when hit by a stroke of luck Chapter 114

When Hit by a Stroke of “Luck”
Chapter 114
Maisy stepped up and derided Bradley blatantly.
Bradley was still confused how Bobby’s father became the general agent for Soul Sun Pill, but then Maisy’s explanation answered his question. He smiled at her before going to the sofa, planning to have some wine as he watched his high school classmates showing off.
When he was nearing the sofa, Yvonne quickly said, “You can’t sit here, Bradley. It’s reserved for my boyfriend. You sit there.” She pointed at a stool, her expression a sneer. Bradley’s embarrassment was her source of delight.
Bradley didn’t argue with her, and he went to the stool. When he was about to sit down, Maisy stuck a leg out and kicked the stool away. Unaware of what happened, Bradley sat on nothing and plopped down onto the ground.
Phoebe and West came in at that moment, and she scolded, “You’ve gone too far! How could you do this to Bradley?”
Yvonne scoffed. “Phoebe, I wasn’t going to say this because West is here, but honestly, aren’t you embarrassed about how Bradley turned out? You were his classmate and ex-girlfriend.”
Phoebe retorted angrily, “I am embarrassed, but you guys are the reason. Aside from mocking your friends and flaunting what you have, what else can you do?” She went to help Bradley up after that, looking disgruntled.
“But we have the chips to flaunt. What about you? Your husband is just an employee at a law firm. He’s not even as rich as anyone here.” Holding Bobby’s arm, Maisy spoke. She wasn’t married yet, but already she thought she was the queen here.
Then Kyle came in. When he saw Bradley on the floor, he quickly mediated, “Hey, we’re friends here, so put your wealth aside. It’s just a reunion, guys. No need to make things awkward.” He went up to Bradley. “Bradley, they might have been having too much fun. Please don’t take it to heart.”
He smiled at Kyle and patted his shoulder. “Don’t worry. I won’t, but we need to talk after this gathering.”
Kyle nodded. “It’s been a while since we met. Come to my spot and we’ll have a couple of drinks.”
Yvonne came up to Kyle. “Kyle, don’t be friends with everyone. Don’t you feel disgusted just looking at him?”
Kyle flung her hand away. “Not everyone’s a gold-digging person like you. Friends are priceless.” After saying that, he took Bradley to his spot, and they started drinking.
Their carefree attitude irked Maisy. “Hmph! Birds of a feather, I guess!” she mocked.
She used to have a crush on Kyle, but in the face of Bobby’s riches, she dumped him. Today,
Chapter 114
Maisy wanted to show him off at the gathering, but Kyle’s dismissal annoyed her.
In the next second, Bobby came over and held her in his arms. “Is he your ex, Maisy? My god, you have no taste at all.”
Maisy grumbled cutely, “Really? But I chose you to be my boyfriend.”
Bradley finally stood up with his glass in hand, tired of the conversation that was going nowhere. “Kyle, this is getting boring, so let’s spice it up.”
Kyle was getting annoyed as well, so he quickly agreed to Bradley’s idea. “Tell me what you need; and I’ll get it for you. Nobody gets to leave sober tonight!”
Everyone gave them weird looks, while Maisy and Bobby scoffed. On the other hand, Yvonne glanced at Kyle, her eyes filled with disappointment.
Bradley scanned everyone, then he put his glass on the table. “So it would seem I was wrong to help you because you’re my classmates, and this gathering is answer enough.” As soon as his words fell, he fetched his phone from his pocket and entered a string of numbers, calling
someone before saying, “I’m at International Deluxe Club, and I need you to settle some… problems for me. You have twenty minutes to come here.” Then he ended the call and kept on drinking with Kyle calmly.
Yvonne complained, “Hey, it’s our gathering tonight, so don’t you call any irrelevant people here. I don’t want any more paupers here. You’re already disgusting enough.”
Bradley smiled. “You’ll see who’s the disgusting one in a minute. It’s too early for conclusions.” At this point, he had thrown away his friendship with them. All that was left was a merciless, cruel Bradley, his smile grim and evil.
Everyone was shocked by the vibe he was giving off, and nobody spoke. Some of the pacifists were already starting to leave, even.
Bobby was a tyrant in Riverdale, and he sneered at Bradley, unafraid about his threat. “Hey, bumpkin! They might be scared, but I’m not. Since you called your men here, I think I’ll do the same.” Pulling out his phone, he did the same thing Bradley did earlier. “Get twenty men here at once. I’m at International Deluxe Club, and make sure you’re here with weapons.” Then, he hung up haughtily and held Maisy tighter. “We’ll see who’s the boss here, bumpkin.”
Bradley ignored him and kept on having a drink with Kyle. As time passed, his smile became broader.
It was then someone opened the door, and in came Leslie, looking subservient. When he saw Bradley, the agent said humbly, “What did you run into this time, Mr. Jackson? Who the f*ck is trying to mess around here? More importantly, which b*stard is trying to mess with you?”

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