When His Eyes Opened Chapter 2361

Master bedroom.

Two cameras were shooting at Elliot.

And Elliot was wearing a nightgown, sitting in a chair, holding a mobile phone, watching the wedding process sent by Chad.

Elliot didn’t say a word, his expression looked a little serious, and the staff didn’t dare to shout.


After a while, Tammy came up to check the situation.

The door to the master bedroom was open. Tammy walked into the bedroom and saw Elliot sitting there looking at his phone like an uncle, and immediately joked: “What are you doing! Why don’t you go off and put on your makeup? Would you like a makeup artist to come and do it for you?”

Tammy quickly walked to Elliot’s side, staring at his phone.

“I’m watching the process! You don’t need to watch this stuff. Someone will remind you all the way.” Elliot had already roughly read the entire wedding process.

and this was the

bad the original process

everything was funny,

leaving the wedding to her

think this wedding is not good? I think it’s pretty good! You have to make it look like that high-level, serious and dignified feeling. It’s boring. It’s better to be lively and lively when you get married.” Tammy retorted

Elliot: “…”

do the makeup for you!” Tammy said, “You ink for a while, and Avery will be finished. After you finish

had to cooperate fully. After all, for

the way, I almost forgot to tell you. Hayden bought the wedding rings for the two of you at the ceremony today.” When Tammy walked to the door, she remembered this, and looked at Elliot’s face,

Elliot’s handsome face was instantly covered

emotion spread to all limbs, and all dissatisfaction

after, Tammy led the makeup artist into the master bedroom

slowly drove

and Gwen came

a large bag of wedding candy in his left hand and a bag of red packets in his


In the suitcase, there were today’s bride and groom’s dresses.

As soon as Ben got off the car, he started to give everyone happy candies and red envelopes.

Gwen entered the room with her suitcase, and quickly found the room where Avery put on makeup.

“Ben is giving people red envelopes and candy outside. He is so happy as if he is getting married today, hahaha!” Gwen laughed as she opened the suitcase and took out the dress and hung it in the closet next to her.

“If Ben gets married, he will definitely be happier.” Avery said, “Gwen, thank you for giving us the wedding you have prepared. How are your Spring Festival wedding preparations?”

“Let Ben’s parents make the preparations. I heard that they are almost ready. After all, his parents have already prepared the experience.” Gwen didn’t worry about the wedding at all, “You and my brother will marry in peace today, don’t think about it!”

“Well. Are all the guests here?” Avery couldn’t help but think.

“I watched the video posted by Mike and Chad in the group, and there are already quite a few guests!” Gwen said with a smile, taking out a skirt from a paper bag, “Avery, I am your bridesmaid today. “

” Who is the best man?” Avery asked this question subconsciously.

“Hahaha! The best man is Ben! You asked this question, are you still awake!” Tammy laughed.

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