when hit by a stroke of luck Chapter 101

When Hit by a Stroke of “Luck”
Chapter 101
Frrling surge of Kalousy; Evcry nished toward Cregand linkerarms wit: lum “Honcy. I haven’i ucd on that gown vct. Maybe you’ll see the big transformation in Inc (DO.”
Glaring at her brosuly, Leab tunicd to speak with Greg “Grey, I’ve always thought you’s Lietrayed me for another nich young mistress, but honestly, you disappointine. I didn’t expect you would lind suchalucm
llcaring that, Every plastereda smirk on her face and mocked, “You must be leah Grillich! ‘lo be honcst will you, Greg has no fcclings tor you at all. If you’lc smart, you’d take oil the gown and sculout!
Flushing dus credit card to the shop assistant, Bradley said, “We are iaking thus gown Swipe this Card.”
Hith her ryos widened in shork, the shop assistant couldn’t believe that the bumpkin before her could allord to buy the cvening gown
Giving the shop assistant a nudge, the shrewd manager of the shop ordered, “Go on and swipe Uic card. They’re rushing for an event.”
“No swipe my card. I low can l allow anyone cl«c to ply for my wisc? scud Greg while waving his Dands.
Rolling her cycs at Grek. Lech countered, “I’m sorry, but it’s really none of your concern To me, you’re just an ex and nothing mor”
Tsk tsk tsk! I soll
With thal, Lcablurued around gracefully and her garc had stopped at Every can’believe how low my ex’s lustchad become
Stomping her feet. Every whuncd, “Honcy, why is she so rude? Itow did you manage to put up with her for. I these years and only got a divorce now?”
Pushing her aside, Gorg was about to leave the shop Authis moment, die inuly regrelled his decision in giving up on Icah
I’reviously, Grek felmut this woman bad turied into a boring old woman who had no micrcst in s*x a**l After having a few new s*x parulers for a change, decp down inside, he still felt that no ODC could compare to her
Seeing that Grey was about to leave, Bradley called out to stop hin “Don’t leave you Ou belisti’t over. Have you forgonen dat if you can’t afford this dress, you’ll have to crawl all the way back to the hotel:
Upon hicring that Gregstapped abruptly and numed to speak to the shop assistant. “Give me the other piece of the anne gown.”
Feeling clated, the shop assistant dashed right upstairs and brought out the user gown,

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