when hit by a stroke of luck, Chapter 117

when hit by a stroke of luck, Chapter 117

Charlie told Bradley nervously, “Bradley, L-Leah just suddenly cut herself. I don’t know why she did it.”
“Send her to the hospital, quick.” Bradley quickly took her from Charlie and jumped into the car. The driver floored the accelerator, and they quickly arrived at the hospital. Bradley held her in his arms as he rushed inside. “Someone save her, quick!”
His shouts alerted the medical staff, and they quickly put Leah on a gurney before sending her off into the operating room. Charlie plopped down on the bench, looking horrified. “Why did she do that? Has she ever thought of how I would feel? At least talk to me.”
“Mr. Griffith, what happened to Leah?” Bradley asked. “Why did she suddenly cut herself?”
Charlie sighed. “I don’t know. When I came back and didn’t see her having dinner, I went up to her room, and then I saw her in a pool of blood.”
She wouldn’t do this for no reason. It’s probably related to her ex-husband. He tried to calm Charlie down, “Don’t worry, Mr. Griffith. She’ll probably be fine. You can ask her about it after she wakes up.”
Just then, the operating room’s door yawned open, and out came a doctor in a white coat. “Which one of you is the patient’s family?”
Before Charlie could do anything, Bradley had already gone up to him. “I am! Is Leah fine?”
“She needs to be transferred to the emergency room right away because of excessive blood loss. Please sign on this agreement.” The doctor handed Bradley a pen and an agreement, then Bradley signed his name without hesitation.
The nurse who stood beside the doctor commented, “All you men are the same. You’re only worried when your wife kills herself.”
Bradley didn’t know how he should tell the nurse Leah wasn’t his wife, so he stood there in awkward silence.
After a few hours, Leah was finally saved from the verge of death, but she was still unconscious. It wasn’t until the next morning did she come out of the emergency room, her face sunken, her arm connected to a blood bag. Bradley sat in front of her bed quietly, guarding her. What did Greg do to her? Why did she suddenly cut herself?
It was then someone opened the door, and in came a group of nurses led by a beautiful woman. She performed a checkup on Leah and told the nurse, “How’s the wound? Bandaged cleanly? Remember to change it and reapply the salve in regular intervals. And also keep up the blood transfusion. The patient’s pale from excessive loss of blood.”
Chapter 117
The two nurses beside her nodded and wrote down Leah’s condition in their notebooks.
Bradley stood up. “When will she wake up, nurse?”
The beautiful nurse looked back at him. “And why would you want to know? She cut herself because she’s disappointed in you. Even if she wakes up, she would have given up on you. You men are the same, only appreciating the things you have when you lose them.” She then left with her colleagues, not even turning back to look.
Bradley didn’t like what she said, but he thought there was no need to explain. All he did was glare at her. Her looks are all she’s got going for her. Maybe her teeth are ugly, or maybe she has bad breath. If she has nothing good to say, maybe she should shut up.
When Charlie came into the ward and saw Bradley sitting in front of his daughter, he said, “Why don’t you go back and rest, Bradley? You’ve been staying up the whole night. I’ll be here, so it’s fine.”
Since he had to survey the plot of land at the west end, he said goodbye. “I’ll come back to visit later.” He then left the hospital and called Jonas.
However, it was Lyra who took it. “You’re early, Bradley. What do you need?”
Bradley was surprised to hear her voice. “I want to talk to Jonas about the west end’s plot of land. Is he in?”
“He’s in an emergency conference today, and he forgot to bring his phone. But he told me about that plot of land before. Why don’t I pick you up, and we can go together?”
“Sure,” Bradley replied. “I’m waiting at Riverdale Hospital.” And then he ended the call.
Less than twenty minutes later, a white Lamborghini stopped before him.
Lyra rolled the window down. “Hop in. I’ll tell you about that plot of land’s details on the way.”
Lyra quickly drove away after Bradley got in. As she drove, she explained, “Originally, that land. belongs to Ethan Mitchell, Riverdale Hospital’s director. After they moved to this new spot, Riverdale’s mayor, Angelo Sharp, took over it by force.”
“So there’s a big dispute over this land. Hmm, it might be hard to settle, then,” Bradley said.
Lyra replied, “I’m going with you today to see if the land has any practical value. If it’s worth it, I think we can give it a shot.”
Amidst their exchange, they eventually arrived at the land in the west end. Getting out of the car, Bradley looked around and surveyed the place. The land was surrounded by mountains, and there was a gigantic fish pond in the middle. This was the perfect place to e***t a farmhouse resort, for the city folk loved nature’s embrace.
Still, he frowned. “This land’s really practical, but the dispute is going to be hard to handle. Keep this between us, and just go with the flow for now.”||
Chapter 117
“Jonas told me you want to build a factory here, but I think it’s a waste,” Lyra said.
“I changed my mind. I think this is a good place to build a resort. We can build a fishing place on the mountains and a farmhouse resort around there.” He pointed at the place beside where he wanted the fishing place to be.
“Not a bad idea, but you’ll never own the land because it belongs to us, the Mitchells,” a cold, dark voice replied from behind. When he looked back to trace the source, he was greeted by a beautiful woman, her features immaculate. Ah, from the way she speaks, she must be Jennifer Mitchell.

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