when hit by a stroke of luck Chapter 104

When Hit by a Stroke of “Luck”
Chapter 104
Aller leaving the Carlsons, Bradley lelt for Jackson Village with the wild gieng and reisbi Koillings As he was passing by the river, he could hear the village women gossiping wlule doing weit laundry
With a basket on her back Elle was cleaning potatoes by the river as she grabbed Mrs. Parlor and said. “I heard that’s unlikely for Brailley to return home anymnorc after what he did in the city. Mrs. Parlor”
“I never hearl of such a thing! What happened in the city?” Mrs. Parlor asked, puzzled.
*I’m not too sure, cither I just heard somcone saying he got beaten so badly that he can’t even walk anymore, and nobody knows whicre he is now.”
Since she was having an altair with lluns, she heard about all these from him and know that ilanly was the onc bchind this 1 lowever, she was now saying this in hopes of finding out il Bradley had been home for the past couple of weeks.
If he hasn’t been home for these two weeks, it means that Harley got his way! she thought delightfully Before this, she already made a deal with Hans that all the Soul Sunwced across the mountains would belong to licr if anything should happen to Bradley.
“I haven’t seen him for about two weeks. We would havclieard about it is something really happened to him, wouldn’t we? Mrs. Parlor replica
Upon hearing their conversation, Mrs Layman became interested and joined the excitedly, “So Jance has been going back to her parents place so olten for the past couple of days because of Bradley With Noah’s snobbishi penonality, there’s no way that he would cven cut a look at them So she’s just making wasted trips back home.”
Even though Bradley was sulla distance away, he could clearly licar what they were speaking about, and he niggered silently. These women are just much ado about nothing.
When he was close to the riverbank, ho called out, “Mrs. Layman, looks like you’re pretty concerned about my whereabouts. People mnight inisunderstand your intentons if they were to hear about this!”
Flle jumped in surprise an luis sudden voice and immediately spun ber head around to see Bradley standing right behind hersell “Well, you’ve been gone for two weeks, Brad, and we’re just worried about you after hearing some rumors,” she explained with a pleasing smile.
Thanks for your concern, then,” he said and went in the direction of his own yard. Mom and Dad must be worried sock if they hear these tumors,
The moment hercached the gates to his yard, Craig held his arin and asked anxiously, “Are you alright, Brut Why did you get into a light with others in the city?”
Bradley chuckled Dad, don’t you know your own son? Ilow could you believe the rumors in the
I to H 105
Chapter 104
Luuly who was also ill at case, clasic out of her room when the licarlle vojne, “Bad, we wir wornic sick on you. Non cich want to get Crulia’s helpurch thus mater”
Men heuning thini, Barley was played because it morninded oui op die sencilat day when
Cecilia went into ile ponto duve out the pis
“It’s okay now that your back, Caik mumbled. “I was so worried that l alıcacy planned to look for you in the city tomorrow. Hans has been throwing his weigh around recently, and he con Karlcro people to pull out the Soul Sunwert
Nuk Append on Bradley’s face when he heard that “Don’t worry, nobody dares to louch anything lycloning to me
Tomorrow is the day of the mal, and Dans tcally did try to get me into trouble Too bad for llarley-hemust be hopping mad that nothing happened to me, and licnry’s men will diclmitely not let humoll Snuking, he then went to his factory,
When Erin daw lumpproaching, sic cropped whatever she was doing and shop to lum.
Brad, you didn’t even call your family for two whole weeks, and we all thought that something luppened to you in the city!”
Chuckliny casually, he said, “llow’s the production for thic Soul Sun Pill going roontly? Sales have been good for the past few days, so you should work banier with the employees
“Tir production lus been going smoothly, and the stock is piled up like a mountain in the storage room. I’m actually thinking of giving the employees two days oll’ because they’ve been Nothing luni duung this pcriou.” It had been some me since she started manating the workers and had thus developed her own leadership skill. The ony factory was now opening in an orderly manner because of her management
Bradley nodded gladly “Just hold out hec aliule longer. When the supply has stabilized and my coinpany becomes listed, I’ll Delp you to set up a famillouse reOn Then, you can leave your own Garreras well
Lowoning her head scansacred softly, I’m happy with everything that I have today. Brad Don’t worry about inc because I don’t need a lot as a single person so there’s no need for me to Ack up a catrer in the city
As Bradley alreally bad bis mindset, he didn’t wy much to her opinion but twirled around and Took a walk at his hainlys plot in the mountains
Tir land belonging to his family lies in the col between two mountains, and even though it wasn’t ibir ol, is the ideal spot for the plantation of insengudrosi Ashe plunued the medicinal value of the herbs, he had the idea of comuning the cheats with the usage of jaile
Taking a next to the land he calculated hic land he would need because he had broughubuck alar amount of arching thus ume
Wuat are you doing here, I
Are you staying guud her because you’re aired that someone
Chapter 104
will sical your land on their backs!” Wlule he was engrossed in his own thoughts, a delicate and yet familiar voice came from behind him.
Spinning luis head around, he saw that it was his highschool classmate, Beatrice Nicholson If his memory hadn’t failed him, she should be in a university in another state now. Hence, he was a little surprised to see her here today.
“It’s you, Beatrice My mom mentioned that you’re now attending university in Swifton, sol wasn’t expecting to see you here at all,” he sud
“It’s the summer break now, and I’m back to spend some time with my mom after I finislied with my blueprints. But I’m out how to gather some herbs for her because she hasn t bccn fccling well
recently,” she explained as she paced toward him with a small basket in her hand Her fair face was already burning red from the sun, and she looked especially cute with the dimples on her checks
Scanning her from head to loc, he exclaimed, “I can’t tell that a university student like you knows anything about herbs at all!”
“I’m attending a medical university, so of course I have a decp understanding about herbs. My morher mentioned that you’re now cultivating herbs, and it didn’t cross my mind that you have your own carcer now,” Beatrice said as she wiped the sweat off her face and took a seat next to him, her faint scent traveling up his nostrils silently. Grabbing the reishi seeds from his hands, she cried out in surprise, “Brad, arc you planning to plant this in this mountain ploi?”
Nodding honestly, hic admilled, “Yeah, I think that the soil here is not bad and quite suited to plant this”

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