when hit by a stroke of luck Chapter 103

When Hit by a Stroke of “Luck”
Chapter 103
Suppressing the carnal desires within lum, Bradley adjusted the water temperature water and helped Loah tokrla quick wash With that, he curricd her to the bed and covered her with a blanket
After taking another quick cold shower in the bathroom, Bradley fell asleep on the couch beskade the ixed.
When he woke up the next morning, he was covered with a blanket, whereas Icah Wis nowhere to be seen
Taking the blanket off him, Bradley went downstairs, and he could hcar sounds coming from the kitchien
While getting breakfast served on the dining table, Leah saw Bradley coming down from the stairs. There are beds in the room you know Are you sleeping on the couch because you want mc to take pily on you?’ Leah cascd.
Casuing a glance at Leah, Bradley grumbled, “Ouch! Leah, that hurts my fcclings. I was only Worried that there won’t be anyone around to take care of you in the middle of the night.”
Puruing on a smile, Leah said, “Nut said, c mon over for breakfast My dad called and he’ll be sending a driver over lo pick us up to his place.”
Walking toward the dining table, Bradley joined Leah for breakfast Once they walked out of the villa a luxurious business car was already walung at the entrance.
About 30 minutes later, Bradley and Leal arrived at Grillith Residence The moment they walked into the garden. Charlic was seen illing on a chair rcadmg the newspaper
Sceing Bradley entering the house, Charlie placed the newspaper down “I guess Leah was blind drunk last night Did she trouble you throughout the night?” Charlie asked while gazing at Bradley signungintly
Feeling embarrassed, Bradley said, “Not really. But I must have gotten a cold after spending a night on the couch”
Knowing that Charlic was probing into hus intention toward Leah, Bradley deliberately answered this way so as to draw the line in his relationship with Leah
“Dad, I was only a bule lipsy last night, but Bradley had indeed taken care of me last night,” said Icah in a coquettish manner
Yesterday night Leah was indeed a little lipsy, but still, she tried to keep hersell clear-headed About the incident that happened in the bathroom, it was just a trial for Bradley
I Bradley had harbored any bad intentions toward her this meeting today would not have happened Frankly speaking, she was quite a sensible person,
Chapter 103
Noidmg his head, Charlie Surrested, Bradley come with me to the study. I wish to speak with you about some things
Glancing at Leah Bradley clearly didn’i expect Charlic would ask to speak with him alone
“Go on! My dad is really nice, so don’t worry He won’t cat you up.” Leah urged, nodding her licad an approval
Though embarrassed, Bradley followed after Chulie and went to the study upstairs
The interior design of the study was rather classic, and ovchall, it gave a cosy feeling. Right next to the bookshell, there was a shelf with a variety of jader
Being a fan of jadies, Bradley could barely take his eyes off the shelf
Scoing Bradley looking intensely at the shell, Charlie nodded and walked toward it. “Thesejades here some of the most refined jades, und they were imported all the way from Myanunar. Feel free to choose one for yourse, if you like
Shaking his head Bradley rejected, “I think I’ll pass, for I reckon it’ll be way better to present these precious stones to those experts who worked on gems. They’ll be much more professional in handling it as compared 10 , pensant like me.”
Liking what he was hearing, Charlic lightly tapped on Bradley’s shoulders “Thesejades can be useful to develop jades for preserving good health. However, I don’t have the skills to develop it for now At my age. I just wish that these jades can be put to good use.”
Picking out a white jade from the shelf, Bradley assured, “Mr Grithth. I’ll now use this jade lo help you develop a jade that can promote longevity. Please wut for a moment.”
Taking the white jade and placing it into his phone, Bradley circulated the Qi in his body and iniccted it into the jade With that, he took a carving blade from the desk and carved an mscription on the jade
Gaping at Bradley, Charlie was simply astounded and gasped, Bradley, your Carving skill is absolutely magnificent For all these years, I’ve never met someone as skillful as you are.”
Passing the Jade to Charlie’s hands, Bradley inloru cd, “Mr. Grithith, I’ll now perform a massige therapy on you. It’ll help your body to belier alysorb the Spiritual Energy from the jade”
Taking off his cardigan Charlie you to experience Bradley’s unique massage skills. After the session, Charlie could feel his whole body rclicvcd,
Placing his name card into Charlie’s hands, Bradley said. “Here is my name card. A week later, I believe youll all me up again By then, we can discuss in detail on how we can work together in Uus Jade Ilcalıhcare Project.”
Nodding his head in approval Clyarlie thought, after being in the business world for so many years, never had he met someone like Bradley wholud him convinced solely by his skills
Chapter 103
Not only dul Bradley not boast about his kuowledge of jades, but he didn’t tell mention the capital de laduncil to invol in this business For a youngster who used he practical skills to show his strengths it was indeed impossive and rare
Dad, Lucy has preparcu lundi Come down now!” cricd Leah
ImballyCharlie had more questions Bradley, but since Leal had called, he went forward and parted him on the shoulders, “Bradley, although I have only carried this jade for a little while, I’m almost certain that our cooxration will be a success.”
Without saying a word, Bradley smiled and thought to himself, For now, there’s no point saying anything. This business can only be success unul there’s any improvencnt on Mr Griffith’s health condition
As soon as both of them walked into the dining hall, I cal casted a glance at Bradley “ my dad’s study like a treasure vault?
Nodding in approval. Bradley exclaimed, I’ve never seen anything like it. Thiosc jades were truly some of the liesi. It’s such an cye-opening experience for me today.”
Placing a picce of black pepper rib into Bradley’s bowl, Charlie said, “Who knows? In the future, we might end up being a family, so my treasures could be yours. Take thus rib, for instance Whether I’ve given it to you or Leah makes no difference
Obviously, there was an underlying meaning in Charlie’s words. Even Leah .who was sitting beside Charlic, had her eyes filled with cxpectations.
Though Bradley was fully aware of the situation, he just nodded and didn’t reply, for he rejected the idea of achieving success through nepotism
After mcals, Bradley and Leah walked out of Griffith Residence. Turning around and glancing at him. I cah asked, “Bradley, what do you think of my family? Do you like it?
*Regardlos of whicther I like it or nou, I’m just really happy for you. You have a really kind father because he can muke up for all the hurts you’ve been through,” he replici.
Ileaning thal, Leah didn’t know what to say. Judging from Bradley’s reply, she couldn’t tell whicther hic had any feelings for her

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