when hit by a stroke of luck Chapter 106

When Hit by a Stroke of “Luck”
Chapter 106
Seeing that her son was hurt, Felicia ordered the villagers she brought over, “Go and beat the sh*t out of this little b’stard
Shocked, Beatrice jumped in front of Bradley and plcaded, “Please don’t do this, Mrs. Felicia. All this thing with the child marriage agreement is between our families and has nothing to do with Brad at all.”
Noticing how protective she was over Bradley, Felicia’s anger instantly spiked, and she yelled, “He hurt my son today, and anyone who opposes mc has to die!”
Bradley pushed Beatrice behind himself. “Don’t you think that you’re inhuman for publicly forcing her into a marriage?
Scrambling to his feet, Fabian shouted furiously, “So you’re Bradley, aren’t you? I’ve heard about you and what happened in thc Jackson Village, but you don’t scare me. I believe you’ve heard of my name as well.”
*So what if I have? Anyway, if you’re not paying for Jonathan’s medical bills today, then all of you can forget about leaving this yard,” Bradley retored fearlessly, undaunied even though he was facing the tyrant of the village.
Piqued, Fabian spit on the ground. “Pah! How dare somcone like you thrcalen me! I’ll kick your oss today!” he shouted and picked up a thick stick from the ground. In a swift movement, he charged at him and swung the stick at an unimaginable force.
Very lighuy, Bradley rotated his body and avoided his attack, then he lifted his foot and kicked the stick away from his hand Next to them, Beatrice watched with batcd breath while the surrounding villagers were shocked at what they just witnessed. Nobody thought that the skinny Bradley would beat the burly Fabian in a fight.
After cxchanging a few more rounds, Fabian was already exhausted. As he gasped for breath, he gaid. It’s finc is Beatrice docsn’t want to marry me, but they’ll have to pay me a compensation of a hundred thousand Or else, I’ll never let this go!”
Tossing the suick in his hand. Bradley asked, “What about the medical fees you owe to Jonathan
Durnbfounded, Fabian spar, Bradley Jackson, I’m not done with you yot We have all the time in the world to son this out later. Thereafter, hc pulled Felicia and left, thinking, I’ll be back to get cven with you when I’m fully recovered!
What happened, Bea? Did Fabian come to make a scene at our place again a small voice asked from ouuide, and it was Kalc coming into the yard with a suitcase behind her. “Why are you at my place she gasped in surprise at the sight of Bradley and then turned to look at her younger sister, Beatrice
“This is probably what we call sale! You show up wherever I go, just like a band-aid,” Bradley answered indifferently,
Chapter 106
“Ilidn’t know that you know my sister, Bradl” Beatrice exclaimcil, confused
Chuckling, he said, “I don’t want to know your band-aid sister, actually, but I can’t help in because I keep running into her everywhere I go.”
Clarins at him, Kate said in an unpleasant tone. That’s all because you refused to trach me medical skills.”
“Why should I teach you anything whicn you’re not good acil” hc snccred.
“You” Katchad no riposte, to scrumcd to Beatrice and asked, “I heard that Jon was beaten up by Fabian Ilow’s his situation now?”
Alte mention of Jonathan, Beatrice broke into Icars again. “His loys are comminutcd fractures, and he needs an operation desperately…”
Imincdiately, Kare dropped hier luggage and dished into the house, When she saw Jonathan laying in bord, Icirs Icll from her cycu unwilungly. Recalling how Bradley asked about Cray in the hospital, she turned to him and picaded, “Bradley, let’s selaside our Icud for now. Can you please save my brother?”
“It’s a incdicul practitioner’s instinct to mve the dying and heal the wounded, so of course I’ll save him. But l’advise you to drop die idea if you want to be my apprentice,”lle didn’t dislike kare, actually, but he just cli that cach had their own knack when it came to medicine. Even if he tried to teach her the knowledychic Icaricd, she might not be able to pick it up,
Pacing over to Jonathan’s bcelside, he observed bis injuries and saw that part of his bones were Grature from his keen eyesight. Next, he look out a unique, small plushic froin his pocket and banded into Jonathan “There will be pun latcr, so bitc into this Just bcar with it, and it will be ling afterware
Ilolding his less, lie xuadually transferred the spiritual encrsy he had gathicred carlier into his body, enabling the injured bones to recover
in the next instance, a crushing pan went through Jonathan’s legs as he Icitan inexplicable flow back and forth within his lega. The sudden scaring pain alunost knocked him out, and sweat Covered bis forrhead, but be bil ughuly into the small plushic.
Alter receiving treatment from Bradley for twenty minutes, he could walk freely on his lege again, which were unbearably painful carlier In addition, the pain had reduced significantly Bewilderen he stared at Bradley and thanked him, “Thank you so much! Just let me know how I can be of use to you in the future. As long as I’ın alive, il repay your kindness and
Bradley raised his hand 10 stop him from continuing “You’re a kind brother who wants to protect your baby sister, and I’m deeply moved by how far you’re willing to go for her,” he interjected.
Spinning around, lir left the moon and washed his hands at l water pipe when Kate called out to him, “Bradley, I have a favor to ask of you!”
Turning his head, de saw that she had her head lowered, thus asked casually, “Just speak your
Chapter 106
mind, but you can save it if you’re asking me to be your master”
“It’s about my sister’s arranged marriage with Fabian. He’s now asking for one hundred thousand in compensation, and I wish to ask you for a loan to help case the situation,” she answered.
Smirking, he sud, “Didn’t you spend a lot of money in the city when you were pretending to be someone from the city before this? Are you lacking in this small amount of money now?”
Katc hung her head in embarrassinent. “I-I only did that because I wanted to get close to you! Did you forget how I saved you from those awkward situations.” Coming from a poor village, she had pretended to be someonc from the city in order to get close to Bradley so that he would tcach. her medicine.

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