when hit by a stroke of luck Chapter 111

When Hit by a Stroke of “Luck”
Chapter 111
Janice said nervously, “Your uncle called just now. He says your grandfather’s condition is worsening, so you have to come with us right away.”
Bradley changed into his clothes and went out with Janice. Before they exited the house, Bradley took some wild ginseng with him.
When they arrived at Eurus Village, what greeted them was a crowd outside Noah’s house. Concerned, Janice and Bradley hastened to where Noah was. Bradley was now famous in the neighborhood, and the villagers knew about his tales. When they saw him and his mother coming through, they made a path for them respectfully.
When Noah saw Bradley, he quickly told him, “Bradley, go in and see your grandpa! He can’t hold on for much longer!” Noah might follow his wife’s every order on most days, but he was still a man, and the only son in the family. When his father had fallen critically ill, he went against his wife’s wishes, calling Janice and Bradley for help.
Janice looked worried. “Dad was fine yesterday, so what—”
“Hey, are you saying we aren’t taking care of dad well enough? That’s a bold accusation, Janice,” Cecilia spat, her expression dark. Bradley might be rich now, but he was a Jackson, not a Carlson. Even if she wanted to butter him up, Bradley would shrug her off anyway.
Janice was a simple minded villager who didn’t know how to argue, especially against sarcasm. Thus, Bradley gave Cecilia a dark look before going to his grandfather.
When Felix noticed his grandson’s presence, he pushed himself up from the bed. “I’m fine, Bradley. Don’t worry,” he said feebly.
Bradley assuaged him, “Don’t worry, Grandpa. I’ll just heal you up, and you can walk around all you want soon. It’s no big deal.”
Cecilia snorted. “He’s been a lame for many years now. As if he can be healed at this age, but if you can do it, I don’t mind.” This old git’s been this way since forever. Nobody can heal him, and I bet this kid can’t either. He’s going to humiliate himself in front of the whole village.
“If it isn’t Bradley! So, you became a doctor, huh?” a disgustingly cute voice said. Then, an adorable lady walked in.
Cecilia greeted her, “What brings you here, Yvonne? I was about to pick you up later. Guess what? We’ve decided to kill the pig tomorrow and treat you to a feast.”
Yvonne smiled arrogantly. “It’s fine, Auntie. I can have anything I want in the city, but thank you anyway.”
Bradley didn’t want to talk to that arrogant wench. Even though they used to be classmates, she was one of the reasons he was sent into jail. Yvonne was there during the fight, and it started because of her
Chapter 111
Yvonne’s pride was hurt when Bradley ignored her, and she asked, “Auntie, when did this bumpkin become a doctor?”
Cecilia smiled. “Oh, he learned a thing or two after his release, but you’re still a whole lot better than he is. I mean, you graduated university and have a proper job.”
Their mockery fell on deaf ears, for Bradley simply pulled Felix’s blanket away and held him up. At the same time, he sent his spiritual energy that he had been accumulating in his palm into Felix.
Felix coughed up blood, and all the color drained from his face. “It hurts, Felix.”
“Give it a minute, Grandpa,” Bradley said calmly. “Once I get rid of the blood clots, you’ll be all better.”
Noah looked nervous. “Are you sure this will work, Bradley? He looks really pale. You should stop it right now.”
Equally concerned, Bradley’s mother said, “Why don’t we just send him to the hospital?”
At the same time, Yvonne looked vexed as Felix became paler. “Aunt Cecilia, he’s going to die if this keeps up. You’re going to have another funeral on your hands.”
Yvonne’s exaggeration worried Cecilia. “Jackson, if your grandpa dies because of you, it’s your responsibility, not mine! Take him to your place.”
Bradley had to focus during his spiritual energy transfer. Talking was impossible, so he rolled his eyes and kept on giving his grandpa the energy.
The villagers were gawking at them, and some were looking nervous. Of course they did, for Felix looked like a dead man. Around an hour later, Felix finally regained some color, and he could move around a bit.
Bradley pulled back and asked, “How do you feel, Grandpa? Try moving around for a bit.”
Everyone looked closely at Felix. Most of them were just waiting to laugh at Bradley, especially Cecilia and Yvonne.
Noah went up to his father, concerned. “How do you feel, Dad?”
Janice’s hand was trembling from distress as she helped Felix up. “Do you feel better, Dad?”
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Felix moved his arm, then his leg. “Whoa, the pain’s gone! It’s gone! Let me see if I can walk.” He pulled his daughter’s hand away and moved down from his bed slowly.
Everyone was shocked. They never expected to see Felix, who was bedridden for months, to walk again.
One of the villagers quickly went up to Bradley. “How did you do it, Bradley? That’s really awesome! You’re a great doctor.”
Chapter 111
Bradley merely smiled. “It’s nothing. I didn’t learn much, but it’s enough to treat my grandpa’s condition.” He didn’t want to show his skills in front of everyone, for it would ruin his plan; Bradley wanted to develop medicines, not going around treating patients. Well, at least for the time being

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