When His Eyes Opened Chapter 2366

Chapter 2354

Avery quickly knew the answer. But Robert in the audience was completely fascinated by Ultraman and kept shouting at Ultraman.

“Layla, do you think your dad is an Ultraman or a dinosaur?” Mike asked Layla.

Layla frowned, staring at Ultraman and the dinosaurs on the stage, lost in thought.

After a while, Layla asked Hayden, “Brother, which one do you think is the father?”

Hayden said: “Look at the figure.”

Although Hayden rarely looked directly at Elliot, he still knew about Elliot’s figure.

The Ultraman on the stage was obviously slimmer, and it was definitely not Elliot.

“Oh! Look at the figure! But that dinosaur, you can’t see the figure at all!” Layla really wanted to go on stage to take off the dinosaur’s headgear!

“Exclusion method.” Hayden reminded.

“Oh…this Ultraman is so tightly wrapped, I can’t see it.” Layla whispered, “My dad…seems to be bigger than that Ultraman. Man a little taller… brother, right?”

Hayden didn’t have time to answer his sister’s question, and a child from the audience rushed directly to the stage!

“Ultraman! Can you take me to fight monsters?! I want to play with you!” After one child rushed onto the stage, other children broke free from their elders and rushed up.

Ultraman on stage was stunned.

He was surrounded by one, two, three…a dozen children! Can’t move!

Avery: “???”

Someone in the dinosaur: “….”

So there’s a reason he wasn’t happy with the wedding.

Before the ceremony was held, the scene was already out of control.

However, it was really lively.

“Come down! Come down! I’ll play with you later!” Ultraman waved his arms, trying to shout the children off the stage.

He did not forget that today’s protagonists were the bride and groom on stage.

Not far away, Robert heard his father’s voice and immediately screamed and shouted ‘Dad’!

Taking advantage of the chaos on the stage, Avery quickly walked to the dinosaur and took off the dinosaur’s hood.

Elliot’s handsome face suddenly appeared in front of her.

“I’ve known you for so long, and it’s the first time I’ve seen you in such a cute dress hahaha!” Avery was very happy.

Elliot had a gloomy face at first, but when he saw the bright smile on Avery’s face, the chill in his eyes dissipated little by little.

“I wanted to wear that Ultraman suit, but Ben said it was uncomfortable.” Elliot walked out of the dinosaur.

Ultraman’s leather cover was tight, if Elliot wore that, there was no way to wear a dress inside.

“My son likes Ultraman. When he saw Ultraman coming out, his eyes lit up.” Avery arranged his hairstyle and clothes with him.

Elliot: “I know my son likes it. And Ultraman’s image is obviously more handsome.”

“Hahaha! You look good in a dinosaur costume. You look good in anything.” Avery comforted him.

Elliot’s eyes fell on her face for a moment: “Avery, you are… beautiful today.”

Avery: “You are also very handsome today.”

The two of them stood on the stage and stared affectionately, with no eyes at other people.

Ultraman walked off the stage with a group of children, the scene lights returned to normal, and the wedding emcee also came out.

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