when hit by a stroke of luck Chapter 100

When Hit by a Stroke of “Luck”
Chapter 100
Just thet a man and a woman walked out of the changing room Passing the derp.V reklam cyaning dress to the shop assistant, the woman apologierd “Sorry, I have a feeling that the price of this dress tint ideal. I think 111 pass.”
With that, both of the turned awl walkcal out of the shop. The moment they wear about Icave, the sales assistant was diupleased and intulirdihem “ll you can’t allordil, why bother crying it on? What a burimer Mxybe you should take a look at your face Pill’ Anil you use the ricrue to come here to shop for clothen.”
Hearing thay, Leah (rowned and reached out to fuy onto Bradley’s siceve, as she intended to leave umundarly Ilonestly, it wasn’t because she couldn’t afford the evening gown, burl was simply because she thought it wasn’t worth it to buy such an expensive xow for a birthlay celebration. Besides, that frienu was already an old friend of hers, so I wasn’t really necessary to waste modry for a gown.
Ignoring Leah, Bradley pointed at the rvening gown which the Liles assistant was holding. Try ir on. Jfi lits, just buy it?”
Greg. look at this beautiful evening gow. I want to wear this for tonight’s dinner party. Hot for from them, a flirtatious voice was heard
Turning thcir hands toward the source of the voice, Leah and Bradley caw Grcy, with a beautifu Lady Standing not 100 far from them, thcy were uceni picking a gown together Froin the looks of 11. Grey had already noticed Irah in the shop Cwing at the lady beside him, te uit Every, the gown you’re wearmy now looks perfectly fine alıcady. Let’not fool arounut
Hearing that, Every was displeased and complained, “It’s not fine. This is my first time attending such a dinner party with you I can’t dress ocasually
Aficr saying that Every walked toward the sales assunt and snatched the cvening gown from her. Placing the gown in front of her, she seemed to like the dress. This will do 1’11 Try this one.”
Ar the sight of her ex bringing his girlsncnd to pick a gown, Leah literally felt het lican was being crushed to picces As the stood there looking durnbruck, the found hersell caught in a rather awkward situation Aller all. Irah and Greg hud spent so many years together, but on this clay she was being replaced by another woman Without saying a word, Leah lowered her head and was about to Icare
Scring how arrogant Grex was, Bradley felt his anger spiking. Grabbing onto Leahi’s arm, Bradley marrai Every and said, “Excuse Mr, Miss, but this evening gown i taketi,
Upon tizing up both Budley and Leah, Every incercd, as though she had heard one of the bigreut jokes of the century. Gracefully linking her arins with Grey. Lral lookrd a! their with dudain “licy bumpkin, thaus a limited edition gown which cost at least ino hundred thousan You won’t be able to allordit even after you’ve cold your whole household.”
Frcing a Mash of irritation, Leah wanted toclure, but she was halırd by Bradley as he hrid onio
Chapter 100
horam and signala licr not to ar rashly
tihe wyhi of Bradley holding onto Laah. Grex cu cicntinent churning inside ofhuinn Though GIOR was the one who had dicicilans Loah and eventually slumped her, he sull bated ancing other people touching his srull. cvenil it was the stull that he had disposcilor
Notong tatanger was burning in Grey’s eyes, Bradley had a taste of weeTry Tuming toward Every,hr Ircred, “Let’s not talk about scling all my cntirc houschiold. You can even match up to my worth In I were you I’d put that gown down this instant
Though I very really like the evening gown, she was in fact working as a model for motor Shows so the simply couldn’t allord the gown on her own llowever, seeing that Bradley was dicased in such a hics attire, I very arred mercilessly, I understand what you re maying. After all, u duny becile smply conicompare its worth to a swan. I’m pretty sure that your lamily is even worse than you, so you’re probably the one with the highese worthun that poor lamily of yours.”
Clearly Every had toucheda raw nerve, as Bradley’s fury sprang to litr. Aldiough Bradley could put up with people who bullied him, hic simply could not bear it when they insulted his family
Want bet? INI’m able to pay for this limited cilition evening gown), you’ll break up with hun,” Brudley suggested challaning Escry to a bet lloping to avenge Lc Bradley feluhat the par before lun wite up their OWIADNC
Pulling Every to stand behandlum, Grey took a step forward to face Bradley, “Where’s the fun in betung with a woman Letus bet among ourselves
With a clarkened expression, Bradley asked, “On what?”
“The Joser will need to crawl from here to the hotel. Or is this too much for you to handle?”
Caring at Bradley with a grave expression, Greg reckoned that it would be impressive for a farmer to have twenty thousand on the spot. Spending two hundred thousand for an evening gown! That’s totally absund.
With a smirk on his face, Bradley said, “Then I think you’d better get yoursell prepared to crawl all the way back to the hotel
Witne vie whole argument, the sales assistant, who was standing and ined to smooth things over “Actually, there are two of the same design in our shop low about the both of you take one each
Frankly, the shop assistant doubled the farmer could afford it. On the other hand, the man var was all uilcup would surely be able pay for this. If these twarvening gowns could be sold out on this day, she wouldnt cyan nood to sork for another half a year and she would sull live money to spare How could she possibly let this golden opportunity slip away?
Tumny a dralar to the sale SLRt remarks, Bradley walked toward Ivety and snatchcal the evening gown from her, then lie led leth to the chunging room. In less than five minutes. I rah came out wearing the evening gown, looking absolutely stunning
Chapter 100
The low cut design of die gown had successfully accentuated her bodylinc, puting great cmpluus on her hourglass-like ligure, as well as her voluptuous curves. Letting downı hier silky long hair, the diamond vequins authe back of the cvening gown had adomed Leah’s far back, gving out allunny yet clegant vibes. Her near perfect porcelain fcaures looked so compauble with the gowns ivory whic, which made her look like an elegant princess,
Just a while ago, Greg wouldn’t even look at Leah, but now, he was simply mesmerized by the woman beforcher How was she the same Leah be had know? Even those freckles which he disliked so much were gonc Walking toward Leah, Gres sid, Leah, you’ve only been gonc fora couple of hours. How could you have changed so much?”
Upon licaring the panc Leah. Every could guess that the woman in front of her was her boyfriends cx. Soon. Every started comparing herself with Leah in her mind. Annoyed, Every thought she would look way better in that gown compared to Leah.

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