when hit by a stroke of luck, Chapter 116

when hit by a stroke of luck, Chapter 116

Al this momcul, cveryone was curious about Bradley’s real identity, but they hated him too, for he was the reason the gathicring was ruined. Bobby, especially, wanted to tear him to shreds.
After Bradley exited the nightclub, he went to Evergreen Clubhouse with Henry and Samuel
Samuel commented, “I did not expect Leslie to have a son so boorish.”
Henry took out his cigarettes and handed one to Bradley. “Well, you know what they say. The father toils, the son squanders, and the grandson topples.”
Bradley nodded. “True, and that’s why education is crucial no matter who you are.”
Samuel asked, “How are the reishi mushrooms looking, Bradley? I have a rich client here who’s interested in it. How about I take you to them tomorrow?”
Bradley replied, “They’re growing well, and the ginseng, too. If we have a big client, it’s going to make us some serious money.” He took out a few boxes of Soul Sun Pill and put them on the coffee table. “These pills have ginseng added into them, and they work ten times as effectively as their normal counterpart. Consider these a gift.”
Henry quipped, “Does this include that kind of effect? Scary if true, man. Ain’t good news if you’re too good in that department.”
Samuel teased, “Is your wife complaining? But it’s not like you’re monogamous, so just have as many as you want.”
Henry’s face fell. “True, but we’re businessmen first. If we get h***y every time we see a woman, it’s going to be embarrassing.”
Listening to their banter, Bradley smiled. “The effects might have increased with the addition of reishi, and it helps with the kidneys the most, so you’re just going to get stronger no matter what.”
As soon as he heard him, Henry swiped three boxes off the table, leaving only two for Samuel.
Once again, Samuel teased, “You take the biggest share every time Bradley gives us his products, and you’re saying you don’t want to be h***y?”
Henry kept the pills in his bag. “This is some good stuff, so of course I’m taking as much as I can. If you want more, ask from Bradley. He makes these stuff, after all.”
Bradley smiled. “These aren’t available in the market yet, guys. They’re new products, and I’d appreciate it if you guys would market it if you think it’s good.”
Samuel promised, “This is a booming business. Also, I’ve contacted clients who are interested in the beauty jade and longevity jade. I’m sure you’re going to make tons of money this time. You’ll meet them tomorrow night.”
Chapter 116
Bradley was overjoyed. “Thanks, Mr. Newton. You and Henry have helped me a lot since I got relcascd, but if it’s finc, I hope you can help me one more time.”
Henry thumped his chest. “Tell me what you need, buddy. I’ll do it if I can.”
Bradley thought about it for a moment. “I plan to open a restaurant in Riverdale that focuses on village cuisine. Trying to bring the village into the city, you see.”
Samuel gave him a thumbs up. “Good idea, Bradley. I’ve been thinking about it for a while, but I have a lot of work to do. If you want to explore the world of restaurants, I’ll keep an eye out for
“Riverdale’s west end is a good place for a farmhouse resort. It’s slowly being developed now, so I think it has potential,” Henry chimed in.
Bradley smiled. “To tell you the truth, I’m actually planning on purchasing that plot of land, Henry. Do you know who’s the owner?”
Henry contemplated for a while. “I think it’s the mayor of Riverdale, Angelo Sharp, but I’m not sure about the details.”
“If that’s the case, then not many people can afford that piece of land. It boils down to luck, I guess,” Bradley replied.
Samuel shook his head. “That’s not necessarily true. Angelo might own that land, but someone else is also involved-Ethan Mitchell, the head of Riverdale Hospital.”
At this, Bradley frowned. “Can you look into their backgrounds? I want to work on this ASAP.”
Henry nodded. “In fact, I have their info right here. I’ve been interested in that plot of land for a while now.”
Bradley was delighted. “What a coincidence. I won’t forget about you two if this purchase is successful.”
Samuel replied nonchalantly, “Yeah, I know you won’t, but what I really want is more Soul Sun Pills. Bring a couple more boxes next time.”
Nodding, Henry agreed, “Great idea. Great minds think alike, eh?”
They were obviously addicted to the pills, but who could blame them? At their age, it was normal for them to slow down in performance.
Coming out from the clubhouse with the files in hand, Bradley stayed the night in a hotel in the city center. After looking into the files concerning Ethan and Angelo, it was stated that Angelo had two daughters besides being a shrewd and also cunning man.
On the other hand, Ethan had a son and a daughter. His daughter was called Jennifer, the head nurse of Riverdale Hospital, a sweet and beautiful girl. The files said that he was a capable but kind person. He was now the director of Riverdale Hospital.
Chapter 116
After reading the files, Bradley thought about how he should approach them. Since they were involved, money was not the only issue here if he wanted that land. Besides, since the Sharps and Mitchells were in a tug of war here, it was hard to say if their conflict could be resolved by money alone.
Ring, ring, ring
At this moment, his phone started ringing, and upon pulling out his phone, he saw the call was from Leah.
When he took the call, it was Charlie who spoke, and rather nervously, he said, “Bradley, L-Leah committed suicide! I need you here, quick!”
Immediately, Bradley jumped out of bed and wore his clothes before running out of the hotel. When he arrived at the Griffith Residence, there was already a crowd around it. He pushed his way through the throng and went inside, only to be greeted by Charlie holding Leah, who was bleeding from her wrist.

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