when hit by a stroke of luck Chapter 107

When Hit by a Stroke of “Luck”
Chapter 107
The next second, Bradley whisked out a bank card and handed it to Kate There’s a hundred thousand in this card. Since you’re so honcst, just take this to relieve the situation.”
Katc took the card with her face brimning with gratitude. “I can’t thank you enough! Please let me know if you need my help in the future. 111 be sure to help in any way I can.”
“Brad, what’s going to happen to you if you give us all your money?” Beatrice asked anxiously. She knew that he had mcdical skills but not the fact that he was now raking in hundreds of thousands in profit.
Chuckling indifferently, he assured, That’s alright I have nothing to worry about since I’ve already decided to give you the moncy.”
However, Beatrice was anything but assured. “But you’ll be cultivating herbs later! How can you do that without any capital?”
“Just attend your classes peacefully. By the time you return, my wild ginseng and reishi mushroom will be widely distributed on the market. All you have to do by then is to get me more
customers,” he answered with a laugh. When he finished, he got up and headed for his own village, leaving behind Beatrice to stare at his back nostalgically
Upon reaching his village, he saw that Hans had gathered a group of men toward the land where hc planted Soul Sunweed. Armed with sickles and hocs, it was obvious that the village men were out to cause some damage.
Sensing that something was amiss, he then went to his own plot and could even clcarly hear cycrything Hans was telling the villagers. “Listen carefully, just cut down all the Soul Sunwced when we arrive later. The land doesn’t belong to Bradley anymore, so there’s nothing to be afraid
“Hans, Bradley is not a commoner, but an uncontrollable and uncivilized person. Youll have to shoulder all responsibiliucs if any problem crops up later because we’re merely helping you out, Boston voiced out his worries apprehensively.
With a wave of his hand, Hans dismissed his concerns, “You worry too much! Hold on to my words that you won’t be held responsible for anything, so Bradlcy won’t dare to come after any of you for today.”
Grinning, Bradley thought, Even though the trial starts tomorrow, I’ll have to stop these villagers today. Pacing briskly ahead of them, he called out, Hans, where are you guys going in such a rush?”
Thinking that his own son had already crippled him in the city, Hans was shocked to hear about his rclurn to the village in the morning. Initially, he had planned to give this plot of Soul Sunweed to his mistress, but Bradley’s appearance now had soiled his plans.
“Bradley, I’ve already told you that this land has been reclaimed, and since you didn’t return in
Chapter 107
T e to take care of these Soul Surrweed I have to ask for the help of these villagers on your
behalf be told Bradley
you really have Gerything planned out so well Hans.
Char b ored hs hand and so Thank you for the trouble guys
Hearing Bradley’s approval Hans thought that it was his son who had caught a hold on him, and be gestured to the villagers Cut them down now
Ax his command, the villagers swung their tools and began cutting down the Soul Sur weed
amcdiatcy. In less than two hours more than half of the plot had been cleared out.
Taking out a pack of cigarettes from his pockel Bradley waved it at the villagers and shouted. Lesbe a cigarete break, everyone. After this, you can bundle up the Soul Surrweed and send it to my yard”
Looks of sbock flashed acrossereryone’s faces, and Hans had a sullen look on his face as he shouted furiously. We’re only here to clear this messy werd from the land, not to send them to your place after that
With is smalc, Bradley pointed out. “I never asked you to do this. If the president of Gibson Pharmaceuticas found out bout what you did to his prccous herbs. I’m afraud that_ Leaving his science unfinished on purpose, he watched Hars with a solemn look, as though he was a
Ar the mention of Gibson Pharmaceuticals, Hans jumped backward in shock knowing that it was a logo gorenmeni-supported company in Riverdale Disinch What do you mean by that? This
od was lessed to you, so what has it got to do with Gibson Pharmaceuticals: he asked with a worried look
Cacking indifferently Bradley sneered, Tm now a manager in Gibson Pharmaceuticals, and I’m signing even thing on behalf of my company, which means that the person you signed the Contrah is as good as Gabson Pharmaceuticals itself. Do you understand what I’m saying
Being a brute. Hans had no idea what he was talking about At he knew was that he could not
fond toodend the bes pharma. Shaking his head, he barzed. “I don’t know what you’re speaking about I just want to know what has this land got to do with Gibson Pharmaceuticals?”
“Los put it thay,” he began with a faint smile “Back then the leasing of this land was signed to Gibson Pharmaceutical and I was nothing more than a representative for them during the song of the contra as the manager”
Shocked at the realization. Hans staggered backward a couple of steps, unsure of what to do next If Gibson Pharmaceuticals charges me to count I might cod up in jail even though I’m old!
The next moment be cleached Bradley’s arm pleading “Since we’re from the same village, please doni le the prendent of Gibson Pharmaceuticals know about this incident, Brad.”
“I can keep my mouth shut about this, but you had to make up for what you did and transport all these soul S uced to my factory appropriately With some extra work on my side, I’ll step
Chapter 107
up on production and turn these into medication, then Gibson Pharmaceuticals will never find out about this,” Bradley suggested
Antcr heanng Bradley’s solution, Hans beckoned at the villagers. “Bundle up these Soul Sunwccd and send them to Brad’s factory now Get moving quickly!”
Dumbfounded, the villagers looked at cach other blankly. At first, they thought that the village chuer came up with this idca to crush Bradlcy, but as it turned out, even hchadhus tail berween his legs now Boston peered over at Hans, then led the villagers to bundle up the herbs they had cul up in a ness
When dusk approached, the entrance of the factory was piled up with Soul Sunweed, and Bradley smiled in satisfaccion at the thought that these herbs ended up at his doorstep cifortlessly
At the sight of the neatly stacked herbs, Erin uttered in delight, “I was just about to send someone to cut these, but you bcat mc to it!”
*These are all thanks to Hans,” Bradley replied, pleased. These will be enough for two days’ producton Also, I’ll be busy for the next couple of days for the cultivation of ginseng and reishi mushroom and won’t have ume for this.”
“Why did Hans help you with the herbs today? Did he change his mind about collaborating with you?” she asked.

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