When His Eyes Opened Chapter 2363

After the photos were taken, everyone went to the hotel where the ceremony was held.

On the way to the hotel, Tammy couldn’t hide her excitement, refined the photo she took with Avery, and posted it to the circle of friends–

——Today is my best friend’s wedding, I’m happier than my own marriage! Happy! Happy! Happy!

There was a solo photo of Avery and a group photo of Tammy and Avery.


In every photo, Avery smiled brightly and moved, happy and sweet.

Soon, Tammy received numerous likes and comments.

——Avery is getting married today? ! Who is she married to? Who is the groom? How come I haven’t heard of it at all!

and Elliot had remarried! Are they really having a wedding today? Are you

a wedding that

share this news with my friends? My


Tammy if she could share the news, and more people shared

today was exposed on the Internet, and Avery’s

stolen from Tammy’s

of Elliot and Avery’s wedding today spread on the Internet, it shocked

two of them last time, this time the wedding of the two of them did not reveal any details to the

married today, they hurried to stay near

In the hotel.

changed into the second set of dresses for

you enter the banquet hall, you have to sing! I remember that you sing very well, is this

Avery was stunned for a moment: “What song do I sing?”

Tammy: “What do you want to sing? There is a playlist here, you can choose one.”

Avery took the playlist and glanced at it: “Tammy, ​​am I the only one to sing? Elliot doesn’t sing?”

“The bridegroom has other tasks, you can sing yours, it will be your personal concert.” Tammy cheered her up, “Don’t worry about whether you sing well or not, today you are out of tune. Thousands of miles away, the people in the audience will applaud you too!”

Avery: “…”

Tammy: “Just sing this song! “Want to sing me to You”, this melody is simple, you can read the lyrics with your phone.”

Avery: “What mission does Elliot have? Doesn’t he come in with me?”

Tammy shook her head: “If I told you, there would be no suspense. You look forward to it in your heart and see what form he will take in a while.”

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