when hit by a stroke of luck Chapter 109

When Hit by a Stroke of “Luck”
Chapter 109
Five million was an astronomical sum to Hans, so he shook uncontrollably in fear when he heard that it would be the minimum amount for liquidated damages. “I-I’m in the wrong i-this time. I won’t reclaim this land again and I will promote the cultivation and d-development of Soul Sunwccd,” he summcrcd.
The judge nodded, “As long as you realize your mistake and the plainull no longer wants to pursue the issue, then there is nothing morc I can say As villagers from the same village, you all should work together to carn the first pot of gold and drive the rest of the villagers on the path to wealth. This is your responsibility as the village chicf.”
Ashamed, Hans hung his head low and Ashley wanted to say something in anger, but she was stopped by Patrick. Despitc the fact that he knew nothing about the law, the minimum liquidated damages amount intimidated him so much that he dropped all other ideas,
When they came out of the courtroom, the villagers looked lawningly at Bradley, In their cyes, he must be a great person to be able to represent Gibson Pharmaceuticals for the lcasing of that plot of land in their village.
Coming next to Bradley, Richard palted his shoulder and praised, “Well donc, Bradlcy. Since
son Pharmaccuticals placed so much trust in you, you must be a talent.”
“You slatter me, Mr. Maguire. The most important thing is for our local villagers to work together if we want to distribute the Soul Sun Pills all over the country.”
Elle shot in front of him and said, “What are you saying? We’ve decided to work togсther with you from now. Which plant do you think will be suitable to be planted on my father’s land?” A! the end of the day, Gibson Pharmaccuticals was a piccc of juicy mcat that cveryone would like a piccc of.
Even Hans came next to him, saying, “I was wrong bcforc this, Bradley. Pleasc don’t take it to heart and lead the villagers out of poverty!” Al this point, lic couldn’t help but bc impressed by Bradley By sccuring Gibson Pharmaceutical’s investment in the village, it would help the cconomy of the village in the future.
Bradley flashed all of them a smile. “Mr. Becker, forget cycrything else and let’s progress togсther.”
When they returned to the village, Bradlcy discussed with Hans about planting ginseng and rcishi mushrooms in the mountainous plot of the village. Within the soil, he had used his growth inscription. In less than three months, a large amount of the wild ginseng would be distributed to the market
The villagers who leased out their lands were smiling from car to car when they received their first rental plus a bonus With his first profil, Bradley discussed things with Craig, “There are many empty plots in the village, Dad. I plan to build two more factories and expand the production of Soul Sun Pills.”
Chapter 109
Nodding Crate no longer opposed anything he wished to do as he had full trust in his own son’s abilities. “This is quite a good idea, but those empty plots of land don’t belong to us Youll have to trcad carefully with the village chief and the other villagers
There’s nothing to worry about because Hans’ mentality has changed a lot, and he accepts my SUGGations completely. In addition to that, this will bring lots of benefits to the village.”
Janice, who was cooking next to them, overheard their conversation and interjected, “You’re not lachang in moncy now, Brad, but you’re still my deepest concem. It’s time you give some thought into your mamage.”
“I’ve told you this many times, Mom. !7I think about my own marriage, so you can save your womics,” Bradley answered.
Bringing over the food to the table in the yard, she uttered, “Cecilia’s sister found you a march from the city. Let’s take a look tomorrow as that girl will be at Cecilia’s place, too.”
Ar the mention of Cealia’s name, Bradley shook his head instinctively. “No, thanks. I’m getting goosebumps whenever I think of what happened before.”
“You’re always listening to everything Cecilia says, Mom. Did you forget what happened last time? Emily asked while caling.
Infurated that both of her children were against her idea, Janice placed the bowl down on the table heavily: “It’s just a blind date, what has this got to do with Cecilia? She’s merely the introducer.”
“Alright, alright! 1’11 go!” Bradley gave in when he saw that his mother was getting angry,
Your grandfather has been unwell for the past few days. Take a look at him when you go over tomorrow. Ever since you were younger, he has always doted on you, and he’s now feeling sick while you’re treating others.” She nagged at Bradley as she ate. Then, she placed down her cutlery and went into the room to preparc Bradley’s outfit for the next day.
When he saw the brand new suit she prepared, he immediately turned it down. “Mom, I’m not wearing that. If the girl really likes me, then it won’t matter what I’m wearing.”
With that, he spun around and went back to his room. After going through the jade pieces he designed, he picked a piece that was beneficial for longevity for his matemal grandfather. However, he still felt vexed after preparing everything, so he decided to go for a walk to his factory
After just arriving at his factory, he heard a commotion. Thus, he rushed in to see that Erin was quictly wiping away her cars next to a machine while two women were saying something to her.
Rushing over, he asked, “What happened, Erin Everything was fine during the morning shift Why did a quarrel break out during the night shift?
Erin turned to the women but didn’t dare to say anything as they were both glaring at her. Then one of them aid. She’s acung like a boss, asking us to throw out the trash left behind by the

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