when hit by a stroke of luck Chapter 110

When Hit by a Stroke of “Luck”
Chapter 110
Bradley turned his head just in time to see that she seemed to be holding her tongue back, and he assured her, “Don’t worry. I’ll do my best to adjust myself and won’t let this affect me.”
“A-Actually, it’s common to go for blind dates at your age because you’ve reached the age for marriage,” Erin stammered.
Bradley sighed. “Let’s drop this topic. I’m thinking about ways to expand the sales of the Soul Sun Pills. We should work toward greater heights, and our current economic performance is clearly not up to standard.”
After giving it a thought, Erin said, “I think if you want to expand the market of the Soul Sun Pills, you’ll have to start from the people around you. Aren’t your friends in the factory now? You can get them to help you to sell it. Not only can it increase their earning capacity, but it will also benefit you.”
Nodding in agreement, he replied, “You’re right, but I don’t want them to know that they’re working for me. More oftenly, a person works harder for himself rather than for someone else.” Maybe I can use Gibson Pharmaceuticals’ name to recruit my classmates into sales, he thought.
“That’s good as well. After all, one shouldn’t have any regrets when starting a business. If they know that they’re working for you, they might get dependent on you.“ Erin nodded in agreement.
After chatting a little more about work, Erin suddenly suggested, “It’s getting late. I’ll prepare supper for you from the cafeteria and you can leave after eating something.” In less than thirty minutes after she went into the kitchen, she came out with mouth-watering food in her hands.
As he enjoyed her delicious cooking, Bradley’s mood lifted and it reminded him again of his idea to set up a farmhouse resort for her. Pushing a bank card to her, he said. “There’s five hundred thousand in this card. Take good care of it and I’ll bring you to look for a location for your farmhouse resort when I’m free.”
Casting him a stunned look, she cried out, “You don’t have to do this, really. I’m doing great with this job at the factory. At least, I can share your burden.” She pushed the card back to him and their hands touched in the midst of pushing the card back and forth. Ai that touch, a jolt of current ran through them and sparked up their hearts.
Retracting his hands awkwardly, Bradley urged her, “Just listen to me and keep it. You can’t have your talents wasted here in this small village. I have other plans for myself.”
Deeply moved, Erin kept the bank card away. Then, sounding somewhat hesitant, she added. “I’m going home now, then. I don’t feel safe with the card on me.”
As he watched Erin’s attractive figure walk away from himseif, an indescribable and odd feeling welled up in his heart. She was rejecting his kindness on purpose because there could be 110 outcome between the both of them.
Chapter 110
Just then, a new employee, Gina McFarly, came running out of the factory anxiously, Brad, one of the machines has broken down. Come and take a look at it quickly because I think I’m smclling something burnt.”
Placing down his wine glass, he rushed into the factory, only to see that the machine was emitting thick smoke. The next second, he pulled the breakers to cut off the power to the machine and the moment he did that, darkness fell over the factory, Using his cell phone as a flashlight, he shone it over the power source of the machine and wanted to cut it off.
Feeling a little tipsy from the wine he had carlier, he immediately bumped into Gina when he spun around and fell on top of her. The delicate figure underneath him kept panting heavily and a seductive scent traveled into his nostrils. Gina didn’t struggle beneath him, but extended her arms and circled it around his neck, pulling herself closer to him.
Feeling as though his whole body was on fire, a strong desire within him was drawn out by the woman beneath him, and it was about to burst out of his body. He wanted to let go, but the flames of desire made him reach out his hands toward her unwittingly.
“You’re naughty, Bradley!” she said in her coquettish voice as her slender fingers drew past his chest seductively.
Even though he was feeling a little light-headed, there were fortunately still some sober cells in his brain yelling at him, She’s your employee! Pushing her aside, he scrambled up and pulled out the power source of the machine. After he turned on the breaker, light and peace returned to the factory
Staring at him fondly, she began, “Brad, earlier …”
“Stop using this machine. We’ll get a new one tomorrow, so you can knock off now.” He had cut her off without waiting for her to finish speaking. It had nothing to do with her looks, but it was rather due to the fact that he wasn’t considering marriage now. She’s not my type. She’s just a young girl who doesn’t have the same mentality as me.
Sime me
Biting her lip, Gina uttered, “Bradley, actually… since a long time ago, I -” Stumbling over her words, she wanted to confess her feelings, but she was finding it hard to do as a girl.
Breaking her off again, Bradley said, “Say no more. It was only a misunderstanding carlier. I hope you won’t mind.” Then, he turned and left the factory. Since the other machines were still functioning as normal, it wouldn’ı cause him a big loss to stop one machinc for a night.
Gina watched as Bradley’s figure disappeared into the night and she bit her lower lip. As the scene of their intimate contact from earlier flashed through her mind, she felt that Erin had a lot to do with the reason why he wouldn’t accept her confession. To her, everytime he came into the factory to spcak with Erin was his display of affection for her. I have to drive this troublesome woman out of here, or Bradley will never see me, she thought to herself silently.
When he got back at his own place, the fire of desire was still burning in Bradley’s body, and he wanted to slap himself whenever he recalled his steamy contact with Gina. Gina was from the neighboring village and started working in his factory after finishing high school. Usually, she would look at him with an inexplicable look in her eyes.
Chapter 110
A ridiculous fantasy might be left in her heart now that they had such a close cncounter. No amount of explanation would be enough to clear up such a situation, le pondered in bed, and a long time had passed before he finally fell asleep. The next morning, he was woken up by a loud banging on his door,
With his eyes still half-closed, he got out of bed and opened his bedroom door to see Janice looking at him with a concerned expression.
“Mom, why did you get up so carly?” he asked, annoyed. As he didn’t sleep well last night, all he wanted to do right now was to crawl back into bed. Alicr all, it was still very carly.

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