when hit by a stroke of luck, Chapter 115

when hit by a stroke of luck, Chapter 115

Bradley stopped drinking for a moment. “Just look beside you, Mr. Puth. He’s right there.”
Bobby tried to leave with Maisy the moment his father came in, thinking he could scurry away unnoticed
However, his attempt did not escape his father, who was shocked to see his son being the person to cross Bradley. In an instant, he shouted, “Come here, you brat! I take my eyes off you for two seconds, and you get yourself into trouble. Apologize to Mr. Jackson right now!”
Everyone in the room was dumbfounded, including Kyle and Yvonne. Their eyes were fixed on Bradley and Leslie as they tried to guess who Bradley really was.
Then Yvonne realized something scary. Leslie’s a powerful man in Riverdale. If even he’s this polite toward Bradley, then who really is Bradley? She couldn’t figure out why this pauper could make all these bigshots listen to him.
Bobby paused for a moment, then he looked at his father. “Dad, I’m just here for a gathering. I didn’t know he’s your friend.” He pointed at Bradley with scorn. Even though Bobby was all smiles on the outside, he was enraged deep within.
Bradley put his glass on the coffee table. “Mr. Puth, I thought you’re a man with morals and kindness. That’s why you’re an agent, but it seems I am mistaken.”
All at once, Leslie’s face fell, and he roared at his son, “Apologize to Mr. Jackson right now! And stop hanging out with scum! You’ll get into trouble sooner or later!” He glared angrily at Maisy, who was in his son’s arms.
Bobby was puzzled. Dad’s always been the boss around here, but why is he listening to this bumpkin? When he noticed Maisy’s questioning look and his classmates’ mocking expressions, he flew into a rage. “Dad! How could you yell at me? I’m your son! H-He’s just a bumpkin!”
At his words, Leslie almost had a heart attack. He then went up and gave his son a tight slap. “You brat! I, too, was a bumpkin ten years ago!”
As the sound of the slap fell, Bobby winced and covered a hand over his face. “You might’ve been a bumpkin, but I’m not. Why should I apologize to him?!” He tried to leave with Maisy, thinking it would be embarrassing if he said sorry to Bradley in front of everyone.
Bradley sneered. “You’ve failed to educate your son, Mr. Puth. Why don’t I take care of this for you?” Subsequently, he called a few other people, and within twenty minutes, the whole room was surrounded.
Aside from bigshots like Henry and Samuel, there were also bodyguards from Royal Light Casino. At the sight of them, Leslie’s legs almost turned to jelly. Henry alone was already terrifying enough, but the involvement of Royal Light Casino scared him out of his wits. Terror
Chapter 115
stricken, he quickly pulled Bobby and kicked his legs. “Kneel! And apologize to Mr. Jackson this instant!”
His father’s forceful behavior took him by surprise, and by the time he realized what was happening, Bobby was already kneeling before Bradley. As he looked up at the bodyguards and the bosses of Riverdale, all his pride and arrogance were swept away.
He immediately apologized, “Mr. Jackson, I have been rude to you, and I apologize for my behavior. Please have mercy on me.” His apology was insincere, for what he truly wanted was to hire some goons to kill Bradley. However, that was not to be, for the bigshots here would kill him if he even showed an ounce of hostility.
Leslie was horrified as he begged, “Mr. Jackson, I hope you’ll let what this brat did slide. This won’t hurt our partnership, I hope?”
He’d have to sacrifice his son’s dignity if he wanted to keep the selling rights for Soul Sun Pill. Dignity was nothing for businessmen like him-profit was. He could elevate himself to a higher status with money in the future, but if he lost this chance now, it might not come again.
Bradley put his hands in his pockets as he slowly got up. “Mr. Puth, education is imperative for any family. I’m just trying to say you have a lot to improve. Don’t worry, though. This won’t affect our partnership at all.” Bradley only wanted to teach Bobby a lesson, not making a mountain out of a molehill. After all, having a friend in business was better than having an enemy.
Henry came over and patted him on his shoulder. “You alright, buddy? I told you to spend some time on personal grooming. You can’t let these twerps scoff at you when you’re a big boss now.”
Bradley only smiled. “Henry, I want relationships to be built on trust, not suits. That’s not how I judge someone.” After saying that, he went ahead, but before he did, he left a message, saying, “Never judge a book by its cover, or you’ll lose more than just money.” Then, he left the room with Kyle, Phoebe, and West, his tattered shirt incongruous to the vibe he was radiating.
Everyone in the room was shocked, not knowing what to say about Bradley after the show he put on, and what a show it was.
Henry looked at Bobby darkly. “Mr. Puth, I don’t want to hear any news about you making a ruckus in my town, or you’re getting it.”
He then quickly left along with Bradley, and Leslie heaved a sigh of relief. Then he sat down on the sofa, at a loss for words. Knowing he had crossed people he shouldn’t, Bobby said goodbye to his classmates and left with Maisy.
However, his father stopped him. “Hold it right there. If you want to leave, then suit yourself, but she must stay. I will not allow a w***e like her to be a part of our family. It’ll ruin our name.”
Hearing that, Maisy wanted to run away in embarrassment. He must have looked into my background, or he wouldn’t have said that.

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