when hit by a stroke of luck Chapter 108

When Hit by a Stroke of “Luck”
Chapter 108
With a lopsided grin, Bradley told her, “Hans is still lacking in investment knowledgc, but that gocs for many of the villagers as well. Their mindsets have to change first in order to embark on the path to wealth.”
Erin nodded in agreement. “Working alonc is the only solution now. For the factory to expand, it will be best to change the micntality of the villagers.”
Sceing that she had a thought like that brought a relicved smile to his face. It goes to show that Erin’s mentality is different from the past now, and she has the qualities of a leader.
The next morning. Bradley had his breakfast and passed all the duties to Erin before hopping into the car leaving for the city because the trial of Hans was on this day. West was already wajung for him at the cntrance of the courthouse in the city. The moment he saw Bradley, hic greeted him. “Brad, it’s almost time for the trial to begin but Hans is sull not here yet. Could he.”
“Don’t worry!” Bradley interjccicd. “He’ll definitely show up since the summons had been delivered to him. He still has some legal consciousness as the village chics.” Scanning around to make sure that there was nobody else around, he inched closer to West and whispered into his
West nodded, impressed with Bradley’s cntrepreneurship mentality and his idea to expand his business while drawing close to the people’s hearts. This is a good idea. You’ll win this case without a doubt, but what’s the point of just winning? More importantly, you have to expand your carcer”
In less than half an hour, a group of villagers had gathered outside of the courthouse, clainoring at the significant event whereby a mere villager would be bringing the village chief to court. Meanwhile, Hans was standing anxiously some distance away.
Patrick supported the now pregnant Ashley. When she saw Bradley, she shot him a hateful glare as shc spat, “And I thought he was a kind man before this. Looks like I was blind.”
“It took you this long to sec that?” Patrick said. “I’ve been telling you since a long time ago that I’m the only man who loves you in this world. Although I’m penniless, you’re sull my treasure,” he added, trying to win over Ashley while insulting Bradley
Cloaung from the sidelines, Julia bulted in their conversation by saying, “Don’t take this to heart, Ashley. You’re bound to take some detours in life. It’s fine now that you’re secing everything clearly now”
Knowing that Julia was a person who liked to bad-mouth others behind their backs, Ashley mcrcly walked past her directly as she disliked that personality of hers.
Soon, the trial began and everyone took a scat in the gallery. West read out the information on the contract to the judge and concluded when he was finished. The state is in grcat support of contracı farming in order to boost wealth among fanners, and my client has set a great example in this aspect.”
Chapter 108
The jurige nodded 1 his conclusion and asked, “Mr. Becker, what was the reason for you to reclaun the land Mr. Jackson recruted a group of unemployed farmers in his factory, which is a good contnbution to the local cconomy”
As Hans had no legal knowledge at all, the only reason he showed up on this day was bccausche know that the yerelict wouldn’t be in his favor if he was absent. At the judge’s question, hc opened his mouth without cven thinking. “As the village chicf, I don’t think the contract for the land was appropriatc. Thus, I decided to reclaim it.”
Alicr giving cach other a look at his dcfensc, both the judge and West shook thcir hcads. Even though the man standing in front of them was a village chicf, the way he spoke was exactly like a boorislı farmer and thcy didn’t know how to qucstion him further
“Are you sure you want to reclaim this land and pay for the liquidated damages? As long as you can afford it, it won’t make much difference to us of Gibson Pharmaceuticals,” Jonas said. He and Lyra then walked through the doors and took a scat next to Bradley.
After he was played by Bradlcy over the cutting of Soul Sunwced that day, Hans went home and thought through the incident in hus head. In the end, he came to the conclusion that Bradley had lied to him, but the sight of Jonas now intimidated him and he cowercd.
In the gallery, the villagers were cqually shocked at the arrival of Jonas and Lyra because they were familiar with this influential man. Almost instantly, they broke into a commotion. “I thought that Bradley was mcrcly launting Hans yesterday, but it looks like he really did sign the contract on bchalf of Gibson Pharinaceuticals.”
“Could it be that Bradley signed the contract and then resold the land to Gibson Pharmaceuticals? That’s against the lawl” Julia blurted without a second thought
Hearing that, Boston chimed in, “That bumpkin wouldn’t know that. Maybe, he has cven made a huge pile in between.”
“Oh my, poor Erin! She was working in his factory! She didn’t even have any idea how much moncy Bradley made out of her land!” Elle scorned indignantly in a voicc loud enough for
cveryone in the room to hcar.
Ban, ban, bạn!
Scared on his seat with a solemn look, the judge hit his gavcl several umes, “Silence in court!” Facing Hans, he said, “Mr. Becker, I’ve gone through thic information on the contract and the contract itself. Mr. Jackson did sign the contract on behalf of Gibson Pharmaceuticals.”
Hans began shaking all over in scar. This was the first ume in his life that he had scen a court hearing of such a large scale, and what was more terrifying was the fact that it cvon involved Gibson Pharmaceuticals now. He dared not imagine how the outcome would be knowing that Gibson Pharmaceuticals was a government-backed unit,
Just then, Bradley stood up. “Even though Hans acted incorrectly in this matter, I hope Urat Your Honor will not blame him for Uus bccausc he hasn’t seen the benefits that this land will bring to the villagers.”
Chapter 108
Everyone was stunned at what he just said. Initially, they thought that Hans was placed in a light spot, but Bradley jumped out unexpectedly at the crucial moment to save him
“Just as my client said, it’s only understandable that Mr. Becker made a small mistake like this because Jackson Village is underdeveloped and he didn’t receive much education prior to this,” West added
Upon hearing that Bradley was speaking up for himself, Hans shot him a look of gratitude.
Jonas then stood up and spoke to the judge. “Mr. Jackson is a manager of my company, as well as the leader for the development of that land. From today onward, the ownership of that land . belongs to him. Then he handed a document to the judge and tumed to Bradley Don’t disappoint mc now. The sales of Soul Sun Pills are going by leaps and bounds, so you can’t stop the supply. As for those who have some crooked ideas, you can decide on the amount for the liquidated damages from as low as five million.”

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