When Hit by a Stroke of “Luck”, Chapter 16 

When Hit by a Stroke of “Luck”, Chapter 16 

Captain Lawrence weighed the packet in his hand and chuckled. “Bro, I understand what you mean Rest assured, we’ll use the dirtiest trick to deal with the thug
Paul laughed and asked, “Dave, how will you settle with that fellow?”
“Till teach him a lesson since he loves showing off. Let’s see if his arrogance would be overpowered by my violence.”
An evil smile worked its way across Captain Lawrence’s face as he walked toward the interrogation room.
Beep! Beep! Beep! At that moment, Bradley’s phone rang just as he was pondering if he should make a call to Henry and the others. He was glad that the policemen did not know he had a phone with him and had not frisked him. He quickly took out his phone and answered the call.
Samuel’s anxious voice came across the line. “Brad, are you here yet? Zack and Henry are here and we’ve been waiting for some time.”
“There are some issues to be settled at my end,” Bradley murmured. “I’m now at Riverdale District’s police station and I’m afraid I won’t be able to come over so soon.”
“Did you run into trouble? We’ll come get you now!” With that, Samuel hung up.
Just then, Captain Lawrence walked into the interrogation room. Upon seeing Bradley holding the phone, he mocked wickedly, “Bradley Jackson, I can’t believe that a poor farmer like you can afford a branded phone. No one would be convinced that you’re not a thief.” He raised his voice and continued, “You’d better admit your wrongdoings before I resort to torture.”
Bradley laughed as he disregarded the threat. “Captain Lawrence, is there a rule which states that a farmer is not allowed to use branded stuff? Also, how can you affirm that I stole the 100,000?”
Captain Lawrence was stumped by these questions and rendered speechless. Pulling out his belt from around his waist, he lashed it at Bradley and growled, “I shall not show any mercy since you’re being such an obstinate brat.”
Chapter 16
Bradley reached out and caught the belt accurately. Using the barest energy he tugged at the belt, causing Captain Lawrence to lose his balance and stumble onto the ground. Upon tipping, Captain Lawrence was even more furious. Immediately, he Teached toward a stun baton beside him and was ready to strike Bradley
However, Bradley only chuckled coldly. “Captain Lawrence, I honor you as a policeman. You should, however, keep your hands off me or I shall not show you any more respect.”
“We’ll see how disrespectful you’ll be!” Captain Lawrence snarled as he waved the baton toward Bradley.
Bradley swiftly dodged and the stun baton hit the table hard, causing Captain Lawrence’s hands to become numb from the shock and the baton to fall to the ground
Bradley smirked and scoffed at him, “As a civil servant, how can you lay your hands on a citizen? I think this lesson is too light for you.”
Upon hearing that, Captain Lawrence blew a gasket. He grasped the chair and was about to smash Bradley on the head.
“Stop right there!”
A cold and dark voice came from outside the interrogation room. Bang! Following that, the door was flung open by a powerful kick.
Samuel, Henry and Zack appeared at the entrance of the room as they glared coldly at Captain Lawrence, who was holding the chair in his hand. Samuel went to Bradley and asked anxiously, “Brad, why did you not mention my name? Why bother fighting the lot of them?”
“President Newton, why are you here?” Captain Lawrence was seized by panic.
Bradley coolly laid his hand on Samuel’s shoulder. “I’ve mentioned your name but Captain Lawrence insisted that he doesn’t know you. You’d better explain to him where my money came from.” Upon saying that, Bradley propped one foot on the table as he wore a relaxed expression.
By that time, Captain Lawrence was scared out of his wits. Smiling apologetically at Samuel, he said, “President Newton, I genuinely did not know that this man is a
Chapter 16
friend of yours- I was blinded
Zack walked to him and spoke, “You’re indeed blind. Seems like you’ve come to the end of your career as a team leader, you’d better be prepared to pack vour things?” Upon saying that, he approached Bradley and said, “Brad, you must have been frightened. Let’s go! We’ll leave this scoundrel to Mr. Felix.”
The few of them escorted Bradley out and left the police station. Meanwhile, the villagers who were gathered outside were astonished upon seeing this scene. Samuel, Henry and Zack were already well known and notorious as they were frequently featured on television.
At that moment, Paul was startled too. He caught up to Samuel goofily and pleaded, “President Newton, I genuinely did not know that Brad is a friend of yours. Please have mercy and forgive me!” He then turned to Bradley and begged, “Brad, you have to help me out. After all, we are living in the same neighborhood.”
Bradley, however, glared at Paul haughtily. “Neighbor? I’m just a country bumpkin and dare not to claim ties with you. Look at the difference in our outfits; we’re obviously from different social classes.”
Right then, Samuel growled furiously, “Secretary Hudson, you don’t have to report to work from tomorrow onward. Go claim your salary from the finance department and get out!”
At that moment, Bradley looked extremely outstanding as he stood among the big shots, his ragged clothes seemingly as cool as those tailor-made suits.
On the other hand, Captain Lawrence and Paul were not only greatly humiliated in front of the crowd, it cost them their job too. Emily and Kate happily ran up to Bradley and exclaimed, “Brad, I was so frightened just now! I hope that fierce man Captain Lawrence did not bully you.”
“He wanted to, but didn’t have the guts to do so,” Bradley answered confidently before Kate asked, “Bradley, you must be hungry after all the hassle. Why don’t I buy some breakfast for you?”
She was stunned that Bradley knew all these big shots-never in her wildest dreams had she thought that Bradley would be so awesome. However, he turned around and rejected her offer. “Dr. Nicholson, please stop pestering me. I’ll never take you as my disciple so please leave!”
503:05 PM
Chapter 16
“Brad, how can you say that? Dr. Nicholson was just being kind. Moreover–”
“What do you know, you silly girl? Go home and accompany Dad and Mom. I’m going to the county town to run some errands.” Of course, Bradley knew what his sister was about to say, so he interrupted her before she could finish her sentence.
“I’m not a silly little girl anymore. I hate you, Brad!” Emily complained reluctantly as Bradley walked away, leaving her behind.

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