when hit by a stroke of luck, Chapter 118

when hit by a stroke of luck, Chapter 118

Jennifer recognized him as soon as he turned around, but she regarded him with disdain, “Why are you here?”
However, Bradley could hardly recall who she was and where he had met her despite the large, bcautiful eyes of hers. With a smile, he asked, “Do you know me? We are fated to meet if that is the case, so let’s talk about the plot of land.”
Jennifer let out a scoff before speaking, “A heartless man like you have no right to speak to me, nor are you a fitting candidate to start a negotiation regarding the plot of land.” All the while she had been thinking about how that man in tattered clothes who hailed from the countryside managed to prompt his own wife into committing suicide. That was enough to convince her to shun him.
Bradley wore a look of discontent as soon as he heard what she said. “Missy, you’d better watch what you say. How dare you accuse me of being a heartless man even though we just met? Don’t tell me you can read minds?”
With narrowed eyes, Jennifer opened up after glancing at Lyra, who was standing some distance away. “I don’t think a man who is having an affair while leaving his wife for dead will be able to achieve anything great anyway.”
With that, Jennifer turned to leave, only to hear Lyra calling out to her from behind, “Miss Mitchell, Bradley and I are friends, so please do not misunderstand us. While both of us came to
check on the land, your willingness to negotiate will be required in order to start a collaboration.”
Jennifer observed Lyra with a look of indifference. “Oh? Do you even know how much dispute revolves around this land? All you know is how much the land is worth, but what you know not is how many people are after it.” There was an air of austerity about her when she spoke, while her presence was hard to ignore. However, she was never popular with men due to her tough personality.
Taking a few steps toward her, Bradley said, “Miss Mitchell, how could I not know about the things that I am interested in? While Angelo is after this plot of land, I can guarantee that things will go smoothly if your father is willing to work with me.” The sole reason he said so was to earn her trust, but he wasn’t actually sure if he would be able to take on Angelo. However, they would have a higher success rate if they worked against Angelo together. That was the reason collaboration was needed in the field of business.
A smile tugged on the corner of Jennifer’s lips as soon as she heard his reasoning. “Hmph! You sure sound confident, but I have no say in this. You’ll have to talk to my father.” After having said so, she got into her sports car before driving off swiftly without paying them any more attention. While driving, she thought in disdain, He can dream all he wants, but I will never work with a man in tattered clothes who would leave his wife alone in the hospital.
Meanwhile, Ethan Mitchell was savoring his tea in front of the windows of a European mansion
that was located in a high-end residential area in Riverdale district. While walking up to him with her cup of tea, Jennifer asked, “Dad, do you have something in mind? Are you thinking about the
Chapter 118
plot of land in the western suburbs?”
Ethan let out a sigh before saying, “Jennifer, do you know why the Sharps are holding so tightly onto that piccc of land?”
With a shake of her head, Jennifer replied, “While I don’t know the exact reason, I do know that it’s worth a lot, so much so that even hillbillies are l*****g after it.”
Sighing again, Ethan explained, “It’s because that land can be developed into a tourist attraction. A large investment will be required to turn it into an attraction, so Angelo is trying to provide his daughter with a second option.”
Jennifer seemed discontent as she said, “Dad, even if the Sharps are to hold onto the land for eternity, nothing will come of it if my brother doesn’t fancy Megan.”
With a sigh, Ethan said, “Megan is a nice girl, but Angelo sure is a greedy man.”
It was then that Jennifer made a request, saying, “Dad, I don’t want any dispute arising because of that land because John is still receiving treatment abroad.”
Ethan nodded in silence, as he cared about how his son felt. While the others could use the land as a bargaining chip to threaten their opponents, he couldn’t do that. After taking a sip from her tea, Jennifer spoke up, “Dad, I saw something interesting when I went to check on the land today.”
“What is it that caught your attention?” Ethan sounded curious.
“A peasant seemed to have set sights on the land. I bet he couldn’t buy off a rock even if he sold all of his belongings.” There was a look of disdain in her eyes, while recollections of Bradley’s shaggy appearance made her laugh.
“A peasant?” Ethan repeated her words before starting to brood on the subject. After spending most of his life in the field of business, he knew that the world was full of wonders, so the peasant her daughter spoke of must’ve been someone extraordinary. Therefore, he spoke up, “Jennifer, hadn’t I told you to never judge a book by it’s cover? You must’ve deduced his status by observing his physical appearance.”
However, Jennifer retorted, “Dad, he is a peasant whose wife was hospitalized in our hospital! She tried to commit suicide as he had an affair!”
Ethan said nothing upon hearing her remarks, as he trusted that Jennifer knew the peasant well enough to make such a judgement, so he decided not to get his hopes up. While he needed a collaborator to work together on toppling Angelo, he needed someone reliable.
Upon giving the situation some thought, Jennifer spoke up once again, “The odd thing is, he had a girl who seemed to hail from a rich family beside him. She, on the other hand, was well mannered and dressed decently.”
A frown formed on Ethan’s face as soon as he heard that. “Tomorrow, I will handle all the rounds in the hospital. I need to meet this peasant you speak of.” Despite not knowing what her father was up to, Jennifer nodded in acquiescence.
Chapter 118
The next morning, Bradley was napping beside Leah’s bed when the door to the ward was opened abruptly as Ethan approached him with a stethoscope in hand. “Good morning! I am here to check on the patient. Are you a member of her family?”
Bradley gave him a nod before replying, “I am. May I know when she will be able to regain consciousness? I would like you to administer the best treatment and medication available.”
After doing some quick checkups on Leah, Ethan said, “Due to the patient having been distraught before her suicide attempt, I can’t give you a definitive reply. She might also very well suffer from amnesia even if she did regain consciousness.”
Ethan’s response startled Bradley, as he didn’t expect the situation to be that severe.

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