bungalow.
Upon reaching, Zack spoke up, “Brad, this is my cousin’s house. She is a little bit of a weirdo, so please don’t be spooked when you see her later.”
Bradley nodded as he observed the surroundings of the bungalow and could not help but be amazed by the exquisite and perfect design of the building. Walking into the main hall, the two were greeted by the sight of a woman with a good figure and refined make up sitting on the sofa, switching back and forth between TV channels.
Upon seeing their arrival, she put down the remote control and walked toward Zack. “Hey Zack, your dad just told me that you were coming over and here you are.”
Chapter 17
Zack smiled as he introduced them to cach other. Brad, this is Yasmine lumer ty
Then, he turned to Yasmine and said, “Yasmine, meet my friend, Bradley ! specifically invited him over to treat your illness.”
“Nice to meet you, Ms. Turner!”
Bradley reached out to shake her hand, but Yasmine did not even look at him, much less shake his hand. He awkwardly put down his hand and smiled at her. “Ms. Turner, I heard that you are not feeling well and so I’ve come to offer a consultation.”
“I’m totally fine; I merely hate guys like you. Please leave at once after my cousin and I are done chatting.” Yasmine responded to Bradley in a lukewarm manner, not wanting to accept his offer at all.
Bradley remained silent as he focused his eyes on her. Then and there, he could tell that this woman suffered a syndrome which caused her to despise men, and that explained the cold reaction from her. He dragged Zack aside and asked, “Has your cousin been hurt badly in a relationship before?”
Zack stared at him in disbelief as he blurted, “How did you know? She has indeed been in a relationship before, and she’s never had a second one ever since that guy cheated on her.”
“Looks like my guess was right! Later on, you may leave first and I’ll stay on to treat her illness,” Bradley said with great confidence.
Panic-stricken, Zack asked worriedly, “Brad, have you thought of a way to treat her? Is it going to work?”
Bradley laughed as he reassured, “Don’t worry! I promise you’ll see a totally different person tomorrow.”
Though Zack was not completely convinced, he still took his leave upon seeing the confident look on Bradley’s face. As he was about to leave, he gave 100,000 to Bradley before approaching Yasmine and said, “Yasmine, my dad has always been worried about your sickness. Please be cooperative and receive Bradley’s treatment.”
Yasmine nodded as she brushed her cousin off. Nevertheless, she completely ignored Bradley thereafter. She gave him the cold shoulder and went upstairs after Zack had
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Chapter 17
left, not wanting to have any communication with him.
Bradley quickly caught up to her and made a suggestion. “Ms. Turner, please allow me to check your pulse. I might be able to diagnose the root of your illness.”
Yasmine turned to Bradley and glared at him disgustedly. “And what if I refuse?”
“Then I’ll have no choice but to give your uncle a call. As you already know, your family’s business has been oppressed by many other parties ever since you fell sick. Would you rather be a coward for your whole life?” Bradley chose an aggressive approach and tried to threaten her in a subtle way–he knew for women with this illness, their hatred toward men would gradually subside as long as they were physically touched by men.
“The business issues are trivial; I just hope that you will not make additional comments in front of my uncle.” Upon saying that, Yasmine lay down on the sofa and stretched her hand toward Bradley.
Bradley reached out to Yasmine’s snow-white hand and gently stroked it before he started to check her pulse. “Ms. Turner, your body is functioning well according to my observation. I’ll need to give you a full body massage so I hope you can cooperate with me.”
Yasmine became impatient upon hearing the request. “I’ve told you I’m totally fine. Why bother?”
Bradley pretended to be professional and said, “This body massage does not only dredge your meridian, it also has detoxification and beautification effects. Not to mention it helps regulate the body temperature.”
Yasmine snorted in disagreement as she heard his explanation. “Hmph! What a lousy doctor my cousin has employed.”
“Ms. Turner, you can doubt my skills but you shouldn’t let your uncle down.”
Upon hearing those words, Yasmine stopped arguing. She took off her jacket and obediently lay on the sofa. Looking at the beautiful figure, Bradley’s face became flushed and hot. His calloused hand slowly reached out to her smooth skin, and the both of them were shocked by his touch, as though being electrocuted.
Yasmine had never been touched by a man before-her cheeks were flushed and her
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Chapter 17
whole body felt uneasy. “Uh… please stop. I’m not used to this,” Yasmine murmured.
Nevertheless, Bradley gently touched her skin and used his strength to massage her. After all, the best way to dispel her hatred toward men was to make this woman realize that men were not despicable, but could actually bring her warmth.
“Ms. Turner, wouldn’t you like to have a taste of the pleasures of life?” Bradley asked in a charming voice. Upon saying that, he looked into the woman’s eyes and started to hypnotize her.
Instantly, Yasmine went into a lethargic state. A moment later, the tension in her expression was eased and her body let down its guard too.
When Hit by a Stroke of “Luck”

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