when hit by a stroke of luck Chapter 113

When Hit by a Stroke of “Luck”
Chapter 113
Zeke quickly entered the office and bowed to Bradley. “I’ll drive you to your appointment, Mr. Jackson.”
Bradley looked at the time on his phone. It was already seven, and he might be late if he hailed a taxi, so he nodded. “I’m fine with it. Let’s go.”
As the luxury car stopped before International Deluxe Club, Zeke looked back at Bradley. “Mr. Jackson, I think you should have a change of clothes.”
Bradley smiled at him. “It’s fine. This is just an alumi’s gathering anyway, so I want to go low profile. It’s more down to earth.”
Zeke smiled. “I’ve never seen any bosses acting like you. You have a big business, but every time you come into town, you always keep a low profile.”
“Go back for now. I’ll call you if I need you to pick me up.” Then, Bradley got out of the car.
Zeke understood his desire to keep a low profile, so he nodded before leaving the club. There was no need for him to wait for Bradley here.
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Bradley took a look at the room number Kyle sent him, then he went up the club’s stairs. Normally, he wouldn’t come to a lavish place like this, so he took his time looking at the interior design. At the same time, he thought about the projects that could be developed on the west end, aside from real estate.
“Well, if it isn’t my old friend, Bradley. You received the news about tonight’s gathering too?” A familiar voice reached him from behind. Bradley looked back to see his junior high classmate, Robert Livingstone, coming up to him with his arm around a gorgeous lady.
Bradley nodded. “Kyle rang me up, so I came to meet everyone.”
Robert’s companion sized Bradley up, and she frowned, displeased about how shabby he looked. “Is he your friend, Robert? Are you sure he should attend this gathering? He looks… shabby.” .
Robert glanced at Bradley. “Bradley, what on earth are you doing? At least be presentable. This is a gathering. Our classmates said you’re quite the bigshot, but it seems they’re lying.”
Bradley smiled dismissively. “I had a few deliveries to do today, and I was in a rush, so there wasn’t time to change. But it won’t hurt the gathering, no?”
Robert’s companion clicked her tongue. “Not the gathering, no, but you might make someone lose their appetite. That’d be bad. Robert’s friends are rich and powerful, you know?” she mocked him, obviously seeing Bradley as a pauper.
Bradley didn’t know who she was, so he ignored what she said and gave her an awkward smile.
Robert looked at the time, showing off his branded watch subtly. “It’s almost time, so let’s go. I
Chapter 113
don’t want to waste our time talking to him.” Then, he and his companion walked up the spiral staircase, leaving Bradley behind.
The lady Icancd against him. “Don’t tell my friends that he’s your classmate. I don’t want to get embarrassed.”
“Yeah, I know,” Robert replied lovingly and disappeared into the second floor with her.
Bradley looked at his getup and shook his head. They’re really being the critics here. Even though I’ve helped them so much, they never see me as their equal. Then, he quickly went upstairs. Robert’s a city guy, so I can understand his disdain. Can’t be late though. It didn’t take. him long to locate the room where the gathering was held. When he came in, most of his classmates were already there.
The moment he entered, Yvonne gasped loudly, pretending to be surprised. “Well if it isn’t the quack doctor. Hey everyone, this is Bradley, a bona fide quack doctor. Oops, oxymoron.”
Yvonne’s sycophant, Marcie, quickly added on to the mockery by saying, “I thought you’re a real doctor, Bradley. So it’s just a lie, huh? You’re still a loser.”
Robert leaned back on the sofa and proclaimed arrogantly, “Bradley’s an ex-con, guys. Cut him some slack. It’s hard for him to even get a job, so don’t kick him while he’s down.”
Molly quickly said, “We’re not kicking him while he’s down. It’s just that I’ve lost my appetite the moment I saw him in that attire of his. Do you know what a loss that is? The food here’s awesome, you know?”
Everyone burst into laughter, then Bradley commented, “So this gathering is nothing but a place for you to flaunt your wealth and clout, huh? And I thought it’s going to be a heartwarming reunion. Seems like I’m greatly mistaken.”
At that moment, someone unlocked the door and in came Maisy Mitchell, looking all fashionable, and standing beside her was a handsome man. When she saw Bradley, Maisy gasped. “Bradley! I didn’t expect to see you here! Oh, this must be awkward for you.”
Yvonne chimed in, “And he said this gathering is just a place to flaunt our wealth and clout. As if he has any. Every single one of us here is better than him.”
Robert went up to Bradley, disgusted by his tattered clothes. “Bradley, Maisy’s boyfriend is a company’s marketing manager. She’s been living the high life now. Just look at her; all rich and elegant.”
Maisy replied, “You’re not bad yourself, Robert. Gibson’s sales director, huh? You’ve been living better than I am.”
Yvonne quickly said, “Don’t say that, Maisy. You might not be working, but you’ve gotten yourself a good husband. He looks rich.”
Maisy smirked. “Ah, it’s his family’s money, not his. They just became a general agent for Gibson Pharmaceutical’s healthcare products. Made a million up until now.”
Chapter 113
Maisy’s introduction reminded Bradley of Leslie, the one who became the general agent for the Soul Sun Pills in the city. Thus, he frowned for a moment before going up to the young man. “Hi, I’m Bradley. It’s a pleasure knowing you.”
Instead of shaking Bradley’s hand, the young man sneered. “Sorry, I’m a germaphobe, and I dislike shaking hands with people I don’t know.”
“Hey, Bradley! Don’t even think of buttering him up. He’s way out of your league. That’s Bobby, the son of Leslie the general agent. His father is super rich! Just stand in the corner and be quiet, will you?”

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