When Hit by a Stroke of “Luck”, Chapter 1

When Hit by a Stroke of “Luck”, Chapter 1
In Riverdale District, the doors of a prison slowly opened. Bradley Jackson waved goodbye to his friends in the prison before walking outside in large strides. After he lifted his head, he narrowed his eyes as he allowed the bright sunlight to shine on his face. Feeling as though centuries had passed in the prison, Bradley looked excited and agitated.
“I’m finally free.”
Five years ago, when he just graduated high school, he was accepted into a famous university. However, at a class gathering, a drunken Jeff Sulley wanted to rape his girlfriend. Initially, Bradley merely wanted to stop him, but Jeff smacked him with a beer bottle and attacked him with a knife, leaving a few wounds on his body. Under those urgent circumstances, he had stabbed Jeff in order to defend himself. However, none of his classmates would testify for him after that.
Even his girlfriend, Natalie Tucker, also lied, saying that he was fully responsible for the fight. Why? It’s just because I’m a poor bloke who came from the countryside! It’s because Jeff’s family is rich! Natalie Tucker, Jeff Sulley, just you wait! I will never let you go! Bradley silently swore to himself.
However, no one would have imagined that he had received a lot of knowledge transfer in the prison, from Cultivation methods, medicinal knowledge, to Feng Shui and charts. He had learned a lot. Throughout the five years in the prison, he had already assimilated all the knowledge he learned, and he even successfully introduced Qi into his body. He believed that he would definitely lead a glorious life through the knowledge that he received.
At this moment, two different voices reached his ear.
With a jolt of his body, Bradley looked into the distance and saw his mother and younger sister waiting for him on their family’s old trishaw. At that instant, tears welled up his eyes as he immediately kneeled before his mother. “Mom.”
The longing and guilt he had for them immediately turned into tears.
“My son.” His mother, Janice Carlson, also couldn’t stop wiping tears off her cheeks.
“Brad, let’s go home.” His sister, Emily Jackson, helped him up.
“Alright. Let’s go home.” With that, Bradley went into the old trishaw with his mother and sister. Seeing his aged mother and plain sister, he swore once again to let his family live a good life.
“Brad, what’s on your mind?” Emily’s voice interrupted Bradley’s train of thoughts.
Bradley merely smiled. “Nothing. Just slightly wistful that you have grown into a beautiful young woman.” Just as what he said, the eighteen-year-old Emily had a slim waist and a beautiful figure, looking quite attractive indeed. She had small lips and a straight nose. With her hair tied up into a ponytail, she looked quite innocent with her clear, wide eyes.
“Gee, thanks, Brad!” Emily blushed, looking shy.
“You’re now in your senior year, right?” Bradley asked.
With that, both his mother and his sister looked slightly uncomfortable.
“Brad, I haven’t been going to school these few days. I’m actually going to stop studying,” Emily squeaked quietly with her head lowered.
Bradley’s expression changed immediately. “Why? Why do you want to drop out? You have been doing pretty well in school, haven’t you?”
“Young lady, why did you spill the beans so quickly? What have I told you before we arrived?” Janice chastised Emily before turning to Bradley. “Brad, stop asking. We’ll tell you when we reach home.”
Seeing his mother and his little sister’s worried look, Bradley guessed that something must have happened in his family. “Mom, where’s Dad?” He suddenly remembered his father. Based on his personality, he should have come to pick me up, but he isn’t here!
“Your dad… Sigh!” Janice knew that she couldn’t hide this from her son, but she had no idea how to break the news to him, so she only sighed and wiped the tears off her face.
“Brad, Dad broke his leg, and the doctor said it needs to be amputated!” With that, Emily couldn’t hold her emotions anymore and broke into tears.
There was a ringing in his head. Pain shot through Bradley as he asked in a trembling voice, “Which hospital is Dad in right now?”
“He’s at the district hospital.” Janice wiped the tears off her face. “Initially, he didn’t want us to tell you because you just got out of prison. He wanted you to go home and rest for a few days first and tell you only after he finished the operation.”
Bradley didn’t utter another word. With tears welling in his eyes, he stepped on the trishaw with all his might as he rushed to the district hospital. A father’s love is like a mountain! He would never forget his father’s exceptional figure, planting crops all his life for their family!

In no time, Bradley arrived at the district hospital with his mother and sister. When he slowly opened the door of his father’s ward, he saw a few doctors in white robes discussing something in front of his father’s bed. “Dad,” Bradley greeted with a sob.
Everyone in the ward looked at him. He walked directly to his father, Craig Jackson, and kneeled before his bed. “Dad, I’m sorry.”
With tears streaming down his face, Craig held Bradley’s hands. “It’s good that you are finally out. Good, good!”
Janice and Emily also came to the bed. The entire family had finally reunited, though they were in the hospital. After they talked among themselves, a doctor nearby said, “Alright. Please sign this agreement for the operation.”
The man was Craig’s attending doctor. From his nametag, his name was Robert Dolton. Bradley didn’t take note of the few other doctors, though his gaze lingered on the female doctor standing in front of them. She was in her twenties, and her figure was quite tall. Her looks stood out from the crowd. She had red lips and a pair of clear eyes that shone like stars in the skies, looking beautiful and elegant.
Of course, Bradley wasn’t just looking at her beautiful face. He also looked at her nametag as well—Kate Nicholson, lead doctor. It’s not easy to become the lead doctor at such a young age.
“Dr. Nicholson, Dr. Dolton, thank you. I’ll sign this right now.” After taking the agreement from Robert, Janice was about to sign, when suddenly…
“Mom, wait.”
Bradley stopped his mother and circulated the small amount of Qi in his body as he opened his Penetrative Vision and looked at his father’s legs.
“Mr. Jackson, is there a problem?” Seeing Bradley’s refusal, Kate quickly asked him in a gentle manner. She had a melodious voice.
Bradley retracted his gaze and smiled at her. “It’s not a big problem, but my dad doesn’t need an amputation anymore.”
“Err…” Kate was shocked upon hearing that. What does he mean?
“What? Brad, why wouldn’t your dad need an amputation anymore?” Janice was also stunned by her son’s words.
“Brad, do you have other ways to cure dad?” Emily was rather smart—she heard the implied meaning in her brother’s words.
“Mom, I met an old traditional Chinese doctor in prison, and he taught me a lot about Traditional Chinese Medicine. With just a look at dad’s leg, I know that he can be cured using Traditional Chinese Medicine. There’s no need for amputation at all,” Bradley explained.
“Ha! So you just got out of the prison! I was just wondering about your striking haircut. You even learned Traditional Chinese Medicine in prison? Hahaha! Let me tell you that Traditional Chinese Medicine is obsolete now! Your dad’s legs have to be amputated using western medicinal methods!”
Robert sneered at Bradley. To him, Bradley was suspecting his medical caliber. On top of that, he did that in front of Kate, Robert’s crush. Hence, he would not tolerate that at all.
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