when hit by a stroke of luck Chapter 112

When Hit by a Stroke of “Luck”
Chapter 112
Yvonne sneered. “So it’s just sheer dumb luck, huh, Jackson?”
Bradley returned the sneer. “It’s sheer dumb luck alright, but at least I’m lucky. What about you?”
“Why you…” Yvonne wanted to retort, but she had nothing to show, aside from an angered look.
Cecilia wouldn’t allow Yvonne to be insulted, so she snapped, “So what? You’re still single. I wouldn’t have bothered with you if it weren’t because of your mother pleading for you. Don’t come to me ever again. You disgust me.” She glared at Janice as she spoke.
Noticing the rising tension, Noah attempted to calm them down. “Cecilia, pipe down. Bradley helped Dad after all.”
“Shut up! If something happens to Dad, he’s going to get it! God knows what he did to Dad. This is probably just a fluke.”
Sandra thought Cecilia was going too far, so she chided, “Cecilia, how could you say that? Bradley’s our guest, and he cured your father-in-law.”
Cecilia scowled. “This is our family matter, Sandra, so don’t try to b**t in. If we somehow argue with each other, it’s your fault.”
The hostility rubbed Sandra the wrong way. “Hey, I’m kind enough to give you advice, and this is what I get?” she scolded. “Let’s go, guys. This wench is a b*tch.”
The villagers shook their heads collectively and left with Sandra.
Bradley turned back to his mother. “Let’s go, Mom. I need to send some supplies to town.”
Then, he left Noah’s house, not even sparing Yvonne a look, much to her chagrin. Janice glanced back at her brother before leaving with her son, shaking her head. Whatever should I do with Noah?
Yvonne stomped her foot angrily. “He thinks he can ignore me because he’s an ex-con? I’ll show him!” An evil plan started forming in her mind, and she smirked.
Bradley filled his truck with stock and went into town, making a stop at Gibson Pharmaceuticals to talk about the busted machine. After coming into Jonas’ office, what greeted him was Jonas fretting himself over some documents. Bradley went up to him. “What’s wrong, President Hans? Something wrong with the documents?”
Jonas looked up. “You’re finally here, Bradley. The Soul Sun Pills are selling like hotcakes. See these orders? It’s planned for next year. You have to amp up the production.”
Bradley took a seat and stayed quiet for a moment. “I was planning to build a factory at Riverdale’s west end. That’s why I’m here.”
Chapter 112
The announcement made Jonas gasp. “I have the saine idea! But that’s going to cost a lot. We have to think about this thoroughly.”
“It’s not hard purchasing that plot of land. What we need is a loan,” Bradley replied.
“Oh, that won’t be too much of a problem then. We can take it on the company’s name, but the bank needs to know about this. I’ll send someone to talk to them.”
“How’s the new sales people performing?” Bradley asked. “Take care of them for me. I hand picked them myself.”
“Most of them are decent. Some are already supervisors now, and our sales skyrocketed.” Jonas nodded as he spoke.
Bradley nodded, glad that he had picked the right people for the job. I know some of them are reliable. All they need is a chance and a lot of patience. Then, his phone rang, but it was an unidentified caller when he looked at the screen.
He took the call impatiently, and a familiar voice said, “Yo, Bradley! Kyle here. How’s life going for you?”
“Not bad,” Bradley answered. “Gotta make a lot of deliveries though. Anything?”
“Yeah. Our high school’s student council is organizing a gathering. Wanna come over tonight?” Kyle asked.
Bradley nodded. “Of course I’ll go. This’ll be the first time I attend any gatherings after my release. I’ll be there on time.” He hung up and asked Jonas, “How’s Kyle’s performance looking?”
“He has his way of selling our products, and now he’s already a supervisor who has his own company car. All the expenses concerning product sales are also subsidized by the company.” Jonas flipped through Kyle’s file, looking pleased. “He was your classmate after all. If he can perform, he’ll get his rewards.”
Bradley pondered upon the matter. “No. Even if they perform well, please be strict on them. Reward them, but not too much.” This was business, and Bradley knew it. He didn’t want Jonas to give them preferential treatment because they were his classmates. Instead, he wanted them to be successful by their own merit.
Jonas nodded. “I understand, but they are great salespeople, and the numbers speak for themselves.” Then, he handed Bradley a file. “Here’s the car we’re giving you. You’re an important partner, so you need to have a car.”
Bradley took a look at the photo in the document. “I don’t plan on driving a car, since I don’t even have my license.”
Jonas dismissed that comment. “You’ll have your own driver. Just focus on the Soul Sun Pill’s production.”
“Thank you then, President Hans. I’ll be leaving now, since I have a gathering to attend tonight.”
Chapter 112
“Zeke! You’re Mr. Jackson’s driver from now on. Take him to his gathering,” Jonas told someone in the office.

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